A kinky story written by Ropingtop | Chapter 1

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Richard had never gone to one of his high school reunions.  He had no love for that institution.  He had been one of the bullied kids:  one of the “fairies”   as they would call him.  For Richard, the question was never WOULD he get beaten up on a given day, the question was WHO would be the one who did it?      So he retreated into his books.  And he learned.  He went to college on a full scholarship, then onto business school.  Rather than take a standard path after he got his MBA, he went to cooking school.  Now, he ran one of the hottest “good” restaurants in the state.  The parking lot was always full, there were three people who did nothing but field reservation requests, and the place, called “Sasha’s”, received rave critical reviews, year after year.  

   This year, however, he had gotten a call from his high school buddy, Travis.  He and Travis had kept in touch, sporadically, since that time 20 years ago.  Travis  had some interesting things to say.   “Hey, Richie” (only his BEST friends got to call him that).  I think you’d be interested in coming this year”

Richard had laughed  “why?  has something changed, like, oh, I don’t know, a public hearing for the guys who harassed me?”  

“Well, no.  Nothing like that.  BUT…., do you remember that guy you had the crush on, Davey?”

When he heard that name,  Richard’s cock jumped a bit  “Davey?  Davey the middle distance runner?  I thought no one had seen him for years.” 

“Yeah, he’s the one.  He came back  home  because, to be honest, he’s not in the best situation.  Remember he married that cheer leader in the wealthy family?  She talked him out of taking the scholarship because he wasn’t going to need that stuff to help run her father’s company.  Then, she started cheating on him, he caught her, and, well…, you can read the rest in the papers.   No education, no money, and divorced.   The story is, he can’t find work because her dad  poisoned the market, he’s got no education, and he’s just really in a bad place.” 

Travis hit a nerve:  yes, Richard had had  a HUGE crush on Davey, and as he sat there, he realized he still did.  Davey had in fact been one of the jocks, but beyond some verbal abuse, he had never done anything to Richard.  He was always one of the most internal of the guys too.  Richard always thought that, if he weren’t an athlete, Davey could have gone on to school on his smarts.  He WAS smart.  And a really fine middle distance runner.  Those long, sinewy legs, that flat abdomen.  Richard smiled.  Davey’s black, tightly curled hair, his blue eyes, and those long lashes didn’t help his running or his grades, but they were nothing to sneeze at.    So, with the possibility of Davey being at the reunion,  Richard found himself driving himself and Travis to the high school gym that brought back so many unpleasant memories.  

Travis was trying his best  “RELAX RICHIE.  You can take a night away from the restaurant.  And if Davey’s not there, you can make one round of greetings, show off to everyone, and head out.”    Richard had done his best to keep in shape over the 20 years.  He was disciplined enough to get to the gym really early, before he’d head to the restaurant and begin the 12-15 hour days that were typical for him.    Between the gym and the restaurant,  he had to laugh when people asked about his “social life.”  

The guys got to the reunion well after it had started.  It was crowded:  maybe about 150 people.  Travis, who had taken over his mother’s antique business, was well known.  Everyone knew Travis, and his pet poodle, Blanche.  Since Richard pretty much kept away from the center of town, people had to be reminded by Travis  “Yeah, this is Richie.  Remember?  The smart kid with the glasses?”  No glasses now:  the lens surgery had taken care of that.  The gym kept his belly away, and his clothes had certainly improved from his “hand me down ” days.    The salt and pepper hair was something that shouldn’t have surprised people, but it did.  Richard laughed at that.  It seemed that three quarters of his classmates dyed their hair, Travis included. 

Except Davey.  Richard spotted him right away, over in the corner, chatting with some people.  He still had that beautiful black hair.  When Richard saw him, his back was turned, so Richard couldn’t see Davey’s eyes.  He did see that he still had that long, slender build.  He was wearing a pair of worn jeans, and Richard thought back to the days when he would go to track practice, just to watch Davey’s glutes moving up and down around the track.    “Ok,”  he thought to himself  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” before he went up to the group.  He saw the sneaky looks at his name tag, the recognition, and the attempt to hide it. 

“Davey.  Remember me?”  Davey focused for a minute and then smiled.  “OH MY GOD.  RICHIE.  ”  The handshake became a quick hug.  “I thought I’d never see you again.  How ARE you?”  Richard smiled  “Making a go of it, I guess.  ”  Davey smiled  “making a go of it.  I heard about your restaurant, and everything else.  You’re more than making a go of it.”  He paused.  “And you look GOOD man.  Guess you’re not afraid of the gym anymore.” 

Richard smiled  “No, once I got away from you goons I found out I liked it.  Hey, speaking of looking good, you’re still running.  I can tell. Still 1500?”  

“These days, that’s a short one for me.  I was never gonna be fast enough at the mile, so I stepped it up.  I was training for the marathon before…”  and he stopped, and his face darkened. 

“Let’s not talk about that Davey, ok?  What else is going on?”

