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Pup Matt | 1988 | 173 cm | 68 kg | Paris (FR)

when I’m a pup, I’m more of a cheeky bastard 😛

Matt’s Twitter and Tumblr.

In your mind, what would be your dog race?

Pup Matt: Definitely a Shiba Inu! The independent/funny/cheeky Character of a Shiba suits me very well.

Another thing is: A Shiba will obey if he has a good reason to do it, but being rough with shibas is not the best way to get them to obey you. They’ll resist your orders. That’s also a part of my character as pup.

I’m a little cheeky, the independent pup, so I totally identify myself as a Shiba.

How did you start out as pup? What was your first time really pupping out?

I wanted to start pup play after watching a few pups tumblr.

I created an account on Recon and then very quickly found and met a handler who initiated me to puppy play. It was mostly not sexual: I was the dog of the house once the session started and he put the collar on me. It was a lot of fun.

How do you live out pup play in your life?

It changed a bit since I started puppy play. I no longer have a handler, and with time I also discovered and developed the bdsm/sexual part for myself more .

I usually play during sessions, with pups and/or handlers. And I adapt to the situation. I can be very submissive or being dominant sometimes, and I can play sexual or non sexual. There’s no real generalities, it depends on the feeling i get with my playmates.

How do you combine it with other things? Whats something you really like to do it with?

I can combine puppy play with a wide range of gear fetishes: Rubber, Lycra, Neoprene, Leather (which is definitely not the most practical material to play in, but nontheless sexy). There are no real restrictions with how you can combine it, so its easy.

I can also combine puppy play with BDSM practices, but honestly, when it get into a real serious submission mode, I prefer to be a rubber gimp. It’s just easier, because when I’m a pup, I’m more of a cheeky bastard 😛

What makes you wag your tail?

Many things: It can be cuddles and snuggles with pups/people, it can be treats. I can’t resist squeaky toys and I like to sniff sneakers. That all makes me happy and tailwagging.

I can beg for good food for hours. And you gotta be careful with me, cause when you leave tasty stuff lying around the house, I WILL sniff it out and I will eat it.

And lastly I like to misbehave when I play around as a pup, and try to get away with it by making cute expressions. Or trap someone else to take the blame, if the opportunity presents itself 😛 

Describe your perfect day as pup:

A good day starts by cheekily waking up the handler in his bed and then beg for food.

After that begging for scritches, and nap a bit, then play time and then again nap.

Having a walkie and pull on the leash. Having playtime with my Omega, and to finish having some rest in a comfortable basket. That will make the perfect day for me as pup.


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