A kinky story written by Ropingtop | Chapter 2

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The driver held open the back door for Davey to get in.  “My name is Sam.  Everyone at Mr. Harris’ house is on a first name basis, except, of course, for Mr. Harris,” he explained as they drove.  “There are only two people at the house tonight:  Clara is his housekeeper, and his house manager, is Jason.  You’ll be meeting them.”

“Thank you Sam.  I appreciate the information.  Is there anything else I should know?”  Sam laughed  “Just that we all adore Mr. Harris.  If you hurt him, your skin may be hanging in the wind deep in the woods.”  Davey gulped, and Sam laughed harder.  “Don’t worry.  Mr. Harris must be very fond of you.  ”  “Why do you say that, Sam?”  Davey couldn’t see Sam smiling in the front seat.  “You’ll see.  You’ll see.”  

The drove through town, to a part on the outskirts which Davey remembered from when he was a boy.  The big abandoned house that everyone said was haunted.  Now, there was a flourishing garden in the front, and things looked bright, and clean.  As they pulled into the driveway  Davey asked  “Excuse me Sam, but is this the old Dubois house?”

“Indeed it is Davey.  When Mr. Harris came back home, he bought it for asking price.  Got it restored in about two weeks.  Every single man who needed work, found it.  He paid in cash, too.   Pretty much saved the town. No work, people were starting to move.  The restaurant and that house brought us back.”

“So he’s kind of a hero around here?”  Sam responded  “Davey, ‘hero’ doesn’t do him justice”

Before Davey could open the door, Sam had  opened it for him.  “Please don’t do that again, Davey.  You’re a guest here, and I’m an employee.  If I don’t follow the rules,  Mr. Harris will not be pleased.”  

“I’m sorry Sam.  I’m just so used to having to do things myself.”   Sam smiled and put a big hand on Davey’s shoulder.  “Mr. Harris told us all about your background.  I understand.  There’s a lot you’ll have to learn.”  They got to the door, and a woman with a long black ponytail answered.  “SAM!  I’m glad you’re back.”  She threw her arms around him and kissed him, then blushed. “OH, I’m so sorry.  You must be Davey.  I’m Clara.”  Sam smiled  “Clara is my wife.  Mr. Harris hired the two of us.”    Clara was looking at Davey.  “You know, you haven’t really changed , Davey.”  When Davey looked puzzled, she went on.  “I was two classes behind you at the high school.  Oh my goodness.  I had such a crush on you.  ”  Davey began to blush.  “Sorry Sam,  but I think you knew.”  Sam just smiled as Clara gushed.  “But please, please come in Davey.  Mr. Harris  asked to please make sure that you get dinner.”

“Oh, Richie – I mean Mr. Harris – isn’t here?”  Davey blushed at his second breach of the rules.  He heard a voice from another room, and the click of leather shoes.  “Mr. Harris had an emergency at the restaurant which he had to take care of.  He’ll be here soon, but he knew you’d be hungry and he wanted to make sure that you didn’t wait for dinner.”  He held out his hand.  “I’m Jason, Davey. After Clara has fed you,  she’ll lead you to the library where we will need to chat just a bit.”  He smiled and turned around.  Sam whispered  “Yes, he IS stern.  Through and through.  He manages Mr. Harris’ money.  He has to be stern.  If Mr. Harris didn’t have him, every charity would be getting a five figure check.” 

“Please Davey, please.  The dining room is this way.”  Clara was pulling on his shirt.  “Oh, the kitchen is fine, Clara”  .  She laughed.  “Oh, No, it’s not.  Guests always eat in the dining room Davey.  Please .  I’ve already set it up.”  

They walked into a room with a huge table, set for one person.  It looked like the tableware was from the original house.  There was a big salad on the plate, with what looked like homemade bread.  “Please eat Davey.  I’ll have your steak ready in a minute.  How do you like it prepared?”

Steak?  thought Davey  .  And someone was asking him how he liked it?  They ate steak a lot at Heather’s house, but it was always made to her father’s liking:  well done, to the point where Davey almost couldn’t chew it.  “I think that you should cook it the way you think is best Clara.  May I ask:  did you make the bread?”  She smiled.  “Yes, yes I did  this afternoon.  Mr. Harris said we were having company,  and when he told us who was coming, I asked if I could bake.  ”  She blushed again.  “I’ll be back with your food right away.” 

