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1997 | 176 cm | 65 kg


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Hey dear readers, we got a cute kinkster here today. Youngfetishlover you are, even if your name lets one assumpt you to be still innocent, almost something like a fetish veteran, aren’t you? Tell us a little about yourself, what have you all experienced and lived already?

Fetish veteran is a first for me, but it fits quite well. After all it has been 7-8 years now I have been active with some fetishes.

It all started out with feet, sox and what many don’t know, tickling, although the last got lost a bit over the last years. But thats what started everything for me back when I was 13-14 years old. It all progresssed in small steps after that, through tickling inevitably for me bondage started to come with it and with 16 SM held entry at my then still small fetish world.

That’s what everything built up upon. I’ve gotten my first Air Max with 18 and since then undyingly fell in love with nikes. And that was also the year I first tried out rubber (and that feeling was better for me than the first time I had sex).

That were kinda the experiences for me that got stuck most in my brain that are “all about me and the fetish”, there are of course also very shaping experiences with a second involved person.

That means you’re kind of a kinkster since childhood 🙂 What interested you in tickling if one may ask and made you see it as a fetish? Because although it is a very common one, many often don’t see it as one.

What it was back then that fascinated me about it I can’t really say anymore, however when I look at a the now, I can say very well what I find alluring about it.

For one it doesn’t really need any toys in the moment, even though restraints quite make sense if you wanna put up the intensity. And you also can only suppress the reaction to a certain point until you earlier or later will have to give in, as the stimulus becomes too much at the known points.

Because of that reason, that you can do it so easily and without preparation (as it is the case with other fetishes as well) I find it as start to have some fun and play always really nice, not last because through the laughing you also have a positive mindset and get more relaxed.

That is true, and I guess those points also make it a good entry kink into the world of fetish. What about sox/sneax and feet? How did you notice that about yourself, and what gets you there? The submissive, the aesthetic, the sensual?

There we first land at the tickling again, as the feet, especially the soles, just are such a great area to attack 🙂 where as the topic of sox/sneax interests me more.

There I just se more possibilities to bring a certain bit of individualism and find it optically very attracting, if a foot is packed in thight fitting sox, ideally white and definitely one of the well-known sports brands ( here I am always amazed again how horniness can be heigthened and decreased just by a logo).

However I have to add that for me the on the foot atatached body and mind also is relevant, as I couldn’t do anything in that regard if the I didn’t find the person attractive and likeable.

I have to admit that I can only partially say what fascinates me so much about them, and I also realized a few months ago that a pair of (more fresh) sox on my face can have a really calming effect on me, it lets me dial down a bit.

On the other hand the position down there is of course a sign of submission, to bring someone down when he has overstepped his boundaries. For me that is a big contrast in itself, but that again intensifies the whole experience.

Although that all sounded more soft, as I find, there are of course things going on as sniffing, licking trampling (and also always happily with sneaks 😉 ).

Especially with sneaks I realize again and again how much I am focused on the aesthetics and Nike, there are few models I really dislike of them (like Shox). As soon as I find the sneax aesthetically goodlooking or my counterpart wears some that you don’t really see often (except Air Force 1) he gathered quite a few sympathy points already.

But in some regard I always find it also strange when I look at the boys sneax so often and judge what they wear there.

Yes, but if you look at how footwear gets more and more significance and hype nowadays even for not fetish people (or at least those who claim not to be), I don’t find it all that strange anymore 🙂 Nowadays you could almost say that they are a mainstream and socially accepted fetish, or not?

Absolutely, and from several aspects as I find:

First: The price. I don’t know the prices of 10 or 15 years ago tbh, but I cannot imagine that back then a pair of sneakers, normal street shoes, without sporty background, cost 150 to 200 < Euros and the consumer bought it with no worry and ease. As we have such a situation now, I feel, from my perspective, that the people consciously put more money on the counter and know, that they not only do it for the optic of them but also because they buy a status, in that case a status in the corresponding fetish world.

Second: Especially as clothing, sportswear and sneax have such a high significance in the youth of today, the development of a fetish (even if subconsciously) doesn’t lie too far. Because you can see on many examples that element who have a high social status or value at one point get a certain sexual component.

This evolution I see more developed in the homosexual world than by heteros, but maybe that will find its way in their world in a more respecatable way. Maybe it just needs another middle-classy novel and the associated horrible movie with an appropriate cringy title like 50 shades of sneaks/nike/sox .

? That actually sounds like a plausible scenario. But now, lets go away from the freet to the whole body. That you like to cover with latex 😉 and you said that the first time in that was actually better than you first time sex. Hows that? What makes it so unrestistable?

I already knew skinny jeans and that whole stuff then and found that body hugging style just awesome and sexy. Since I have a good metabolism which gives me a more siry/slim figure, I always liked to wear such clothing (atm I actually buy very often in some shops in their childrens section, as that cut goes so well for me).

Then there came this meet on a tuesday in november 2016, where I was offered to try out neoprene, leather and also rubber. Till then I nevery had any crossed points with that, but I was very curious about it already.

It was a top and a pair of chaps. I put it on and it was slightly warmed already and I just glid in there and it was so thight,it was a feeling I didn’t knew until then, but it pulled me its spell and flashed me.

A friend of mine once told me that apparently for many this thightness gives an subconscious association with the thightness in a mothers womb, and hence gives a feeling of security and calmness, a thing I relate to and feel.

Additionaly I also just find the appearance in a latex suit very impressive, you see everything of your body, and this thourough shiny latex is just an unresistable glorious view for me. This smoothness black’n black, and if needed you just open the zippers or just look at how expands and grows in certain regions.

That is very interesting, the secure feeling only gets mentioned rarely. Most more tell about the second skin feel, of the different sensibility. Do you have that as well, do things feel differently?

No, I am mostly less sensible even in it, even my Nipples for example, where I usually am very sensitive, even are quite alright then.

Whereas I gotta say in contrast, when I get out of the suit (what I very much love to do under the shower after a nice round of play, because I love the feeling when warm water pearls down the suit) my whole body is very sensitive, what is very nice..but also sometimes depending on the situation also gives my playmate a really wonderful opening to toy with me.

Haha nun es hat alles vor und Nachteile. Nun zum letzten Kapitel: dem Kopf und der Wahrnehmung. Worauf achtest du beim spielen mit anderen? Was ist dir wichtig dabei und auch an deinen Spielpartnern?

Hmm an easy sounding question, but actually quite hard to answer or fomulate what you got in your head. Of course such points as aesthetics, and stature as well as first impression and face.

Thats what in the first moments attracts me there and at the beginning also the most important things. Later during the writing and chatting with eacho other there also comes the interhuman aspect, which is similarly important to me, because for me personally, neither will work without the other.

Something I also value and what I try to say everybody again and again is taht I only want to do stuff with person X what he as me on some level both enjoy and no one does just satisfy the preferences of one person to make him like him, because through that often creates misunderstandings and a wrong image.

Because if you have mutual sympathy for each then in my experience there are no real must have preferences. Therefore I can say that for playing I really value honesty, just as to be trueto oneself, be it likes or views etc.

Good values in my mind. Thank you very much for your time Youngfetishlover, it was a real pleasure talking to you and I wish you a lot of fun expanding your sneax and rubber collection 🙂

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