The First Steps into the Kinky World of Liohush.

Once upon a time … everyone of us was a newbie in the fetish world. In our new series “My First Steps” we want to show that this second outing seemed a big and hard step which in the retrospect was less hard as we thought mostly. We want to encourage newbies to live their kinks and to see the satisfaction it brings instead of the problems.

sadOsam: Hi Liohush. Before we talk about your first steps into the fetish world we want to know a little bit more about you: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you’re into?

Liohush: Hi im lio or you might know me from tumblr as liohush. Im 21 medical student, Living in florida, but i grew up in the Eastern part of the world. I like lot of things, but if your asking what am i in to sexually.. Well i love the whole kink world. Relative to me i like pup play, roll play, bondage , chasity play.

In my non sexual life i like to swim, going to the gym is a main part of my life, and i love cooking

sadOsam: When have you felt that you’re into kinky stuff and how have you felt as you have realized, that you’re sexuality is a little different from the standard?

Liohush: I think I felt sexually different  since   the day I knew I had a sexual drive. Even from the early age I like the idea of being restrained and being used. Now it sounds bad when I say it like that but what I mean is that I had a huge kink part of me even as a teenager. I remember as a teenage I would always watch porn with restraint, control or BDSM scene. I can’t say exactly why I like them initially but I was so amazed By them and of course sexually that’s how I slowly started to get in to kink.

sadOsam: How have you explored your kinky desires and when have you started to contact other people to live it? How have you encouraged yourself to start to live it with others? Do you remember how it went back then? Was that a big step for you and have you had any problems with it?

Liohush: Well if you go way back to my earliest kink start. When I was a young teenager I would always jerk off with my best friend. One day I asked him to jerk  me off without my consent. Basically I wanted him to tie me down and jerk me off until I came like 3-4 times. he actually enjoyed it too but as a young person it was a very painful but enjoyable moment for me. I guess that’s when I knew I was into kink. From there on I continue to explore my kinky side. When I moved to United States I really start to explore my sexuality. Websites like recon and tumblr expanded my sexual  horizon.

First time I found  out about a chastity device was through  Tumblr, you have no idea how that turned me on, the feeling that I have no control over my orgasms. I distinctly remember me jerking off for pictures of guys in chastity, my entire bed was covered with cum that day.

So after  that I decided to get a Chasityy for myself because it was about self discipline for me. I use to  jerk off 4-5 times a day. Ideally I wanted to find master who would put me in the chasity but unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone, being on Chasity on the first date was the most euphoric experience I’ve ever had . I locked myself and left  key somewhere so I can’t get released. Ion the  first night I was so horny that I ejaculate While  in my chastity. This is when I knew  that I am hundred percent a kinky person  and I’m into submission, and control.

My next big thing was getting my own tail plug, again i stumbled across this through  tumbler. the first time i inserted the tail I immediately wend on my fours, like a good pup. it felt natural, i didn’t had to work on my head space. I was quite comfortable being a pup, eating from bowls, barking ,….etc  this is why i identify my self as a pup now.  thats how i got to know my roll in the kink world, im a new stray pup, still looking for a handler.

I use recon and tumbler to network, but in the kink world in my experience people are more in to talk not actual work.

sadOsam: Often there are differences between kinky phantasies and the real lived kinks. Have you had such kind of sensations? Are the real lived kinks better, worse or just different? Can you explain it to us?

Liohush: In my opinion real  life kink is better if you have good communication with everyone your dealing  with.  and yes the real thing is far different from the Fantasies  , you have to prepare your self, and when it gets too overwhelming the dom has to stop. You have to think about STDs and take precautions. so its not like a kink porn video

sadOsam: Can you tell us about positive experiences with your “second” coming out?

Liohush:  My second coming out has been amazing, Im more InTouch with my inner soul. When im plugged and in my pup head space I have nothing to worry about. For me it’s a sensual experience , sure I can be a sexual experience too, but primarily I enjoy my self as a pup. And im more comfortable with my body and I know who I am , and what I need better than before.

sadOsam: Have you had any negative experiences? How has it come and can you give advices to other newbies to prevent them?

Liohush:  I have almost no negative experiences, I take lot of precutions before I meet some one. I alwys meet and talk with them first to make sure its going to be a right fit. My advice is hookups are a bad idea. Especially if you never met that person before. Take your time to self realize of what you want. And then go out and enjoy your self.

One negative experience that I can thin of is that , one time a dom was too hard on me, I got a rip on my anus. But as I said this could have been avoided with correct communication

sadOsam: How has your life changed since your living your kinks? How do you live your fetish life nowadays?

Liohush:  Definitely it has changed my life, well first of all I have all these sex toys , that I never thought I would have. Apart  from that my sex life is more interesting than before. I have discovered my passion. As a sub I truly enjoy making my dom happy and proud. Through chasity and restraints I have learned self discipline. And to control my urge to cum.

sadOsam: Do you have other advices for kinky newbies?

Liohush:  Kink is a life style, im more of a sub. So my advice is going to be in that perpective. Its not easy to be a pup or a sub. It is very hard. When I was put in chasity for the first time i couldn’t sleep at night, I was too horny. But I had to learn and cope with it. Choose a roll and work on it, perfect it. As I was saying I identify my self as a pup. Im learning all about it and how to behave, how to eat ….etc. and have patience for the right dom or handler. Be smart and sensible.

But kink is only for play, and your enjoyment, no none can do it for 24/7 . that’s a myth. So when your in your kink play time do it right , enjoy it, improve on it.

sadOsam: Thank you. It was great to talk to you and to participate at your experiences.

Liohush: Thanks anytime 🙂



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