Davey was looking around the beautiful house.  Richie – he could think that, even if he didn’t say it – had certainly done well for himself.  No question, he deserved it.  What that poor kid had gone through at school.    Karma did have a way of getting vengeance.  Now, maybe it would get to Heather…”  

His thoughts were interrupted as Clara brought out his dinner.  “I would serve wine, Davey, but Mr. Harris was clear that he wanted to have a drink with you when he came back”  “No, Clara, that’s fine.  That’s really fine.  ”  And it was.  Davey had to admit that this meal was even better than the lunch Richie had  ordered that afternoon.  He finished, and then Clara came out to take away his plates.  “If you would, Jason is waiting for you in the library.”   She led Davey to that room.  It was very formal, and crammed with books in at least four languages.  Some were in alphabets Davey couldn’t even read.” 

“Davey, please sit,” Jason pointed to a chair opposite a desk.  He took the chair at the front of the desk.  Three piece suit, slicked hair, meticulous.  “Davey, let me be honest, right up front.  While ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ as they say, I tried very hard to discourage Mr. Harris from helping you.”  Davey looked down.  “Please don’t get me wrong.  From what he told me, you were treated HORRIBLY.  ” He smiled a wicked smile.  “You  may think that the records of the divorce are sealed.  Well, they are, but…”  and he smiled almost like a snake.  “If you know how to open a lock, you can open that lock.  Yes, he knows everything, as to I.  I simply feel that it’s not a good idea to mix finances and, well, affairs of the heart.”  He paused  “That being said,  while I understand your position, should you do anything to damage Mr. Harris, it will not go well for you.”

“Sam already explained that to me Sir.”  Jason laughed.  “Probably much more explicitly than I ever could.  I’ll simply say he’s right.  And please do not call me Sir again.  That could get me in serious trouble, and for you, well…,   Mr. Harris will explain his system of rules.  For now, know this:  Mr. Harris has paid off all of your debts.  ALL of them.  He is treating half of the payment as a gift to you.  The other half,”  he paused  “you’ll work off, in an arrangement with Mr. Harris himself.   ”  He continued  “We’ll also expect you to get a job.”  Davey interrupted  “I’ve tried Sir – I mean Jason – but I’ve not had any luck.”  Jason smiled.  “Again, Mr. Harris has some suggestions, which he will pass on …”  He stopped, because they heard a door and Richard Harris’ voice  “Sam, Clara, you needn’t have stayed so late.  But thank you.  I’ll make sure that Jason compensates you accordingly. ”    He walked into the room.  If Jason seemed severe , Harris looked, well, HOT.  Davey didn’t quite understand the feelings he was having, but seeing his old classmate in his blue suit, the white shirt, the silk tie… Yes, he could understand the affection,and the fear.  

“DAVEY!  I’m glad you didn’t decide not to come. ” “Oh, I couldn’t not come, after all you’ve done already, Sir.”  Harris smiled.  “I see you’ve gotten some of the lectures already.”  He began to take off his tie, and his jacket.  With two buttons of his shirt opened, Davey could see the hairs bristling.  Those feelings were getting stronger.  He saw the biceps through the shirt.  “Jason, thank you.  I appreciate what you’ve done, and we will talk tomorrow.  For now though, if you would leave Davey and I to ourselves.” 

“Of course Sir.  Enjoy your evening.   Both of you.”  Before he left, he turned back  “Mr. Harris, the small refrigerator has a bottle of your favorite white, and there is one of your favorite red, both opened, waiting for you. 

“AH.  Thank you Jason. After tonight, I could use a drink.”  Jason closed the door behind him.  Harris turned to Davey and smiled.  “So, will you have a drink with me, Davey?”   

Davey blushed  “Yes sir.  Can I thank you for what you’ve done.”  As Harris poured he spoke  “We’ll discuss that.  For now, why don’t you have a look around the library?  Of all the jocks, I remember you as being the most studious one.” 

“You flatter me Sir.  ”  Harris smiled.  “I only speak the truth.   Just as now, I will tell you.  I have never lost my high school crush on  you, Davey.  And to be honest, the thought of having you, in my bed, underneath me, has motivated me all day.. ” He got closer to Davey.  “And all night.”  He put down his glass, put his hands on Davey’s head, and pulled it to his.  Davey felt Harris’ lips touch  his, and then his tongue snake down his throat.  He felt like something exploded in him.  He wanted to hug this man, but he didn’t know if that was permitted.  Then Harris took Davey’s wrists and pulled them behind   him.  He had an evil look on his face.  “you are going to look so good tied up, Davey.  I may never be willing to let you go.”

