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1996 | 165 cm | 60 kg


Hello dear readers, I got another german wuffel with me here. Paddy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you all like?

Well first about me: I’m Paddy, 22 years old and come out of a little town near Ingolstadt. Job-wise I’m from the IT and mostly spend my free time with doing various things with my boyfriend. That also inclues things like going for hikes, sightseeing or road trips. But also, and thats a very big thing on this list, photography. Putting the gear and camera equipment in the car and lets go into the nature. That’s how it goes mostly.

Worauf ich stehe? Latex, Neopren, Lycra, eigentlich alles was eng anliegt und ästhetisch aussieht. Latex ist da aber der absolute Spitzenreiter. Ich steh einfach auf das Aussehen und das Gefühl in Gummi verpackt zu sein, am liebsten nahtlos und fullcoverage. Desweiteren hab ich nautürlich ein Fable für Petplay und begebe mich einfach gerne in die Rolle des gehorsamen Hündchens.

What I like? Latex, neoprene, lycra, actually everything that’s skintight and looks aesthetically pleasing. Latex is the absolute high though. I just can’t help but always fall in love with the feeling to be packed into rubber, best in full coverage without any skin showing. As plainly visible I of course also have a fable for pet play and just like to slip into the role of the obedient doggo.

What does make rubber so special for you? And what makes it so sexual?

Rubber gives me the possibility to change my appearance. In combo with other gear (pup-hood, collar, harness etc) that again makes it possible to change in my mind into another person (or dog, as said). The thight feeling, the shine and the body-toning help me to switch off my brain.

especially on the sexual side that gives me a kick up of course, as I can just let go to follow my handler. All in all I’d say that latex helps me to shut off my brain from being in such a big drive all the time, and help me focus on my other appearance and the sensations connected to it.

What kind of sensations come to you during pup play? And how do you feel them for yourself?

Primary I just like the feeling of being obedient. I am, as a person, a pretty self-confident guy and sometimes also have a pretty selfconfident mouth. During pup play I just slip into a completely different role and am, as said obedient and following. As soon as I change my outer appearance, I can just dive into that and live out my “dog” side. I follow the orders of my Handler and just give in to his will. I want to be dominated and find and discover this side of me anew again and again.

You say you normally are not that obedient. Do you see this whole thing in that case also as a little balancing out for yourself and/or your daily routing?

Yes, for both. Of course it’s a compensation from the daily routine. You can just switch off, forget everything else and enjoy the moment. But for me myself, that switching off it also brings a balance. See I’m a person who often thinks a lot and in many ways and directions, and my outfit helps me to as I can just focus and concentrate on the here and now.

You already said you’re making trips into the nature with your gear, and a lot of the pics here show that too. How did that come to be? How is it for you, to go outside your own 4 walls in kink gear and be like that there?

That’s got something to do with new experiences for me. Especially in the beginnings of my kink journey I was very shy and only did stuff in my own 4 walls. Most of the time, as it happens, my gear was then in the drawers, and only after I’ve met my boyfriend, we started to do first photos. At the beginning we experimented for example with liquid latex, then lycra came as well and that’s how we came to the here and now. At some point I started to go outside.

Not especially well visited places, more left alone, calm places. Of course you still occasionally meet the one and other person on a walk, or a car going by suddenly gets a little slower, but I’ve come to be able to laugh about such things in the meanwhile. .

Finally, of course, it’s also an incentive to do pictures that not everyone is able to or dares to do. A big part you see on twitter is done in the own bedroom or at home at least. Outdoor photos in cool places you don’t see that much. And I start to become more daring every time 😉

Last question: I can guess the answer, but why a dog? 😉 And is that the only form for yourself or have you already had some thoughts about what other roles you could slip into?

Easy – it suits me the best in my mind. I have had a fable for dogs for a long time already, I grew up with them and could play with them very well. My personality is similar.

I like to play, I like to be silly and laugh a lot. Other roles I never even really considered. The dog just fits for me and fulfills me well.

Hehe I can understand that wruff. Thank you for talking with us Paddy, and I wish you a lot of fun dogging out, inside and outside your home 😉

If you wanna follow Paddy’s cool pics, why don’t you check out his twitterfeed here?

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