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The first bit of rope elicits a little response of pleasure, and each subsequent wrap of rope heightens it !

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About Bondage, Trust and Fun

MasterMarc: Hi LondonRopeTop. Long time without talking to you. How was your year? I am sure you have had a lot of new and sexy boys in your playroom. Have there been some extraordinary experiences? 

LondonRopeTop: Hi MasterMarc , good speaking to you again. It’s been a good year. There have been many horny sessions. What makes a session stand out to me is not the intensity of the bondage, or how long a position was held for or how hard I went with whatever activity I was doing. It is much about response, and connection. I can think of some beautiful, young, novice subs who were very turned on by the sessions, who connected with me very well and turned me on immensely. I know it has gone well they are a bit speechless at the end and tell me it was the most intense sexual experience they have ever had.

Of course there have been sessions where I have pushed peoples limits and that has been horny; the sub who can take a fist in all sorts of wonderful tied up positions, the sub who gets pushed to extremes with breath control, the sub who thrives on pain. Sometimes though a simpler session with a sexy guy who I can connect with is all I need.

MasterMarc: The connection is really important, that’s true. And to reach new experience is always fun. Do you prefer to play with new guys or with people you know? 

LondonRopeTop: I like a mixture of both. I like the excitement and challenge of being with a new sub, and often make a connection within minutes of the rope going on. I also like my regular subs where a deeper relationship can develop.

MasterMarc: I say often that good SM is based on trust. How do you see that and even more important how can you build up trust, the special connection which allows you do bring boys to their limits, if you have a new boy with you?

LondonRopeTop: Oh yes trust is vital . It starts from initial messaging. I’m straight forward and don’t live in a fantasy land. I don’t mess people around. I don’t cancel last minute with spurious reasons. I listen to what a sub tells me about their likes and limits. Most importantly during the play I’m very good at reading a sub’s body language- knowing how quickly to build things up, knowing when to go harder , and when to calm things down etc. I never plan play out but go spontaneously in the direction of what is working.

MasterMarc: Oh yes, that is one of the most important things a good master should be able to: He has to read a boy … because if they are bounded and gagged he has still to know how they feel. Let us talk about the limits a new boy is telling you. Often if they haven’t really experiences the information about the limits is not really usefull because they don’t know it better. How do you handle it?

LondonRopeTop: Well I just try various things gently and explore further those things that get a positive response in the body language. I wouldn’t explore further things that got a neutral response or negative one. There is also intuition involved; I’ve a lot of experience with many different sorts of subs so can often use past experience with similar subs to help me choose a pathway.

MasterMarc: Own experiences is really the most helpful tool. But what would you recommend to a newbie master how to build up this connection?

LondonRopeTop: In no particular order. Don’t jump in at the deep end, start gently. Be yourself and not a walking cliche of what you think a master should be. Listen to what the subs says afterwards about what they liked. Don’t play with a fixed mindset of what you want to do but be flexible. Sub yourself so you know what it feels like to be on the other side. Watch the responses of the sub at all times.

MasterMarc: And what do you advice boys who are coming to visit you as slave for the first time?

LondonRopeTop: Be honest about what you want and are looking for. Be responsive to what’s happening. If there’s a problem say what it is but resist the temptation to give instructions.

MasterMarc: I often say to don’t have too much expectations as we start slowly and go step by step. Expectations are often dangerous because fantasy and reality are mostly different. Unfulfilled expectations are giving a stupid bad feeling even if the session was better than the fantasies. What do you think about?

LondonRopeTop: Yes expectations do need to be managed. The sub needs to have an open mind too. I can give someone a really intense and enjoyable first play but I will tell a sub in advance if what I do differs from their fantasy. It’s usually something like wanting to be suspended for hours and milked endlessly. That’s not going to happen. If I think they are too fixated on a particular fantasy I will usually tell them I’m not the top for them.

MasterMarc: Can we ask you to give us a little insight into one of the last sessions in which you have felt a real strong connection and tell us what kind of action you have done with your boy and what kind of feelings have been involved?

LondonRopeTop: Well it might go something like this. They already have a hard on standing in their underwear before the rope goes on. The first bit of rope elicits a little response of pleasure, and each subsequent wrap of rope heightens it. They want to kiss, they love to kiss, they strain against the ropes to get to kiss. They get tied up really tight and they are in ecstasy because they’ve never been that tied up before. I try to get inside their head a bit- here’s someone who is not really a pain person but they like it a bit rough, they want to be dominated and handled firmly. I play with that, start pushing them around, pulling them into various positions with the rope, some of them stress ones. I can tell they are loving every minute. One minute I have them stretched out in pain, the next they are being held firmly but with some tenderness. I can feel them nuzzling into my body. They’ve lost any sense of where they are in the room and no idea what’s coming next . It could be a hogtie, or quickly rearranged so I can fuck them. I’ll bring things eventually to a close with some intense bondage and a slow crescendo to an orgasm. They will be breathless and a bit speechless for a few minutes, whilst bringing them back down to earth. The smile on the face doesn’t disappear quickly though.

MasterMarc: I understand totally what you mean. And I think you have made several of our readers real horny. Btw. What kind of boys do you like to play with?

LondonRopeTop: I’ve got to be sexually attracted to them – that generally means youngish but more importantly with a decent body – skinny, slim, Athletic, muscular . They also need to be into more than just being tied up and wanked off.

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