“Well, to be honest, nothing good, Richie.  I’m really very down on my luck.  Not having an education, not having a fortune like Heather had, it’s kind of been hand to mouth.  I came back because I figured, well, if I were around people who knew me, I might be able to make a go of it.  So far though,  not  a whole lot has happened.   And I need work .  I owe money everywhere.  “

“Didn’t remarry, huh?  No relationship, nothing?”

Davey shook his head  “What’s the old expression: ‘once burned twice shy.  Nah, I’m single like you.  For different reasons,” he tried to laugh. 

Richard smiled  “For different reasons indeed.”  He paused.  “Look, Davey, I’m not sure if this is the right thing, but let’s see.  Meet me for lunch tomorrow.  I may be able to offer some help.” 

Davey’s eyes got wide, but he looked cautious.  “A loan?  I don’t know when I can pay something like that Richie.  ”  

Richard responded  “Let’s just talk about it.  It’s lunch.  It’s my restaurant.  It’s an afternoon out of your life.  One o’clock?’

Davey shrugged his shoulders  “Sure.  It’s not like I have to miss work or anything.”  

Richard was at his restaurant the next morning, when Davey walked in.  It was clear he was trying to put up a good front:  white button down shirt, blue slacks, penny loafers, tweed jacket.  The jacket elbows were worn, and the shirt was clearly a synethetic blend.  So were the slacks.  Penny loafers were worn .  Still…., 20 years later, Davey made Richard’s blood pump a little faster.    He got up to greet Davey with a handshake.  Davey responded with a hug.

“Richard, I can’t thank you enough for thinking about me.  ”  Richard smiled  “Davey, if you knew how much I think about you, you might be surprised.  Let’s have some lunch and we can talk. “

Davey smiled  “this is your place, right?  So, can you order for us.  Nothing too expensive though.”  Richard laughed  “Davey, it IS my place.  I eat free.  But I know what the special is today, and it IS special.  It’s my grandmother’s old recipe. ”  

Richard called over a server, asked for two plates of the special, and turned to Davey.  “So, I don’t want to sound rude, but… Heather fucked you over royally didn’t she.”  Davey winced  “I think it was more her father than Heather.  Although, yeah, I guess you could call her a bitch.” 

Richard shook his head  “you know, a lot of us thought you were making a mistake.”  Davey dropped his head  “yeah, I know.  I should’ve listened to people.”  He stopped and looked at Richard  “And I was not the nicest person to you.  I really regret that.”  

Richard hesitated, then put his hand over Davey’s  “It’s the past, bud.  It’s the past.  Let’s move forward.  SO.  Tell me what kind of debt you’re in.  Let’s see what I can do.” 

“Well, I was really hoping to find a job and pay it off myself.  I thought that here, back home, it might be easier.  It hasn’t been.”  

Richard responded  “Let’s get the debt cleared first.  Then maybe I can see if someone has a job for you.” 

Davey gulped  “It’s 80,000 Richie.  I think my bank balance is about 65 bucks.” 

Richard was a good poker player, and he kept his poker face.  80,000 was less than the amount of money in the safe at his home right now.  He could handle that easily.

“Listen, Davey.  I think I can help.  ”  Davey’s eyes brightened.  “But I’m going to need to discuss something with you.  No need to answer now.”

“Ok, Richie.  I’m listening.”     Richard began.  “You were always so wrapped up in your running, that you may not have known this.  Davey, I had the most intense crush on you in high school  you could imagine.” 

Davey blushed, and looked down.  “I had heard about it.  Honestly, I was kinda flattered because, well, the smart kid thought I was attractive.  It was just, well….” 

Richard kept his poker face.  “And you know what, Davey?  When I saw you at the reunion, I realized I still do.” 

Davey was quiet before a soft whisper came out  “I don’t know what to say about that, Richie.” 

“Well, I’m going to say something.  I’m willing to pay off your debt.  Not give you a loan, pay it off.   But I’m going to want something in return.  And that’s you.” 

Davey gulped and reddened.  “Me?  You want to have sex with me?”  Richard smiled.  “Indeed I do.”  Davey began to sweat   “A man has never blown me before, and I’ve never, well,  gone in the backdoor with a guy”  Richard smiled again  “And you won’t be getting blown or going in the backdoor, Davey.” 


Richard just smiled.  “Ok, that’s fine.  No problem.  To be honest, I get enough action.  I like you, and I’ll still like you, so let’s just have lunch as old school buds, and then we’ll shake and go our separate ways.”

“Well, sure, ok.  I’m sorry I overreacted.  Do you have any other suggestions, like for a job or anything?”

Richard shook his head  “I’m afraid I don’t.”

Davey looked despondent  “then I guess I’m screwed.  “

Richard looked straight at him.  “Look, Davey,  I’m  not going to withdraw the offer.  I know, I know.  I put something in front of you that’s totally foreign.  Why don’t we finish lunch, and  then, you think it over.  Give it a week, give it a month,  give it whatever time you want.  ”  He paused  “Davey, in 20 years I didn’t stop having the hots for you, that’s not gonna change in a week.  OK?” 

