A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 1

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Toby looked at Spenser over breakfast. Spenser had it all, athletic good looks, popularity. And according to a quick glimpse, a huge snake between his legs. Toby didn’t think it was fair. Toby was in decent shape, but had a full bent to scientific pursuits. Cupid had made them step-brothers when Toby’s mother married Spenser’s father. The two new brothers were on friendly but cool terms. Toby’s mom came in and announced that Spenser’s ride was here. He got up and headed out. Toby watched Spenser leave with disinterest, and an uncurrent of lust. Spenser was off for some sports activities that would take the day. Toby would have more intellectual pursuits.

Mom sat down at the table with a cup of herb tea. Toby looked at her with a genuine affection and gave a pleasant smile. They did get along well even if she was some sort of flower child and Toby would go to university for physics. His mother smiled back “We are on such different paths. I know you have wandered far from all I’ve found in the universe. I do have something for you, if you will take from your kooky old mom.”

“Ah Mom, you know I don’t think of you like that.” Toby was used to humoring her. He even tried some of the stuff she gave him, if only so he could be honest that he had.

“Sometimes little changes in the world are all you need.” She slid a ring over to him, a starry look in her eyes.

Toby picked it up. Tarnished gold with a dull stone.

“I feel the clouds calling me.” She got up and headed out the back door, vague as always. Toby considered her lackadaisical attitude is part of what attracted Spenser’s dad to her. Toby watched her leave as he pocketed the ring.

Toby didn’t think of the ring again until he was getting undressed that night. It was in his hand when he heard Spenser heading to his room. Toby fell back on his bed, shirt open and pants undone, examining the ring. Little changes in the world he thought deeply to himself. Changes like having Spenser come in thinking he was bound to service Toby any way Toby wished. The dull ring slipped easy on and off his fingers and his mind wrapped around the fantasy.

Toby looked up as the door to his room opened. Spenser was there, saw Toby and fell to his knees, entering crawling and closing the door. Toby pulled himself up seeing Spenser’s humility. Once he made it to his step brother, Spenser began to kiss Toby’s feet. “Master I am here to service you. Please use me any any way that pleases you.”

Spenser kissed Toby’s bare feet, adding in licks and appreciative sounds. Toby looked in amazement. Enjoyable amazement. Spenser had always been cocky, expected when you do so well on the sports field and with the cheerleaders. So watching him go to town on his feet gave Toby an erection.

“You’re doing a great job Spenser. Getting me nice and hard.”

“Oh, Master let me suck you off. I’ll do good for you Master, make you feel terrific. Like always.”

The word “always” struck Toby. Spenser thought this was a regular occurrence. Toby wouldn’t object. “Maybe. Why should I do you the favor of letting you suck me off?”

“Oh, Master, I don’t deserve it. I know I don’t. But I work hard for you. I work out to be better looking for you. I obey every order, every whim. Anything you want, I’ll do, tell me. Snap your fingers and I’ll hit my knees and crawl to you. I’m your slave, your property. Use me any way you want. That’s what I’m for. I want to work hard for you. I’ll work even harder. I know it’s just a promise, but I’ll do it. Test me. Anything you want. Please Master.”

Toby saw the earnestness of Spenser’s face, heard it in his voice. Spenser kept kissing Toby’s feet, his legs. The look of subservience was impressive, causing Toby to chuckle slightly. That sent Spenser on a new tack. “Laugh at me Master, I’ll amuse you any way you want. My feelings aren’t important, only that you enjoy yourself.”

“Well, Spenser, if that’s the case, I’ll be magnanimous and let you suck me off.”

“Thank you Master. I’ll do my best for you. Really go deep, just like you like it.” Spenser reached up and pulled Toby’s pants down, rushing to get his dick in his mouth. Toby leaned back on his elbows and watched his step brother. True to his word, Spenser got deep on the first thrust, even gagging. Toby grinned at that. Spenser’s discomfort was pleasant.

Spenser struggled with the dick in his mouth, working hard to get it down. He thought it was like this every time, the ring had changed his reality, he had never given a blow job before, but to him, it was a regular duty. It seemed he was working harder to swallow his Master’s dick than any weights he lifted at the gym. But it was worth it. He had to make Toby feel good. That was all that mattered. The large, beautiful cock had to be forced into his throat so Toby would get a better experience. Make Toby cum on Toby’s schedule, please him. That was all that went through Spenser’s mind. All that needed to. He knew Toby would handle everything else. Spenser raised up his body, keeping his kneeling position as much as possible to shove the dick further down his throat. It was always hard getting past the back of his mouth, but it had to happen, no matter how difficult that was. It was for Toby.

Toby was wide eyed in astonishment. Spenser was going all out. When Spenser’s nose buried itself deep in his pubes, Toby threw his head back and moaned. This was so much better than the snipping they did. Well, who wouldn’t want a star athlete choking themself on your cock?

