A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Tuesday morning…


On Tuesday morning, they were already in the shower when my dick woke me up as it was struggling trying to get a morning erection inside the metal chastity device.

We had breakfast together at the dinning table after shower. They were dressed for school and I was naked wearing the chain and black string around my neck and the JAIL BIRD chastity device. I was not shackled or tied up. I was happy and also embarrassed to sit together with masters at the same table.

Tuesday chores were to iron the clothing and to wash the curtains. That was written on the whiteboard and I noticed it also written “slave owned 30 strokes of beating”.

They came back in the evening after school and were happy with the chores I did. I was also happy because I had secretly not only smelled masters’ used underwear from the laundry basket but I had also tried out a few of masters’ underwear in the wardrobe. I was careful not to stain it with my precums.

After their shower they went in their bedroom and came out wearing nothing except the cotton sarong. They looked so sexy in them. They told me it was called Pakawma. It was a Thai loincloth. The length was just below their knees. It was simply tied around the waist with double knots.

My dick was straining to grow hard on seeing the sexy twins in Pakawma. It kept me sat restlessly the whole time while we were eating our fast food dinner at the dinning table. I was horny. I had not cum for more than 3 days.

After dinner and washup, master Arrom bound my wrists together in leather restraints and chained them up to the mounting bars on the ceiling of the utility room. I was left standing naked in the utility room with my arms bound above my head for a couple of hours until my shoulders were aching.

Master Arrom returned to bind my ankles in leather restraints and chained them to the bar on the wall which made my legs spread out wide and my caged dick and balls exposed and vulnerable. It was a difficult position. Next, he gagged my mouth with the inflatable gag which filled my mouth totally and made me breathed heavily through my nose. Even Arrom’s sexy body in Pakawma could not comfort me from my grueling bondage. But my dick seemed to think otherwise and was straining inside the metal cage with excitement.

I shake my head on seeing master Arrom held up a leather horse whip in his hand. He held the whip down and just below my balls. I tried to move away but it was hopeless in that bondage position. I tried to plead but it was unless with the gag filling my mouth.

Master Arrom maintained his cold face and meted out the punishment of 30 forceful strokes in a quick pace mercilessly. There was no time for me to rest or allowed for me to catch my breath between his whippings of my balls. I was not groaning. I was crying out through the gag. I was in pain and agony and breathing heavily.

Master Arrom set the whip down and removed the gag from my mouth and hugged me and kissed me. I quiet down in his arms. He released me from the bondage and helped me to his bedroom and let me laid on his bed to rest a bit.

Next, he blindfolded me with a black colored bandana and tied my wrists together and tied my ankles together with ropes and hugged me and embraced me to sleep. I was again happy. And, I liked the touch of Master Arrom’s Pakawma pressing on my butts.

Wednesday morning…

I woke up to Master Arrom fucking my butts with me faced down in bed. And, then, he ploughed my hole in a doggy position with me supporting myself with my bound hands in front of me. He seemed to have his thin cotton Pakawma rolled up into a bundle and used it to gag my mouth between my teeth. And, he pulled the loose ends of the Pakawma like riding on a horse which pulled my head backward. Thus, it trapped my naked body from moving forward to escape his 6 inches hard cock when he thrust deep inside my hole. His cock was very hard. I could feel its rock hardness inside me and ploughing me in my tight hole. It caused a dull pain every time he thrust deep inside me. I groaned. Being naked and blindfolded and gagged and bound and being a slave helped me to quickly accept master Arrom using my body for his pleasure. I felt so slaved and my groans turned into moans. I totally surrendered myself to master Arrom as my hole opened up and the pain turned into pleasure. And, I wished that master Arrom would continue to plough me non stop for hours.

Master Arrom ploughed me wildly and loudly and cummed inside my hole after a long and energetic and vigorous fuck. I could feel his warm sweat dripping on my naked body. I could feel his warm man juice discharging inside my slave hole.

After ejaculating his warm man juice inside my slave hole, master Arrom collapsed and relaxed his body and lay on top of my back and he caused me to collapse and to straighten my body on his soft bed. His arms wrapped around my upper arms and my shoulders. His hands had let go of the Pakawma loincloth that had been gagging my mouth. He no longer pulled my head backward. I could rest my head on the bed sideways so that I was not suffocating in his bed. His sweaty body was on top of my body. His cock was still inside my hole. And, his cock refused to go soft and remained hard inside my hole like a silicone dildo inserted deep inside me. Master Arrom was not moving.

