The interview with JOSHY – one of DomTopDad’s fetish sons.


MasterMarc: Hey DomTopDad. Today I want to present your fetish son JOSHY to our readers. Can you describe your boy a little before we start?

DomTopDad: Hey MasterMarc. It’s great that you are presenting my lil Joshy.

My ‘son’. Joshy has a big place in my family and also my heart. He may be small in stature but big in personality and a real bundle of fun. He is a very driven and focused young man. Is passionate about many things but most importantly, he is a real Daddies boy. He loves our special bond and very quickly took to being a willing and subservient son. My bond is closer and deeper with Joshy than with his brothers as we lived together for some time. This really cemented our bond. Amongst our fans, followers and clients. Joshy has always been their favourite. And whilst I shouldn’t have a favourite son. It is Joshy.


1998 | 5’4 / 163cm | 48kg

MasterMarc: Hi Joshy. A lot of our readers love to geht the insight into DomTopDad’s kinky family. You are one of the boys of him and you also lived with him for a longer time. You seem to be a kinky guy. Before we talk about your kinky family I want to know, when have you felt first time, that you’re into fetish and what have been your first steps into the kinky world?

Joshy: Hi Master Mark , well my kinky side all started about a year ago when I met up with a older man for sex, at this time I didn’t have much sexual experience so everything was still quite new to me. We had been kissing and started to get more into sexual activities and he pushed me down on the bed and started to spank me at first I was shocked it was something very new to me but I quickly grow to enjoy the sensation of being spanked. And I guess that’s where it all started.

MasterMarc: What has been your next steps exploring your desires?

Joshy: My next step was watching more kinky porn and exploring new things with my daddy . Having fun with my dad is amazing and really important when exploring new things as I trust him %100 .

MasterMarc: I know DomTopDad is a good tutor and also a real good daddy. How have you found him? And can you tell us also about the first time you’ve met him?

Joshy: I find him truly amazing I could have hoped for a better dad because there isn’t a better dad than mine, from the first time we met things went really well. I was I little nervous and shy but I soon began to open up to him and explore my kinky side. He really is the best daddy I could have hoped for we have some great sessions but aside from sex we have an amazing time in each other’s company we do really fun and exiting things, chat for hours, curl up on the sofa with a movie and a take away and have lovely country drives in the car .

MasterMarc: What do you see as your duties as fetish “son” of a dominant daddy? And how should such a fetish “son” be treaten by his daddy?

Joshy: My most important duty is to please my daddy in every way I can , such as making sure I always have my jock & football socks on as my daddy loves his boys in there socks . Sucking daddies dick is always important and I love it ,. Me on my knees in my socks looking up at daddy as he fucks my face , kissing daddy , bending over for daddy to spank my ass red these are just a few of my duties I do to make daddy happy .

How I think a son should be treated : a son should be rewarded when he’s good and made daddy happy and punished when he’s naughty , but sometimes punishment is also introduced even if I am a good boy because daddy really likes spanking me . I also think aside from the sex a son should be looked after by his daddy cuddled , kissed and cared for all of these aspects are all part of a great daddy and son relationship.

MasterMarc: How is it, to have sex with your fetish brothers?  

Joshy: It’s great fun having sex with my brothers , I am versatile so I really enjoy fucking them or having them fuck me as dad watches . It is mainly my dad doing all the fucking But as I like to top from time to time so it’s great I can fuck my brothers to .







MasterMarc: You lived a longer time togehter with your fetish daddy. But now you’ve moved to London. What is changing in your relationship now?

Joshy: Yes I have recently moved to London. Nothing has really changed with the relationship I have with my daddy we are still dad and son just we don’t get to see each other as often as before. We chat and message each other  every day and I visit my dad as often as I can. I do miss him a lot as also missing my brothers but moving to London is something I had been thinking about for some time, I really wanted to explore the big city .

MasterMarc: Just the big city or also other kinks?

Joshy: Mainly for the city but i guess I will eventually be able to explore the kinks a little.

MasterMarc: Than tell us a little more about your desires and needs ….

Joshy: My kinky side started just over a year ago so I am still learning and discovering what I do and don’t like. I am very lucky to have an amazing teacher (my daddy) who I love and trust very much, I think it’s very important to have a good trust with whoever your experimenting with especially when it comes to your personal Limits.

So far my main kink and fetish is daddy and son role, socks / jock straps are a huge turn on, spanking is something I really enjoy alongside nipple play. Spanking is seen In a lot of our clips because me and my dad really get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of spanking, it’s a great way to get things started and the perfect way to punish your sub boy .

I am very eager to try out new kinks and learn, the most recent was trying a bit of pup play with my dad and I really enjoyed it, rubber and leather is also a huge turn on and I would like to explore some more fun involving that. I am very open minded to try many things and so far there are less things I don’t like than things I do like so I guess my discoveries in the fetish & kinky world are proving successful.






MasterMarc: Can you tell us, how a good fetish son has to be? What kind of qualities does he have to have? And can you also tell us, what kind of boys would fit to your family?

Joshy: I think the qualities that any good fetish son or boy should have really depends on the desires of the dad or master.

The qualities a boy should have to join our family are: a potential son should be young or young looking, he should be slim and little body hair, he also needs to be fun and friendly he needs to know how to please daddy and he absolutely must have a pair or RED football socks.

Any boy wanting to join our family must be a fun and outgoing boy that will get on with the hole family, we have lots of kinky fun but we also do lots together as a family so it’s also important we all get along with each other and know how to have a laugh.

MasterMarc: Hey Joshy, it was great to talk to you and I wish you all the best for your future. I am sure we will meet us soon again. 


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