A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.


I had an experience of being a house slave some time ago. It started from my curiosity of messaging housemaster in recon. (Recon is a web site for gay men with plenty of BDSM activities.) I messaged housemaster. It was a profile I found in recon. He asked for a house slave for one whole week. I asked housemaster about the house slave. Housemaster replied that a house slave has no right to ask questions and only does as he was told. Housemaster’s message made my cock jumped with excitement which I could not explain. I guessed I was horny and I could not think straight. And, I took the offer because it was my cock head that was thinking at that time.

Housemaster ordered me to be waxed and hairless from neck down. Housemaster wanted waxing because waxing would keep the hairs from growing too fast as compared to shaving. Waxing my cock hairs could keep me smooth for two weeks. It was easy for me as I am naturally smooth and does not have much hair. I went to Nick again for the waxing and had a good tease from him. Nick was my regular hairs removal and massage therapist. I had a session with Nick too a few years ago.

Waxing was the easy part. It was meeting housemaster the challenging part. He ordered me meet him at the car park at my apartment block. The arrangement was I would be picked up by him in his car. He told me his car number. I was to be in my gym socks and shoes. I was allowed to tie my apartment’s keys around my neck with a piece of black string. The challenging part was I was allowed only one piece of clothing other than my socks and shoes and not allowed to bring with me anything. It was either a top or a bottom that I was allowed to wear. The choice was mine. It was a difficult choice.

Sunday night…

That night I left my apartment with my keys tied around my neck after locking my main door grill gate. I was wearing my gym socks and shoes and a singlet and a pair of boxer shorts. I was in my singlet and boxer shorts because I had not decided which piece to keep or which piece to remove. I was ordered to squat down and wait for housemaster at the car park at midnight.

It was almost midnight. It was a Sunday. It was quiet. I saw only two cars as I waited. I became anxious as housemaster was arriving any time and I had not kept to his order of wearing only one piece of clothing. At that moment, I saw my hard cock and my low hanging balls sticking out of my boxer shorts and at the same time I saw headlights of a car coming into the car park. I did not knew why or what but I quickly removed my boxer shorts without standing up and hided it in the bushes behind me and kept still in my squatting position with my cock and balls feeling the breeze of the night.

It was housemaster’s car. The car door opened when it stopped and I walked quickly wearing only my singlet with my hard cock and my low hanging balls dangling between my legs and went in housemaster’s car. My heart rate was bouncing so fast as though as I had inhaled rush poppers.

Housemaster looked exactly like in the photo he sent to me and more stunningly gorgeous in person wearing a hoodie over a set of tracksuit. He looked young like a 16 years old boy and handsome. He also looked cool and aloof. He was 21 years old, 5 feet 8 inches in height, 62 kg in weight as stated in his recon profile. I was 58 kg in weight then and also 5 feet 8 inches tall. I was 5 years older than him. It was humiliating being dominated by a master younger than me but it made me feel more slave to him and wanting to do anything he ordered me to.

Housemaster did not return the greeting when I greeted and smiled at him inside his car. His eyes were on my hard cock. He then passed me a small bottle about 100 ml and ordered me to drink it. He said it would make me relax. I did not know what he meant. I drank it as I was told not to ask questions in our agreement. It tasted like cough medicine.

Housemaster did not speak to me while he was driving. The silence was awkward for me. I felt embarrassed and tense sitting next to him half naked wearing only a singlet and my heart rate still bounced like crazy.

After about 15 minutes drive, my heart beat settled down. It was getting cold for me. It might be the cold air conditioning inside his car or the little clothing I had on me. By the time we reached housemaster’s condominium my dick had shrunk to a little worm.

We got out of the car and walked to the lift lobby without a care that I was half naked. I guessed it was because my singlet length was good enough to cover my butts and my small soft dick and my balls under the cover of the night. Being half naked in public did not bother me at all at that time. I was indeed relaxed without knowing it. It could be there was no one around after midnight.

I was ordered to strip naked in his apartment. I placed my shoes and socks on the shoe rack near the main door and housemaster took my singlet from me. I was totally naked other than my two apartment’s keys that were tied around my neck with a piece of black string. I felt totally at ease being naked in front of him. It could be it was dark as he did not switch on the lights. I felt happy and elated for some reason as though as I was freed by housemaster.

He guided me to his bedroom and he wanted me to suck his hard cock. But for some reason, I was not doing a good job. I tried to suck his 6 inches hard cock but I felt like dozing off in his bed. I was ashamed that I could not do a good job but I was not bother by it. I felt sleepy.

