MasterMarc: Hi Patrick. You’re the new responsible guy for the program of Maspalomas Fetish Week on Gran Canaria. Most of the European readers know about the event but how would you explain your fetish week to a guy who has never heard about?

Patrick:  For 9 days every year the internationally famous Yumbo Centre becomes the playground for men into fetish from all over the world. Big names such as Hardon, Into The Tank and Cazzofilm descend on Maspalomas to join forces with local venues such as Bunker, Reds and Basement Studios to bring you the Sleaziest parties and events. And of course we have the sun and the beach.

MasterMarc: The sun and the beach makes your fetish week very special. I’m sure people would like to know if there are open air parties during the day and what kind of other activities they can do in the afternoon?

Patrick: Yes as Europe cools down we keep it hot so when you are not having fun in the dunes you can party and play at a number of pool parties including Wet n Hairy for the bears and the boys who love them & Tropical La Zona’s Big Pool Party with live Porno Shows and sex areas. Cazzofilm will also be holding live porn castings so if you have ever wanted to be in porn or get turn on by watching men audition then you can’t afford to miss that. And of course Basement Studios will be open for the entire festival offering you a daytime cruising and pool area where you are guaranteed to have fun.

MasterMarc: In the later afternoon and in the evening the Yumbo Center, a place with many gay bars and clubs is the place to be. Can you tell our readers what they can do there before and after dinner?

Patrick: While the Yumbo Centre is sleepy during the day it really comes alive in the evenings you will find many places to eat and drink with open bar Terraces where you can take a drink and watch the men go by. Fetish Week is loved by those who work in the Yumbo so Fetish Gear will be accepted in the majority of bars and many restaurants. Early evening Yumbo is about relaxing checking out the talent and getting ready to party because come midnight the place really starts to show its true colours. We also have a number of early evening events such as the puppy playground at Wunderbar and a Slave Auction at Alcatraz. The one not to miss is our Mr Fetish Competition.

MasterMarc: Before we talk about the highlights of every fetish week, the big theme parties, we have to talk about a serious need of most of the kinky gay men: SEX. Can we just play, fist and fuck in our hotel rooms?

Patrick: Maspalomas is all about sex you can’t go anywhere without seeing sex men and we have lots of places you can meet and play with them. If you have never heard of our Dunes then get on google they are infamous for cruising day and night. In the Yumbo you will find darkrooms everywhere and of course we have sex clubs and saunas. If you can’t find sex here you are not looking.

MasterMarc: Now I’m sure you’ll tell us about the parties. You know the fetish world is various. Do you provide different parties for different needs and what will be the highlights?

Patrick: We try to cater to every Fetish for instance this year we have introduced a fisting night and a wrestling competition and our partner venues are equipped to meet your needs some with piss areas other Fuck beds or somewhere to tie up your puppy or slave. As for highlights the whole thing is a highlight, one of the things that makes our Fetish Week special is that the majority of men here will be on holiday so they are here to play and play they do. Of course we have the big events such as Hardon and Into The Tank in fact their is a big party somewhere every night. Don’t come here expecting to go home relaxed and rested.

MasterMarc: Sounds great. Are that all strict Dress Code Parties? I am just asking to know how many suitcases full of fetish cloths I have to bring with. 

Patrick: Some parties have a strict dress code but we understand that people have to travel so even on the strict ones you can always just go naked. If you do forget to bring something you can always pop to Boxer in the Yumbo they will kit you out. You might find you go home with more cases then you brought. We encourage Fetish Gear and we love to see you in it. So don’t pack light you have the gear wear it.

MasterMarc: Are there still some hotel rooms and apartments available during fetish week?

Patrick: Fetish week fills up fast here on the rock but you can still find some great deal. Best advice is to check the big hotel comparison website find a deal then contact the hotel direct. Also don’t just search playa Del Ingles. Search Maspalomas the taxis here are so cheap so if you can’t find something facing the yumbo it won’t kill the bank to take a taxi or two.

MasterMarc: I’ve heard that there is a way to get discount to the official parties. Is that correct?

Patrick: Oh yes. You will be able to purchase a Fetish Week Wristband which gets you discount to official events. Plus you will get a very sexy Fetish Week bag that is full of goodies including a months free membership to Cazzofilm.

MasterMarc: Hey boys, do you have booked your flight to Gran Canaria? As you see it is a great event and the best way to extend the summer. See you in Maspalomas!

BTW: Soon you’ll get more information about the PROGRAM here on sadOsam!

On the MFW facebook site you get more information about the event.

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