A “my fetish life” interview with Gayboykink.




Gayboykink / Pup Nobley

submissive / bottom / pup

25 years old (1990)

5″11 (180 cm)

74 kg

The Netherlands



sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

Gayboykink: Actually, I’ve always been interested in BDSM oriented porn, ever since I discovered masturbation in my early teens. My first jerking off was to a late night BDSM show about bondage and rubber gimps I secretly watched in my bedroom, maybe that’s where it all went wrong, haha.

So, I’ve always been sexperimental with self bondage, orgasm denial, CBT and nipple play throughout high school. When I got into college I bought some more gear and discovered other interesting fetishes like puppy play, rubber and chastity. I met my current boyfriend at college who I told about my interests and fortunately he was keen on some experimenting too. We started relatively vanilla, but over time I discovered I really enjoyed subbing, while he developed quite a Dominant side. Things slowly got more serious, as nowadays I’m pretty permanently locked in chastity and wear a collar with my dog tag and my boyfriend is getting quite skilled in bondage and flogging.


sadOsam: What’s especially important for you there?

Gayboykink: I think the most important thing for a healthy BDSM relationship is the ability to fully open up to each other and to neglect that overly self consciouss voice in the back of your head that’s telling you ‘you’re weird for liking this’.  It requires a certain amount of trust to give away control and put yourself in someone else’s hands in such a vulnerable role. I find that deep connection very erotic and a wonderful extra dynamic in a relationship.

Plus, as a submissive (or as a pup, they’re two different roles for me) I thrive on making my Dom or handler happy. I find this positive feedback really important; When I’m serving him, I need to see his smile, hear his ‘good boy’s’, hear his moans, feel his cock harden in his pants, feel the petting on my head… These are all little rewards and I love that. It gives confidence and reassurance to see someone happy because of you. That’s what I’m a sub and pup for. =)

: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Gayboykink: It depends on what you consider special, haha. I think my interests have a wide range. There’s one big kink of me, pup play, which kinda stands out as it’s not something sexual, nor about humiliation or degradation for me. I think that’s a big difference between sub-me and pup-me. Nobley is an affectionate puppy who likes to be prettily geared up in some rubber and play around innocently, get attention, treats and belly rubs. It’s really about the relaxing mindset and the letting go of daily life worries, while sub-me is really into orgasm denial, bondage, fisting, masochism, nipple play, rubber, exhibitionism and some light degradation and humiliation. Two totally different headspaces.

My boyfriend and me are very experimental. I strongly believe one should try something at least once before judging it, that’s how we started messing around with things like sounding, pee play, diapers and breath play for example. I genuinely can’t think of anything we didn’t like after trying. I think it’s because most things are in a way about humiliation/degradation or about giving away control, so even though I find drinking a glass of pee not be arousing on itself, the whole Dom/sub context around it definitely is.


sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

Gayboykink: I have a big weakness for slightly alternative guys who dare to be different, like having colourful hair, tattoos or piercings, or being passionate about an unusual hobby. It shows they’re confident about their appearance and don’t care about what the mass thinks of them. I admire that!

Body wise I’m really a butt guy, so a cute, smooth perky twink butt really pushes my buttons, haha. On the other hand I think a hairy, muscly torso of a daddy type guy can be just as attractive. I don’t really think I’m attracted to a certain type to be honest. A good smile will make me melt, no matter how you look.


sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?
Gayboykink: Literally the hottest was being mummified in cling film and tape during summer, I sweated a lot! grin No seriously, there have been so many different plays between my boyfriend and me, it’s hard to compare them.  Generally I find floggings very hot and intense, as they get me really deep into my sub head space and my boyfriend really likes to get me high on endorphins and push me further. I also remember one time I was being fully mummified in vet rap (a medical, stretchy fabric) and left on the bed with white noise playing through my head phones and a magic wand strapped to my crotch. My boyfriend would sometimes put his hand over my nose and mouth out of nowhere, or start playing porn clips through my headphones… I think I came five times that afternoon. It was intense, especially combined with the sensory deprivation and continuous stimulation.


sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Gayboykink: Of course, there are fantasies enough, haha. Most of them will stay fantasies, but I’d really like to rent a dungeon for a day and try out all kinds of gear like hoods, gas masks, slings, fucking machines, different spanking implements, pup cages, fuck benches… As I said, everything needs to be tried at least once, haha. I’ve also had some recurring fantasies about being a pup for a full weekend, performing sex in front of a group or being the chaste servant at a party, being forced in a full rubber gimp suit, having my chastity lock sealed shut, but those are all quite extreme and to be honest I think the fantasy itself is probably hotter than in real life.


sadOsam: Are you living your submissive side just in more or less sexual situations (including pet play) or is your boyfriend also your master in daily life?

Gayboykink: Well, as you probably mentioned already, I keep calling him ‘my boyfriend’, rather than ‘Sir’, ‘Dom’ or ‘Master’.  That is because in daily life his main role is being my boyfriend, that is the absolute basis of our relationship.  Still, there are a few rules I have as a sub that do influence my daily life, like the fact I am not allowed to masturbate or stimulate my dick at all without his permission, which is the reason I’m wearing a chastity device he’s holding the keys for. Plus I always wear my chain collar with a dog tag as a constant reminder that I’m his sub. And every time I decide to play with a dildo to get some sexual relief when he’s away from home, I am expected to send him a picture of myself with that dildo inside of me. So, even though I wouldn’t say we’re having a very strict Dom/sub life style, I’d definitely say that my submissive side reaches further than just during sexual situations.

You can find Gayboykink / Pup Nobley also on Twitter and Tumblr.



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