“WAIT.  Thought Davey.  A kiss was fine. But in Richie’s bed? Underneath him?  Tied up?  What had he gotten into?”  He pushed against Richie’s grip, and found that Richie was very strong.  He could do nothing.  Harris smiled.  “I do like a struggle Davey.  But I like a kiss better.”  He pushed his tongue down Davey’s throat again.  “MMMM.  You taste so good Davey, and not just Clara’s steak.  He paused and let Davey go.  “We’ll be going to the bedroom soon, but first, we have a few things to talk about.  

“Yes Sir,”  said Davey.  He wanted to say something about how this was not what he had in mind, but the kiss stayed with him. 

“As I’m sure Jason explained to you, your debts are gone.  Half is my gift to you, for old times’ sake.  The other half…”  he chuckled  “you’ll be working off.  Every time I fuck you,  we’ll take off 200.  Every time you blow me, it will be 100 . Anything other than that, think of as… interest on the loan.  ”  He continued.  “Jason will be keeping meticulous records, and you should feel free to do so as well.   When the debt is discharged, you are free to do as you like, but..” and Harris looked deeply into Davey’s eyes.  “I’m hoping you’ll decide to stay.”

Davey began to stammer.  “SSSSir… do you want me to move in with you?”  Harris smiled.  “Not yet.  You need to assimilate all of this, and you also need to learn how to live as an adult, on your own.  For now, I’ll expect you to be here in the evenings, after work, and to share my bed with me.  I expect you to be compliant, and to learn your place.  Beyond that.  You should feel free to use the library whenever you like, or to ask Sam to take you any place you desire to go, until you can afford a car.” 

“I’m sorry Sir, but I’m not sure  how I’m going to be able to do that.” 

“Ah yes.  It’s my turn to be sorry.  I’ve been so excited by finally getting to kiss you that I’ve forgotten to go over that.  Please come to the desk.  We have a call to make. “

Richie punched some numbers into the phone.  We’ll be on speaker phone.  “YO.  What’s up RiCHARD? ” came a deep voice.  “Coach Jackson.  The honor of getting you directly instead of your voice mail makes me think I should buy a lottery ticket.”  The deep voice on the end of the phone laughed loudly.  “Well, riCHARD, my son told me about the raise you gave him two weeks ago, how could I turn  you down?”  Davey saw Richard smile.  “He deserved that money.  No one works harder at the restaurant than Tyler, and I told him that.  I wish he were staying, but I understand.”    He paused before he continued.  “Jackson, I wonder if you know the history of the track team at the high school.  Another laugh.  ‘riCHARD, if the other teams were half as good as the track team, we’d be state champs in everything. And if the current track team were half as good as it was when you were around, we might be talking Olympics.”

“Well, Coach Jackson,  does the name Davey Cannon ring a bell?”  The deep voice resonated.  ‘DAVEY FUCKING CANNON? GEEZ  His records have held up.  What the fuck happened to him?  He coulda gone gold,in my opinion. ”  Richard’s smile was getting broader.  “Well, Jackson, he’s sitting here, opposite me. “

FUCK YOU STINKER.  YOU’VE GOT SPEED CANNON THERE AND YOU DIDN’T BRING HIM TO SEE THE KIDS?’  Richard began to laugh.  “Well, that’s why I’m calling. See,  we’d like to come over, and I’d like you to talk to Davey because, well, he’s looking for a new position here in town and I know you need an Assistant Track Coach.”

“FUCK ME WITH A GODDAMN HURDLE YOU BASTARD.  Cannon would work for US?”   Richard smiled  “Let me put him on the line.”

He moved the phone to Davey.   “Hello coach Jackson . This is.”  That’s as far as he got.  ‘I AM  NOT STUPID. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  NOW LISTEN UP. YOU GET YOUR FUCKING BONY ASS INTO MY OFFICE TOMORROW TO GET FITTED FOR A COACHING UNIFORM AND TO MEET THE KIDS.  ASSISTANT COACH CANNON.”  Davey blushed, and smiled at the same time.  Richard spoke to the coach for a few more minutes, and then hung up.

“Well, I guess you’ll be calling two people Sir, Davey.”  He laughed as Davey blushed.  “I… I… I.. don’t really know how to show my gratitude.”  Then he saw the look in Harris’ eyes.  “Yes you do Davey.”  Harris undid his zipper.  “Yes you do.  On your knees.  Let me see if you’re as good a cock sucker as a runner.”