Master Arrom had fallen asleep. I kept very still so as not disturbing him. Master Arrom had worked very hard in fucking me and I was very grateful to him for using me for his pleasure and giving me pleasure. The least I could do was not to disturb him and let him rest on my body although 62 kg was quite heavy for me. And, I had to bear with not having allowed to cum and I wanted it so badly. Master Arrom fucking me was so arousing and made me very high. I was still very much aroused even when it was over and he was sleeping on top me. My dick was aching and yearning to release my cums because I had not cum for 4 days since Nick jerked me of on Saturday morning. And, my dick was locked up in the JAIL BIRD chastity device since Sunday night by master.

Out of the blue, I heard master Narin called to master Arrom loudly to get ready for school. Master Arrom got up slowly and I could feel every millimeters of his hard cock withdrawing slowly out of my tight hole. My hole had become tightened again after the fucking. My hole seemed to be able to adjust to the needs. During the master Arrom’s ploughing, my hole was opened up. After the fucking, my hole closed back. Both my hole and my dick had a mind of their own and were beyond my control. My own mind was weak compared to my dick’s and my hole’s.

After master Arrom got off the bed, my hole felt emptied but not for long. I felt a butt plug pushed into my hole to fill the emptiness. And, it started to enlarge inside my hole! It was an inflatable butt plug. I moaned and I did not struggled but stayed still as I was afraid I might accidentally kicked master Narin with my legs. It must be master Narin playing me after master Arrom left the bedroom because I felt a diaper being put on me. Master Narin liked to put diaper on me. He untied my ankles and moved me to lie on my back and completed putting the diaper on me.

I moved my diapered hips up and down trying to signal to him that I wanted to cum and hoping he would unlock the JAIL BIRD chastity device and jerk me off.

Instead, he sat me up and tightened the Pakawma loincloth gag that had became loosen and made one addition knot over my mouth between my teeth resulting in my mouth being tied over twice. Then, on top of my blindfold, he completely wrapped my head with a thin soft cotton cloth and tied off snugly around my neck but not tightly that would strangle me. I guessed the cloth was Master Narin’s used Pakawma loincloth. I could smell his baby scent that was also found in his underwear. I was sexually aroused smelling it which made me doubly wanted to cum. And, it made my dick ached discomfortablely.

My wrists were still tied together with rope. And, Master Narin used another rope to secure my bound hands to the bed post stretching my arms over my head. He continued to tie me up. He tied my ankles back together again with rope. And, pulled my body straight by my legs and secured my bound legs to another bed post. I was spread out straight as an arrow. I could not bend my knees or my elbows. It was good that I was lying in bed or else it would be a very difficult bondage position.

Before master Narin got off the bed he pumped some more air into the inflatable butt plug making it larger and making me twisted and turned helplessly in my ropes bondage. The inflatable butt plug had filled up all the space in my hole and expanded my rectal walls and stimulating my prostate making me very aroused and even more I wanted to release my cum. Both my hole and my dick had taken over my brain function. I had become a moaning vegetable and instinctively thrusting my diapered hips from time to time trying to relieve the aching in my dick to no avail.

I was bound in that position for a long time. My shoulders were aching. I had actually wet myself in two occasions. I lost the battle of control over my bladder and my pee just flow out without my permission. When my pee flowed out I did not bother to stop it. I let it out. I felt humiliated wetting myself. My mind went blank. I just lay on the bed motionlessly. I was not moaning any more. Somehow the inflatable butt plug had lost air over time. It was not as stimulating as it was.

Then, I started to struggle again trying to escape from the predicament bondage. After much struggling and twists and turns, I had managed to work some slacks in my ropes bondage. I could bend my elbows or my knees but only one at a time. I had to straighten my legs in order to bend my elbows and vice versa. My shoulders were not aching any more. And, I had managed to pull and remove masters Narin’s used Pakawma loincloth that was wrapped around my head with my fingers. And, I also managed to pull off the black colored bandana blindfold. And, I also managed to spit out master Arrom’s Pakawma loincloth gag out of my mouth and dropped it around my neck. But I could not manage to untie the knots of the ropes that bound my wrists with my fingers. I guessed when I work out the slacks in the ropes bondage the knots got tightened even more tightly.

There I was tied up comfortably in bed waiting for masters Narin and Arrom to return.

When masters Narin and Arrom walked into the bedroom, they were surprised that I had removed my blindfold and gag and head loincloth bondage. I looked at them sheepishly until master Arrom said sternly with a cold face that I would be punished. I got so frightened on hearing that. Was Master Arrom going to whip my balls again? I looked at my masters with my terrified eyes but did not dare to speak. Master Narin smiled and came over and checked on my diaper and he ruffled my hairs playfully. I was too embarrassed to look at him.