The next thing I felt was his 6 inches hard cock penetrating my hole. He fucked me with ease. It was smooth. My hole muscles were loose. Although I was in my dreamy state, I enjoyed the fuck very much. I was high I guessed. I felt the sensation of his cock inside my hole magnified two times. It felt really good.

After fucking me in a face to face position, he changed to fuck me in a doggy position. And, after that, he lied down on his back and made me sat on him with my back facing him. He made me bounced on his cock for a short while. He then brought my body down to lay on him while keeping most of his 6 inches cock in my hole. He pushed my head toward his and we kissed passionately and his hands were fondling my nipples. All the time I closed my eyes enjoying his attention while his hands were all over my body. I felt my body being caressed and my soft dick being stroked. It was quite arousing although my dick did not get hard but remained small like a worm after all the hot sex. I did not care. I enjoyed every minute of it. I was very aroused and high.

Then, I felt both of my legs being lifted up and pushed to my body. Next, I felt my hole opening up to a hard cock which was penetrating into my hole. I felt so full inside my hole and my hole felt stretched tight and no longer felt loose. I was in ecstasy when the hard cock started thrusting into my hole and began to fuck me. In my trance-like state, I opened my eyes to see housemaster holding my legs down with his hands and fucking me in the face to face position.

In my dazed mind, I was puzzled as housemaster was also lying under me and holding my head and my chest down with his hands. Before I could figure out what or who, I heard echo of moans in the room and the sensation of warm juices flooding inside my hole. It felt so good.

I felt satisfied and happy when my hole was plugged by a butt plug after the two cocks were withdrawn from my hole. The butt plug helped to not made me felt empty inside my hole.

In my dreamy state, I saw two housemasters stood over me as I lay in the bed. I felt hands manhandling my body as I dozed off.

Monday morning…

I had a good and sound sleep. I woke up feeling fresh and happy. But I felt my hole aching with a dull pain and my dick was feeling strained. I sat up to see but it was total darkness. I was blindfolded. I used my heavy hands to remove the blindfold and found that it was bright and sunny outside the windows. And, I was shackled. My hands were shackled with about a foot length of stainless steel chains. And, my legs were the same and also shackled. I was naked but wearing a diaper.

I got off the bed. I checked my string around my neck and found my keys were intact. I walked out of the bedroom slowly in short steps as the shackles restricted my paces.

There was no one in the apartment. I went to the bathroom and removed my diaper and found that I had wet myself while I was asleep and my dick was locked in a metal cage. It was straining to grow hard as usual in the morning but could not. It was trapped in a 2 inches long stainless steel cage. There was no pad lock but screwed tight with a special key. I wanted to jerk off as I had not cummed since Nick jerked me off with his powerful hand after waxing me on Saturday morning.

It was Monday morning. I had not cummed for 2 days. I was horny.

The dull pain in my hole remained me to remove the butt plug that was still inside my hole. As I removed it a smack of yellowish cum landed on the bathroom floor. I stood down to smell it and found that it was man cum. Housemaster had fucked me raw and cummed inside my hole.

Then, I remembered the two cocks fucking my hole simultaneously. Were there two housemasters?

While I was puzzled about being fucked by two housemasters simultaneously, I saw a set of toiletry on the basin countertop. It consisted of a small piece of hand towel which was white in color, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of mouth gargle. All marked with the word “SLAVE”.

Beside other toiletries, I also observed two toothbrushes on the basin countertop. And, I also noticed two towels hung on the towel bars in the bathroom. The bathroom was the size of two regular sizes put together. It was spacious. Beside the toilet bowl, it had a large shower cubicle that situated on three walls and a glass panel front with a glass door. It had two shower heads – one on each opposite walls.

After I showered and cleansed myself, I towel dried with the SLAVE towel which was a small piece of hand towel.

I admired my hairless and smooth body in the mirror and examined the JAIL BIRD male chastity device that locked my dick up and the two sets of stainless steel shackles that locked my wrists and ankles. There was no way to escape as it required special keys to unlock them.

Then, I explored housemaster’s condominium apartment with the sounds of chain rattling whenever I moved. It had only one bathroom. Nearest to the bathroom was housemaster’s bedroom. Next to it was another bedroom which was the same. As I walked passed the dinning table which was behind a small partition, I found the kitchen on my right and living room on my left.

I checked the refrigerator in the kitchen. It had fresh eggs, fruits, milks, juices, and chocolates in it. I turned back to the dinning table. It had a bag of oatmeal, a loaf of bread, a bottle of peanut butter jelly, a container of mixed nuts, a bunch of bananas, and a large container of protein powders on it.