Davey paused  “Ok Richie.”  And Richard smiled.  “I may be remembering wrong, but I remember whenever there was strawberry shortcake, you broke training.  It’s on the menu today. ”  He laughed  “It’d do my heart good to see cream all over your lips.”  That made Davey blush, but when he saw the cake, well, he couldn’t resist. 

At the end of lunch, outside the restaurant, Richard held out his hand.  “I know it’s too much to ask for a kiss now, but how about a hug? Davey smiled.  “I think I could do that.”  When they embraced, Richard moved his hand down to Davey’s ass.  The man didn’t resist, didn’t fight, he just pulled in closer.  Richard thought he felt a hard on in Davey’s tight slacks, but realized it could have been imagination.  

“Maybe a kiss is ok, Richie,”  Davey whispered.  Richard responded.  “Not now.  Go home.  Think about it.”   Richard turned away,  walking back toward his house.  

Davey took off his jacket on the way back to his furnished room.  He had three more days before the month was  up, and he didn’t have the rent.    He looked around at the meager possessions he had.  He sat down on the bed, thinking.  Richard was a successful, good looking man.  There were worse things in the world.  And that hard on during the hug.  What was that?  Was it the thought that he’d be protected?  

Richard struck him as a guy who was in control.  Heather had been that way too.  His favorite sex with her was when she tied him to the bed, and played with him until he couldn’t hold it anymore.  He liked being under control.    TWENTY YEARS!!!!  Had anyone had the hots for him, for 20 years?    He sighed.   Then he picked up the phone. 

“Richie?  This is Davey.  Yeah.  Everything’s ok.  No.  Really it is.     When do you want me to come over?”

“Hi Davey.  Ok, if you want to, terrific.  How does 7pm tomorrow sound?  I can serve up some dinner if you’re hungry, or later if you like, however things go.” 

Davey laughed  “7 is fine  Richie.  It’s not like I have anywhere to go.  By the way, I don’t have your address.  Can I have that and directions?”

Richard responded  “Well, I’ll give you the address, but I had planned to send my driver for you.  If you’d rather make it over yourself, that’s fine.”

“Wait.  You have a DRIVER? ”  Richard laughed  “Yes, I do.  I never learned how to drive and, well,  the thought of me terrorizing the town on a bike was not pretty.”  Nervous as he was, Davey laughed at that.  “I think it might be fun to be in a car where someone is doing the driving.  It hasn’t happened in a while.”

Richard was silent  “Oh, what Travis could make of that remark”  he thought.   “That’s fine.  Look for the black sedan, at about 6:50”

“Richie, just one other question.  Well , two.  First, is there anything I should bring, or wear, or do?  And second…”  and he paused.  “I’ve never done this before.  Is it going to hurt.”  

Richard took his time to respond  “Well, to be honest, if you could  clean yourself out, that would be helpful, but if you don’t, we’ll deal.  I thought you looked incredibly sexy today, so wear whatever you want.  Is it going to hurt?  Probably a little, but I promise, I’m good with beginners.  I’ll be gentle.”

Davey’s voice dropped.  “Thank you Richie.”    As he got off the phone, Richard began thinking  “He’ll learn.  “

Davey began to get very nervous around 5:30.  Richard had said he could wear whatever he wanted, but… what?  This was kind of a date.  He didn’t have much anymore, and he didn’t want to wear what he wore to lunch:  he had sweated through that.  He looked around.  He had a clean, blue buttondown and some jeans.  That would probably do.  And his jean jacket.  A baseball cap?  No, not the right look.  He took a shower, and when he came out the phone was ringing.  He picked it up    “Mr.  Cannon, this is ABC Credit company.  We just want to acknowledge receipt of your 40,000.00 payment.  Your account with us is clear.  Thank you for doing business with us.”  

Davey was confused.  He hadn’t told Richie about the company he owed money to.  How did he know?  And half of the debt was gone – like that.  He remembered that Richie had a reputation for being very honest.  He laughed.  Some things don’t change.    

He saw the car pull up to the house where he rented the room.  As he left for the ride, the owner stopped him.  “Davey, I got your payment today, thank you.  I’m glad you could clear that up.”  Davey shook his landlord’s hand  “I’m just sorry you had to wait so long Ms. Smith.  It won’t happen again.”  He pushed his hands into his pockets and walked out.  The driver was waiting for him, in uniform, a light smile on his face.    “You’re Master Harris’ guest tonight, Davey?”    “Oh, is that Richie?”  he asked.  The driver lost his smile for a minute.  “This is your first time.  You should remember.  He prefers Master Harris.  Or Sir.  Richie is for friends.”  “Well, I’m his friend.”  The driver laughed.  “Davey, tonight, to be honest, you’re his bitch.”    Davey turned red when the driver said that.  WHAT had he gotten himself into?  Should he turn back?  No.  As the words “Sir” and “Master Harris” rolled around in his head, he got a little excited.  Nearly as excited as the thought that he was Richie’s – oops – Master Harris’ – bitch.

To be continued ….

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