A report written by slave 437353.


By the time I had graduated, I had been serving Bill for years. But what I had never really understood was that, for Bill, a slave over 21 was OLD! After my 21st birthday, he started losing interest in me, and the parties at his house, instead of merely featuring me with groups of Men, now also included other, younger guys. Lots of Men still wanted to use me, but Bill did not.

One of the Men who used me was a tall, good looking guy in HIS mid twenties. I had always enjoyed serving HIM, and HE seemed like a serious Master, although HE did not appear to have a slave of HIS own. HE had a smooth lean body, and i loved it when HE used me. Over the course of that summer, HE showed up more and more often at Bill’s house. Sometimes, HE was the only Man there, and HE would take me down into the basement to use me, alone, for hours. HE had great stamina, a hard, uncut cock, and HE showed no mercy and accepted no disobedience. If I hesitated in any way when serving HIM, or did not respond fast enough, HE would punish me severely. But I wanted to please HIM, and so I tried to anticipate HIS desires, and learned the exact ways HE liked to be serviced. The more I did for HIM, the more HE appeared to appreciate me. By late summer, I realized HE was there, every day.

One morning, i was in the house, scrubbing the bathroom floor on my hands and knees, naked, and Bill came up behind me and ordered me to stand. I stood up, and he took my leash and lead me out of the bathroom and into the living room, where the Man was waiting, sitting on the couch. I was somewhat surprised to see HIM, as HE generally did not come over early in the morning. Bill ordered me to my knees, and then said, “Well, you’ve gotten to use it plenty. What do you think?”

The man looked at me and said, “I want it. I’ll take it.”


Bill smiled and held out his hand, and the Man handed him a wad of cash. Bill took the cash and sat down in his chair, and counted it out. When he finished, he looked at me and told me to stand up. Then he beckoned me over to him, and I stood in front of his chair. Bill reached into his pocket, and pulled out a key. it was a key to the padlock he had locked around my dick and balls, all those years ago, the first night he owned me. The lock had never once been off me in all that time.

Bill unlocked the lock, and it felt like my skin had adhered to the metal as he pulled it off me. I looked down at my dick, shaven clean of pubic hair but now without the lock, and felt almost dizzy, unbalanced without its constant weight on me. Then Bill stood up and turned me around, and handed the leash to the Man. “it’s all yours now. I hope you enjoy it” he said.

Without another look at me, Bill turned back to the kitchen, and the Man yanked me toward the door. I took nothing with me, not even clothing – he dragged me out the door naked, and across the driveway to where a van sat parked. The van was a panel van, with no windows, and he opened the side door and told me to get in. There was a bed, with storage space underneath it. The van appeared to be full of stuff, food, clothing, books, everything packed in carefully but filling the space except for the bed and a small space between the bed and the door.

The door was swung shut, and I heard the Man locked the door. It was dark and hot in the van, with little air, and I heard the Man get in the cab and start the engine. HE backed out of the driveway, and i felt the vehicle moving through the town. Eventually, HE turned left up a hill, and accelerated, and I realized we were getting on I-91, heading toward Connecticut.

We drove for hours without stopping. At one point, HE pulled off the highway, and I heard the sounds of HIM putting gas in the van. Then we drove more, on highways, on windy back roads. Eventually, the van pulled onto what felt like a dirt road, and stopped.

I heard HIM get out of the van and walk away, and I wondered where HE had gone. It was probably about an hour later when I heard footsteps, and the door opened. The Man was standing there, with HIS Cock out. HE pointed to HIS Cock, and I put it in my mouth, and HE began Pissing in my mouth. I gulped to swallow it all, and did not spill any of it. After HE finished, HE got in the van, and reclined on the bed. I was kneeling on the small space between the bed and the door, so my head was about level with HIS. HE looked at me and said, “Do you have any questions? Now is the time to ask.”

I said, “Where are we SIR?”

HE said, “Oh, some park in western Pennsylvania.” I was surprised we had gone that far, and said, “Where are we going SIR?”

HE smiled and said, “We’re starting a new life. We’re moving to San Francisco.”

“Where will we live there SIR? What will we do SIR?”

HE looked more serious and said, “We’re building a life. When we arrive, you will act as if you are my lover. Anyone who meets us will think we’re just another gay couple. But you are my slave, my property, and you are going to remain my property for the rest of your life. Do you understand what this means?”

“Yes SIR” I said.

HE laughed. “No, I don’t think you really do. But the truth is, you’re going to serve me until the day you die. Of course, if I ever lose interest in you, that may BE the day you die. I have taken possession of you, and I will have total control over you. When we get to San Francisco, you will have a job, but I will keep every dime you earn. You and I may go out together, and have friends, but at EVERY MOMENT, you are my slave. You will always remember that. I expect that people will think you are exceptionally devoted to me, and deeply in love with me. That is how it will be. No one will ever suspect what kind of life we really live – that is, except for the Men I allow to use you.”

“Yes SIR” I said.

Then HE said, “I don’t want to make you think I”ll care about you. I don’t give a shit what you want and what you feel. But you are going to devote yourself to serving me. That is your life’s work, from this moment forward.”

HE looked at me intently, and then said, “You know, slave, you have never had a choice in your life. Your father sold you to Bill, Bill was a sick and twisted guy. Now you belong to me. So let me ask you a question: If I told you that you could open that door, right now, and walk out and be free – what would you do?”

I looked at HIM and said, “Is that what YOU are saying SIR? I can walk away SIR?”

HE thought a moment, and then said, “Yes. But this is your one and only chance. If you want to live as a free man, this is your opportunity. Open the door and get out.”

I looked down and thought about my situation.I didn’t point out to HIM that I was naked and had nothing at all of my own, but I knew HE was serious. I could get out and walk away. I would be naked and broke, but I could be free. And I knew there were always Men out there willing to pay me to service them I knew I could get by, find a place in the world, and eventually even have a life of my own. I could be like everyone else. I thought about it all for a moment.

Then I lifted my head and looked at HIM intently, and said, “No SIR i will never get out SIR. i will never leave YOU SIR. i am YOUR slave, YOUR property, and i will serve YOU with my every breath until the day i die SIR. i will worship and love YOU, now and forever SIR”

HE was staring at me intently, and continued to probe my face with HIS Eyes. Then HE smiled and said, “I believe you, slave. And so, that’s it. You’re my property, for the rest of your fucking life.”

“Thank YOU SIR” I said

HE smiled wider, and said, “Now get up on the bed, because I need to blow a couple loads in that sweet ass”. I said, “YES SIR!!” and clambered up onto the bed. HE shoved HIS Cock in me, and fucked me for hours that night.

It has been over 30 years since that night, and HE has fucked me or had me drink HIS Piss every day since that day, never missing a day. We made it to California and made a life here. i have worshiped HIM constantly. Despite some mistakes I have made along the way (read the article “The Worst Day” to learn about the worst of them), i have focused my being on HIM and on serving HIM. There are no limits, and i do anything HE wants, any time HE wants, without question. I have worked to make HIM the happiest Man in the world, and I think I have succeeded.

There is nothing like the life of a true slave.

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