I was untied and both of them helped me off the bed and we headed for the shower. Both twins showered me affectionately. It was nice but odd and confusing as I could not tell who was Narin and who was Arrom. In the shower cubicle, both of them were warm and affectionate. Both of them took turn to kiss me passionately mouth to mouth and tongues gently explored each other mouth. The two twins also embraced each other and kissed the same way like lovers. It was a beautiful sight to see two naked identical, attractive and boyish looking young men kissing intensely and passionately in the shower.

My small hand towel was upgraded to a regular size bath towel. And, they dressed me in Pakawma too. They were also dressed the same. I was so thankful to my masters. Of course, I was the only one locked in the JAIL BIRD chastity device and had a thick metal chain fastened around my neck with a pad lock.

We had fast food for lunch which was already on the dinning table.

I was allowed to relax after lunch while the twins were in their bedrooms doing school work. There were no chores for me. For the first time I did not know what to do. I went to Narin but he shooed me away like a dog and told me to go to the living room to watch TV.

We went to the gym in the late afternoon. Narin dressed me with t-shirt and gym shorts and socks and I had a jockstrap under my gym shorts. The thick chain around my neck was removed but I was still locked in the JAIL BIRD chastity device.

Gym workout while being locked in the metal JAIL BIRD chastity device was fine except I could not do leg curl face down. The metal chastity device pinched my skin down there.

I was happy that master Narin spotted me in my bench press. He did it in front and over me and not behind me. I could feel his warm inner thighs pressing on my waist and his balls on my body as he bent forward every time I lowered the barbell.

After two hours of workouts, we showered at the gym and we went for our dinner before heading back to the apartment.

I belonged to master Narin that night. Both of us slept in Pakawma loincloth and we slept together in his bed. I was not tied up. We did not do any things other than caressing each other till we slept.

Thursday morning…

Narin and I were at the shower early in the morning. We fondled and kissed each other some more. When Arrom came in the shower cubicle we were done. I went out but Narin stayed in the cubicle and I could see them caressing and kissing each other passionately through the glass panel.

I was left alone again in the apartment as usual after the twins went to school. There was nothing written on the whiteboard. But I went ahead to do the laundry and cleared the laundry basket. I sniffed every piece of masters’ underwear in the laundry basket before washing them. After washing and drying, I folded and packed the fresh clothing in the wardrobe. I also packed the bondage toys neatly back to the wardrobe and kept the household tidy.

Of course, I tried out more of masters’ underwear in my free time.

Masters were happy that I did the chores without any commands from them that evening when they returned from school. Master Narin smiled and ruffled my hairs playfully as usual. Even master Arrom also smiled which gave me a bit of problem because when both of them smiled I could not tell them apart.

The confusion was soon over when master Arrom said sternly to me and reminded me that I still owned him a punishment for removing my blindfold and gag. I was apprehensive. I was scared of master Arrom.

That night I belonged to master Arrom. What punishment was he going to mete on me?

After dinner and washup, as usual, the twins were dressed only in their Pakawma loincloths and nothing else. I being the house slave was naked and still locked in the JAIL BIRD chastity device and had my black string and keys around my neck.

Master Arrom made me stood faced to the wall that was opposite to his study desk. It was my punishment for removing the blindfold and gag in the earlier bondage. And, my hands were handcuffed behind my back.

I stood at the corner and faced the wall. It was humiliating to be made to face the wall by someone younger than me. I faced the wall while master Arrom was busy at his study desk doing school work.

After a while master Narin came into the bedroom with his laptop and stuffs. I could only catch a glimpse of master Narin when he walked into the bedroom. Both masters were busy with their school works. I could not see them as my back faced the study desk. I could only see the wall.

I stood there and faced the wall for many hours. It was boring. My wrists were hurting a bit by the metal handcuffs. My dick fell asleep in the metal chastity device. My legs were tired.

I was relieved and happy when master Arrom grabbed my shoulders and turned me around and announced that the punishment was over. I was happy that after a few hours, he touched my body. I was yearning for master’s attention. But his touch was only a little bit. He uncuffed my hands and allowed me to sleep in his bed as it was late.

As the bedroom light was on I looked over from the bed and saw the twins still busy with their school works. And, they totally paid no attention to me.

After a while I dozed off and I woke up briefly in the middle of the night to find them still working.

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