Harris had his eyes locked on Davey.  Davey got down on his knees, haltingly  “But, Sir… I’ve never done this before.”  “You’ve had it done to you before, haven’t you?”  “Well, yes sir, but not by my wife.”  That answer made Harris just howl with laughter.  “OH, GEEZ.  Isn’t that the story of heterosexual couples everywhere.”  He reached down and firmly grabbed the curly hair on the back of Davey’s head.  “Open your mouth.  NOW”  

The sharp order scared Davey, and he opened his lips.  Harris had his cock in, immediately.  The shock, and the  size, were making it hard for Davey to breathe.  He began to choke, but Harris held his head firmly. 

“No teeth Davey.  NONE.   You’re doing just fine for a rookie.  Now, deeper.  ALL the way down my shaft.”  He guided Davey’s head further, and further down, until he reached his balls. Davey thought he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.  Once he got to the base of the shaft, Harris began gently massaging his ears.  “That’s it, davey boi.  Good boi.  You’ve got it ALL in your man cunt mouth and you’re gonna love it.”  He began sliding back and forth.  Again, Davey felt something welling up in his body.  His groins were stirring, and when he looked down for a second, he saw that there was a wet spot in front of his pants.  

STOP STARING AND KEEP SUCKING BOI ordered Harris.  His grip on Davey’s hair tightened.  He pulled Davey’s head back.  “Take a break.  Take a thirty second breather, then get back on it.  You’re not getting any more mercy.”

“No Sir.  No.  No mercy,”  Davey panted.  “I don’t deserve it.”  Harris and Davey both thought  “where did that come from?”  at the same time, but didn’t share it.  Davey seemed to know his place now, and went right back to Harris’ cock.  He sucked slowly, and with a better rhythm.  Harris began to think  “this CAN’T be the first time he’s done this.  The man is GOOD”    Davey  began getting into the feel of it, and he knew that Harris was close to cumming, when his cock suddenly stiffened even more, and he began to moan .

OH FUCK  OH FUCK.  WORTH TWENTY YEARS.  WORTH TWENTY YEARS YOU FUCKING STUDMUFFIN”  He pulled his cock out, and jizzed across the room.  Right at the end, he caught Davey’s face.  “Lick your lips boy.  TASTE your Master’s jizz.”  Davey had to recall all of his “out of body” training from running, to do it, but he mumbled  “Yes sir”  and did.   He was surprised that he didn’t retch.  

Harris pulled Davey to his feet and hugged him.  “Oh, you sweet, studly bottom.  ” He pushed him back and kisssed Davey flat on the lips.  “That was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had.”    Davey blushed  “Oh, wow.  Thank you Sir.”  Then Harris began to laugh.  “I think you enjoyed it too, muffin,”  He pointed to Davey’s pants, which were soaked at the crotch.    “Oh, God.  I’m sorry Sir.  I made a mess.”  Harris pulled Davey close again.  “Don’t mind that, handsome.  You’re gonna make more messes.  Many more messes.”  

“But sir.  I have the interview tomorrow.  These are the only clothes I’ve got. ”    Harris smiled.  “Well, you have a couple of choices.  One, we could drive back to your room tomorrow, and get you something clean.  Or…., and he led Davey to his bedroom.  “you can pick something from this closet.  I got a few things that I knew would fit you…” he sneered.  “the way I WANT your clothes to fit. ”  Davey gaped.  The items were the same quality that his ex father in law had worn.   Heather insisted that there wasn’t enough money for him to have equivalent clothes and “since you’re a house husband anyway, you don’t need them.”  Davey ran his hand over the fabric.  “OH, Sir.  Wow.  ” He looked at Richard   “Can I kiss you again?”  Harris smiled.  “You damn well better.  Then you better get undressed.  I’m tired, and it’s time for bed.”  Davey hadn’t noticed the huge four poster in the middle of the room, so he didn’t notice the restraints at the corners.  “Uh, Sir, those…’things'”  Harris smiled.  “Yes, for you, but not for tonight.  Tonight, we’re gonna get naked and cuddle.  Tomorrow, you begin learning about being a bondage bottom.”

To be continued ….

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Roping Top

Ropingtop is a 63 year old retired attorney, and native New Yorker, who lives with his partner of 37 years in New York City. He IS a "roping top" who started writing stories like this one about two years ago.


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