Toby lost himself, only getting an inkling before he came. He might have wanted it to go on longer, but it was too late. Cum shot out of his dick directly down Spenser’s gullet. That redoubled Spenser’s efforts. Once the ejaculation was done, Spenser continued to suck. Toby felt he was literally sucking the last cum out of his balls. Toby appreciated the effort, and Spenser’s look of desperation. As Toby shifted, Spenser read the body changes and pulled back, leaving the softening dick in his mouth to softly suckle it. Exactly as Toby liked. This was changing reality Toby thought. He’s damn near perfect. Can’t tell Spenser that, it’s too much fun making him grovel.

Spenser had puppy dog eyes to his brother. Wanting approval so badly. Toby looked at him through half-closed eyes. Time to twist the knife a bit. “That was OK, but I expect you to work harder next time.”

Spenser didn’t take the dick out of his mouth, but nodded his head in enthusiastic agreement. Toby left his step brother like that, memorizing the picture for later. Finally, he kicked one foot forward, hitting Spenser’s thigh. “Go back to your room and go to bed. I’ll summon you when I feel like it.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you so much for letting me service you Master.” Spenser kissed down Toby’s legs before planting kisses on his feet. Then crawled backwards out of the room, keeping his head down almost brushing the carpet.

Toby lay back and stared at the ceiling. The ring worked. How his snowflake mother got it he didn’t know. But it worked. He’d have a lot of fun with it. Toby left it on his nightstand as he fell asleep.

Toby didn’t see the quizzical expression on Spenser’s face the next day. Toby didn’t mention the night’s activities and Spenser seemed oblivious. That was fine with Toby. Better in fact. He could take out all his little frustrations with Spenser at night.

That night Toby put on the ring and summoned Spenser nude. The thought made Toby smile. Spenser could get caught in the hall. That would be Spenser’s problem. Toby smiled at Spenser dropping to his knees in the doorway, dick flopping up. Toby admired the well-built shoulder and back muscles. Tops of the slope of his round ass. Spenser crawled to his step brother and Master and got to kissing Toby’s feet. Toby let him go longer this time. Toby stuck his toes in Spenser’s mouth and wiggled them around. Making Spenser’s tongue really work to service him. Once Toby felt he had enjoyed the foot worship enough he ordered Spenser to lean back.

Toby stripped off his clothes, Spenser looked at his older brother in awe. Toby was sure there was a bit of drool coming out of his mouth. Toby loved the control the ring gave him over Spenser. Naked, Toby laid on his bed, putting his hands behind his head. “Now slave boy, give me a nice, slow, relaxing blow job with your pussy facing me.”

“You bet, Master. I’ll keep it up as long as you like, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than pleasure you.” Spenser said as he crawled up on the bed.

Spenser’s warm, wet mouth enveloped Toby’s cock. Toby enjoyed the sensations of his step brother servicing him. Better than anything was that he had made Spenser do this and Spenser was being so submissive. Toby had a warm, commanding feeling in his chest. It was almost better than the blowjob itself. Maybe it was better. Spenser was exhibiting some real skill working cock, but the fact it was him, hisi step brother, and that he was acting the way he was, that stiffed his rod to steel.

Toby ran his hand over Spenser’s ass. Feeling the strong glute muscles under the moderately hairy skin. Spenser’s ass felt great, the skin had a special heat. Toby ran his finger down the creave, the asshole seemed to clench when Toby’s finger ran over it. Toby dug his fingernails in the skin. Spenser’s back rose up and Toby gave a slight grin.

Spenser let Toby get fully stiff in his mouth. The penis lengthening to go down his throat. Spenser let it rest there, his Master wanted a long, slow suck. Spenser kept the big cock in his mouth until he was about to pass out. He had to make Toby feel good. Spenser’s throat was pushed open, so he used it to deeply swallow his brother. Leaving his face in Toby’s pubes until he had to breath. It would discomfort Toby if Spenser passed out, so Spenser wouldn’t allow that.

Spenser leaned down to lick Toby’s balls, letting the testicles roll over his tongue. Toby’s nutsack had a soft taste, not as strong as one of the other athletes Spenser played sports with. At least how he expected them to taste. Spenser licked each, feeling the hair cross over his tongue. Spenser felt his dick harden when one detached and he was able to swallow it. Another part of his Master in him forever.

Spenser kissed up Toby’s shaft, then down the other side. Sloppy, tongue kisses. Lip-only pinching kisses. Any type of mild stimulation to please his brother. Every so often Spenser looked up to see if Toby was pleased, or frowning. Toby would look amused or have his head back staring at the ceiling. All for Toby. Spenser knew he was the one to do the work. Toby could do whatever pleased him. Should always do what pleased him. A few more deep throats to keep the dick wet.

Spenser licked the head of Toby’s dick like a lollipop. Swirling and loving the taste. He really wanted to go to town on the dick, but orders were orders. Spenser shifted to licking the shaft. Too much attention to the sensitive head was the wrong move. This was a time to work the shaft. Spenser kept his eyes open, memorizing every inch he could. Wanting to be able to pull it up every time he closed his eyes.