I could not find any clock or watches to tell time. I did not know what time it was. There was also no telephone. I also could not find any computers or laptops in the apartment.

I did not want to walk too much as my paces were restricted by the shackles and the one foot length of thick chain. I had a cup of milk and two slices of bread and a banana for food at the dinning table as I was hungry.

When I walked back to housemaster’s bedroom, and I noticed a small utility room situated between the bathroom and housemaster’s bedroom. It had a washer, a dryer, and a laundry basket of a pile used clothing. The small room had bars mounted on the ceiling and also on both sides of the walls for laundry I guessed. And, a chin up bar mounted to the door frame. It also had a whiteboard and it had a note for house slave. And, that was me!

It read… “Slave, change bedding of both rooms, do laundry, mop floor, wash bathroom. Masters back 6pm to inspect all & slave’s hole.”

I noticed below the whiteboard there were a pail, a piece of rag, a floor brush, and a bottle of washing liquid.

I panicked as I did not know the time and it looked like noon at that time. I had no time to sniff every pieces of my master’s used underwear in the laundry basket. I wore one of the master’s used underwear over my head and placed the crotch part of master’s underwear over my nose so that I could sniff it while I work. It smelled like baby scent mixed with a tiny bit of pee odor. It was good motivation for me to do work.

I walked as quickly as I could to the bedrooms and changed the bedding. Both bedrooms had queen size bed and both beds were slept on. Were there two persons staying in the apartment?

I like the smell of master’s pillowcase. I sniffed the pillowcase a bit and then I put all the used bedding which were light in color and the light colored used clothing in the washing machine and started the cycle of washing. I needed to do two rounds of washing. The second washing was for the dark colored clothing.

While the first washing was in process, I mopped the floor using the rag and the pail with water and some washing liquid. I mopped the floor using the Japanese style squatting all the time. As I moved squatting down on all fours, my low hanging balls swung with my caged dick.

By the time I mopped the floor, the first washing was completed and ready to put in the dryer. And, I started the second washing (all the dark colored clothing) including the underwear that I was wearing over my head. And, it also included two colored cotton sarongs which set off my curiosity thoughts. Master wear sarong? But I did not have time to think much about it as I still had a lot of household chores to do.

While the second washing was in process, I washed the bathroom.

By the time the bathroom was washed and cleaned, the first round of laundry was also dried. I collected the dried and fresh bedding and clothing to make way for the second washing to be dried and I placed the second round of laundry in the dryer.

I carried the freshly washed light colored clothing and bedding to housemaster’s bedroom to fold them and to store them in the wardrobe.

I found that the wardrobe was a unique one. It was also the divider between the two bedrooms. It was built from floor to ceiling and the interesting part was it was shared between the two bedrooms. It had 3 levels. The top level was too high for me to reach because I was shackled. The middle level was for clothing stored using clothes hanger. The bottom level had 6 metal wire baskets on wheels. Each basket had 4 shelves. One of the wire-baskets was for bedding and towels. And, I could wheel any basket away and walk to the other bedroom through the wardrobe.

Another basket was for underwear and boxers, and another for t-shirts, another for shorts and cotton sarongs, and another for accessories.

I tried to wear master’s underwear but I could not because my ankles were shackled. I tried out master’s sarong but I did not know how to tie it around my waist. The cotton sarongs were thin and smooth to the touch. I liked it.

The most exciting part was there was a wire basket dedicated for toys. There were coils of thick ropes, coils of thin ropes, handcuffs, leather horse whip, leather paddle, leather restraints, leather hood, leather collars, an inflatable gag, a ball gag, a spider gag, (I placed the leather blindfold that was used on me earlier back into the basket), butt plugs, (another butt plug was used on me and was air drying in the bathroom after washed), an inflatable butt plug, dildos, cb6000s, and another set of JAIL BIRD male chastity device, (the other one was used on me), stainless steel ball stretchers and cock rings and leather cock straps and leather ball straps, nipples clamps, a set of butt plug harness, some more chains, pad locks, and a pile of bandanas.

All the toys made my dick straining to grow hard inside the metal cage but could not. I was so engrossed in browsing over the toys and I had forgotten about the time. The beeping of the dryer reminded me I had one more round of fresh clothing to fold and to store in the wardrobe.

I moved as fast as I could to finish the last bit of the household chores and lastly to wash and cleanse myself especially had my hole douched and get ready for master’s inspection.

