Chirenon presents a new kinky photo story.

Boyfriends Austin and Mikey both have big cocks. But Austin is a Dom/hunk/top man who wants Mikey to be his sub/twink/bottom boy. To that end, Austin has been attempting to persuade Mikey to get “mounded.”

Although Mikey thinks the idea of being mounded is hot and even agreed to have it done in a fit of passion, he’s still concerned about the ramifications and consequences.

Convinced by his boyfriend Austin, Mikey decides to goto the Modification Clinic to find out about mounding: a new medical procedure in which the male genitals are internalized behind a pussy mound.

Having undergone the mounding procedure, Mikey has returned home with his genitals internalized and compressed within the safety of a new pussy mound. Austin is thrilled and is quick to assert his now totally dominant role in their relationship.

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