Spenser pulled his tongue into his mouth to quickly moisten it again. He was drooling which helped. Spenser would dive so his spit did not lay there, if his spit was on Toby, it was to pleasure Toby.

Later, Spenser shifted. He had to. He didn’t know it but he had been slowly sucking Toby for over an hour. Spenser had been focused on sucking so intently, that until his body began to seriously ache, he kept his position until he had no choice. To make up for any discomfort Toby might feel, Spenser shoved Toby’s dick all the way down his throat. Even the shift didn’t help the ache in his neck from being in such an awkward position. Spenser powered on.

Toby let his mind realize how tired Spenser must be at this point. He didn’t care that much, enjoying the effort he was making Spenser take. Not that he could object to being hard all this time with someone working his cock. But now it was time to cum. Toby put his hands on Spenser’s head, feeling his brother shiver in delight. Toby considered facefucking Spenser, gripping harder and pounding but decided to have Spenser do the work.

A slap a bit harder than necessary, Toby ordered “Get me off, and do it quick.” Spenser mumbled something that probably was “Yes Master” as his mouth was full of dick and instantly began to bob up and down with urgency. It was a relief to be able to move differently. Spenser sucked and moved his tongue. Toby spread his legs wilder as his step brother threw his all into the felliatio. Spenser was working  as hard on this as he did on the sports fields.

After the long build up, it did not take long before Toby shot into Spenser’s gullet. Spenser felt a loss that it bypassed his tongue. Once Toby had shot off, and was breathing deep in recovery, Spenser sucked to pull what he could out of the dick. It was a pittance compared to what he wanted, but all there was.

Toby pulled his legs up, giving Spenser a slight kick, a little force behind it because he could. “I’m done. Go now slave.”

“Yes Master. Thank you for letting me pleasure you Master. Making you happy is the most important thing I can do with my life.” Spenser kissed down Toby’s legs and crawled out. Toby watched Spenser’s naked ass. It was nice. Soon it would be fucked.

“Turn the light off.” Toby called as Spenser crawled out the door.

“Yes Master.” Spenser smiled, able to do one thing for his Master.

Spenser was again back to his cocky self at breakfast before school the next day. Different friends picked up the step brothers today.

Between classes, with students crowded in the halls, Spenser bumped into Toby, having put a bit of shoulder into it. Toby wasn’t surprised, it wasn’ the first time Spenser tried to be the big jock in front of his buddies with Toby as the target.

Toby stared after the repeating figure of his step brother. The body check annoyed him, but it wasn’t really a big deal. Toby felt the ring in his pocket. Spenser had always been a bit of a dick. It would be fun to take him down a notch. Toby used the ring to change reality. Not much, a little. Toby changed Spenser’s boxes to a pink thong. And made Spenser not realize it until someone pointed it out to him. With a self-satisfied smile Toby headed to his next class.

Hours later, Spenser was in the locker room changing for practice. He didn’t notice the sudden silence until one of the guys said “Spenser, what the fuck?”

Spenser looked around to see everyone staring at him. At his crotch. Spenser looked down to see the pink thong Toby had wished on him. Toby had arranged this to be a surprise “Shit” Spenser exclaimed. He needed an excuse now. Right now. He looked up, trying to sound convincing. “Banged a hot chick this morning. Swapping was her idea. You know how it is, gotta keep them happy.” He pulled them off and tossed them to the trash can. The other guys laughed, somewhat uneasily. But it was the type of lie they all had to at least pretend to believe. The immediate danger past, Spenser took a deep breath as the full impact of the humiliation hit him.

He had no idea how he ended up in a thong. And a pink one at that. There was no way some doubt of his sexuality wasn’t in the minds of his teammates. Hell, some doubt crept into his mind. It was impossible. Totally impossible he was wearing them. Naturally he didn’t own any, and doubted his gay step-brother did either. He had not scored with a girl that morning, not in a week in fact.

Spenser caught the looks of the others throughout practice. Smirks and quick laughter. His humiliation only grew. He was off the entire practice, got yelled at by the coach and had to do laps after everyone else headed to the showers. The screw ups did nothing to lighten his mood. His laps wore his body out but didn’t work out his mind. He hit the showers alone as the last guys were finishing up to head out.

His friends were waiting in the parking lot for him. The questions about the mysterious girl came, but Spenser felt no one was buying his lines. He was glad when they dropped him off. Spenser noticed the car was gone, so only Toby would be home. It would be quiet.

Spenser made it to his room and tossed his bag on the floor. Something seemed to shift around him. He gripped a chair. When reality adjusted around him, he went to his chest of drawers, opened one, stripped, and pulled on a sparkly, purple, very short dancer briefs. He needed to entertain his Master. Looking in a mirror, Spenser smiled. His big dick was getting hard, giving more curves for the sparkles to show off of.  He would please his Master very much.

In his room, Toby knew he would be having a lot of fun with Spenser in the future. His dick chubbed on the thought. Spenser never the wiser.

To be continued …

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