I waited by the main door inside the apartment near the shoe rack. During the wait, I did open the main door and took a peek at the lift lobby. Both the main door and main gate could be opened from the inside. I did not go anywhere out as I was naked and not clothed and I was locked in shackles and chains. I lay on the freshly mopped floor to rest and wait for master to return. I was a bit tired and hungry.

I was waiting by the main door for master to return to inspect the chores he ordered me to do for the day and to inspect my hole. I did all the household chores as ordered by master. I was kept naked. My wrists were shackled and my ankles were shackled by master. My dick was caged in the JAIL BIRD chastity device by master. I was not able to touch my dick to achieve satisfaction for the whole day. I was kept as a house slave by master to do household chores and to be used by master and without my own freedom. The only thing that belonged to me was my apartment’s keys which I tied them around my neck with a piece of black string as instructed by master.

After waiting for not long, I heard the sounds of the key unlocking the main gate from outside and followed by the main door. I quickly assumed kneeling position with my head bowed down touching the floor. My heart beat was racing again. I was excited and happy to see master again. I craved for master’s attention whatever it might be.

The main door opened. I saw two pairs of legs walked passed me. I was embarrassed that people other than master seeing me naked and shackled. I wondered who the other person was.

I could hear the sounds of their foot steps. They went in the bedroom and came back. Both of them pulled me up to stand up and I saw two housemasters. They were twins! Both were good looking. They were of the same built and look. They were dressed in t-shirt and shorts. I was pleasantly surprised. It explained everything and the two cocks fucking me simultaneously and both cocks cummed together in my hole.

They allowed me to stand up. All three of us were of the same height. I was feeling shy as I was naked and they were fully clothed. And, it was still bright daylight. I could not hide my nakedness in the dark as in night time. I instinctively covered my caged dick with my hands. One of the twins ruffled my hairs playfully. He smiled a lot. The other one had a cold face. He must be the one who picked me up in his car.

They were happy with the floor and the bedding and the laundry. Next, we went together to the bathroom for inspection. I forgot to put the butt plug back to the wardrobe after drying. And, I also forgot to place two fresh towels on the towel bars in the bathroom. For that, the cold face twin said I owned him 30 strokes of beating for punishment. I lowered my head as I felt humiliated to be reprimanded by the young master who looked like a teenager. Both of them were so youngish boy looking and they looked like teenage boys in t-shirt and shorts which were just above the knees and slim cuts.

After I set two fresh towels on the bars and kept the butt plug in place. The friendly one pulled me to his bedroom and released me from the shackles and dressed me up in t-shirt and running shorts. He did not inspect my hole. They were also dressed the same. They had underwear. I did not.

We went out for evening jog and dinner. My caged dick was swinging all the time during the run which constantly reminded me that I was a slave and it kind of motivated me or pushed me to keep up with the twins.

My dinner was paid for by the twins. I did not have anything with me other than my apartment’s keys when I reported to master.

During the dinner, we chatted like friends. We talked about the double fuck and my well being. I told them I was fine except for the redness around my wrists and ankles caused by working in the metal shackles for the whole day. And, I enjoyed the double fuck very much.

I got to know that they were Thais and they were here to study. The name of the cold one was Arrom and the friendly one was Narin. Yes, that was the only way to tell them apart – the cold one and the friendly one. They were studying in their third year at a local university. Their parents bought the condominium unit and the car for them and paid for everything. They bought the sex toys online using their sizable monthly allowances.

We went back to the apartment to shower. We stripped naked and put our used and sweaty t-shirts, running shorts, and socks and their sweaty underwear in the laundry basket. Both of the twins were athletic built while I was slim built. They really looked good naked. They were smooth and had little hairs in their armpits and pubic area.

I brushed my teeth by the basin. They did it in the shower. Narin called me to join them in the shower. He showered me affectionately while Arrom fucked me from behind. He gave me a quick fuck and cummed in my hole again. I did not mine at all. I was happy to be attended by two beautiful boyish looking young men. And, I was their house slave.

Narin did not fuck me in the shower. After we were all washed and dried we walked naked to the bedroom. Narin held me by my wrist and led me to his bedroom while Arrom went to his bedroom. I belonged to master Narin that night.

Master Narin put a thick chain around my neck and pad locked it. He did not bind me. He allowed me to rest in his queen size bed while he did his homework.

Even Narin’s beautiful naked body could not keep me awake. I dozed off to sleep as I was exhausted after the day chores and the evening run. I was half awoken when Narin penetrated me while both of us were lying on our sides in bed. After he fucked me and cummed inside my hole, he put a diaper on me like a baby. We slept.

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