A really personal interview with Mickey Taylor, porn star, singer and neo-author about his new book and himself.

MasterMarc: Hi Mickey. Most of our readers know you as hot inked fuck machine acting in a lot of porn movies. But there is much more behind your nice and sexy facade. You’re an artistic and creative guy doing music and you’ve also started to write books. Last weekend you’ve published the first part of your book “A complicated Evolution” on Amazon. It’s an autobiography in which you are sharing a lot of very intimate moments of your early years with your readers. What was your motivation to write this book?

Mickey Taylor: In my opinion I’ve been so lucky and blessed these past few years. I’ve been able to use the platform porn has given me to extend my reach into other media and fields. But I knew that this life I’m lucky to lead came at a price. I had to live through some tough issues and some extreme times. And I was lucky to come out there other end. I have fans email and message me daily telling me about issues in there life and I wanted to find a way to use my story to help them overcome some of their issues. I’m just glad that this book has begun to inspire and motivate people and strengthen them. I’m glad my life has meant something positive for people. And that is worth sharing my intimate moments.

MasterMarc: I don’t want that you tell us everything you have written in the first part of your book but can you give us a little insight into the extreme times you have had in your early years? What kind of issues have been so formative for the Mickey Taylor you’re now?

Mickey Taylor: The first book tackles many of my life situations. It talks about points of homelessness, relationships and even sexual assault I went through in my early years. I didn’t skimp on what I wanted to say. If I did that then i would feel like I wasn’t being fully honest and able to help people in the best possible way.

MasterMarc: That sounds like your youth wasn’t really a nice one. Can you tell us, how you’ve become a porn actor? What was your motivation to act in front of the camera?

Mickey Taylor: Honestly there was no motivation. I never wanted the job or life for myself but I’m honestly glad that it happened. I was found randomly and accepted the job offer reluctantly. But it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m so happy and humbled by what this industry has done for me and my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

MasterMarc: Why is it the best thing you’ve ever did? And haven’t you had any negative experiences cause of your porn activities?

Mickey Taylor: No not really. I tend to ignore bad or hateful comment boards and messages. No matter who are and what field you work in there always are full of overopinionated self esteem killing trolls. And I don’t want to be put into a place where I’m unhappy because of that. I don’t have been negatively spoken to directly about my work. I think it’s because I did turn it into so much more and not just porn. The best thing I think I’ve ever done is probably release my album. The fact it did so well was amazing. I never believed it would ever be chart placed but it did and I’m so proud of everyone involved on it.

MasterMarc: Have you always been such an outgoing guy? And did your porn activities help you to boost your selfconfidence for other projects?

Mickey Taylor: It probably actually lessened my self esteem which I think in turn has been able to keep me humble with the help of friends and family haha. I’ve always been outgoing, also because I had to be. I was always moving and thrown into new situations growing up. It was sink or swim so I had to learn to be approachable and meet new people fast.

MasterMarc: Could it be that your hard childhood you’re describing in your book has teached you to have strong facades to protect yourself? And is that now an important skill for your activities on stage or in front of the camera?

Mickey Taylor: I think that we all strive for strength. None of us want to be seen as a weak individual. I would never say facade because that would imply a part of me is fake or lie. But I would say I do what I can to protect myself. The stage is a new thing for me but I’m loving it. It’s such a vulnerable but strong moment for me and being able to perform is a dream. The camera is no stranger to me and I hope it never will be. I love being able to display myself in a helping and healing way.

MasterMarc: I never thought that you’re fake but everyone living a public life needs some protection. Often it is the song you’ve written and not the show which is showing the real guy. Which song should people listen to recognize the real Mickey behind the glamourous picture of the artist?

Mickey Taylor: On the current album I would say “Pain” but I’m working on a new album which is bigger and better than my current one and I plan to really send a message with each song.

MasterMarc: Pain is a good catchword. As we are a fetish magazine we have also to talk a little about your kinks. Of course most of our readers know your sexual attitude from a lot of porn movies, some soft, some hard. But what is the private Mickey into? What are your kinks and fetishes?

Mickey Taylor: Oh god Erm. I’m kinda into a few things I guess. Nothing gets me going more than bent over and just used like a sex tool. I like a little choking. Tattoos are a big thing for me and also meaty butt. I’m deffo a butt kinda guy. And I love having mine played with. Daddy’s really do it for me too! Love a daddy grunt! As a top or a bottom.

MasterMarc: In the movies you’re often the top but it seems that in private llife you are a versatile bottom. Is that true? Do you have also a submissive side or do you prefer to be more kind of a “victim”?

Mickey Taylor: Thats actually not true. I bottom a lot more than I top. My most iconic scene are mainly bottom too. I think that we all have a submissive side to a degree and all to different levels. I don’t like the word “victim” at all. I wouldn’t associate myself as a victim in sex or otherwise. I think its a word that can be used pretty negatively and degradingly. Although that may be a turn on for some people, its not something I’m into or would use to describe myself, my sex life or life in general.

MasterMarc: I am happy that you don’t like the word “victim” because the most important in sex and even more in bdsm is that it is consensual. I’ve used this word because there are people with a superficial point of view who would say that your love to be dominated is coming cause you’ve had the bad experiences you’re writing about in your book. What would you answer if somebody confronts you with that?

Mickey Taylor: I’d say to stop branding people as all the same. People who have gone through things I have don’t all suffer. I survived and I thrived. Because I never wanted to be seen as victim and I didn’t want the person who managed to control me for a brief moment to control me for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be dominated at all. Just because I’m mainly the bottom in my sex life does not mean I’m not in control. And because of what I’ve lived through that doesn’t mean that I chose to work in Porn because of a troubled background. So many people think we do this because we have no other choice, no option or because we feel a sense of lacking self worth. But it’s not true. I value myself and I’m very happy in life. I chose this path because I wanted and enjoy it. I think if people really understood and knew people from the industry they’d understand that we’re not all the same.

“Fame Game” Mickey Taylor & Boomer Banks

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Mickey Taylor’s DP with Bray Love & Sebastian Kross

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MasterMarc: That have been great words, Mickey. And even if people like to be dominated in life by a person they have choosen by themselves and out of a free will it is mostly a decision out of a strong position. People have to know what their desires are and to decide about how they want to live and fight for it. I think in this point you can be a role model for a lot of people and probably your book can help others. You’ve mentioned your most iconic scene before. Can you tell us, which scene you’re talking about and why do you think it is the most iconic?

Mickey Taylor: Theres a few people would most know me for my scene with Boomer Banks, my scene with Caleb King, my DP scene with Bray Love and Sebastian King. For me I’d say the most iconic one is the one I did for Naked Sword with Boomer Banks for “Fame Game”, which was a DVD based loosely on my life as a singer. It was an amazing DVD and I loved filming it. It went down really well and is nominated for a lot of awards.

MasterMarc: As artits can’t live of love and air only, can you tell us where people can get your music and of course your book. On that subject, when do you think that part two of your book will be on the market? 

Mickey Taylor: I know when book two will be available, but sadly I can’t let you know that just yet. But it’s available on Amazon. My music can be found on all good music distributors, like iTunes. Tidal and Spotify.

MasterMarc: Hey Mickey, it was a great pleasure to talk to you and i think you have given us a really personal insight into your life and thoughts. Thank you. I wish you all the best for your personal future but also for your career as artist. Hope we will talk again soon.


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