Hello everybody,

I want to have a quick talk about things that have been on my mind with you. Mainly about one thing in particular: ownership markings.

It’s one of the things that most unowned slaves, pups, subs etc strife to get at some point. To earn toget claimed as someone else’s, to belong to them. And to have an item or something that shows and represents it.

The thing we all tradition-wise probably know best is of course the collar. I have gotten mine from my owner after spending time and dedication to serve and getting to know him, and I’m still immensely proud of it, though I later found out it was just the first step on a long way of my journey. But that’s another topic.

The collar is not the only sign the people in the scene have come up with. I want to show you some examples of how people have made their own little or sometimes big signs of dedication to someone, in their ways.

Lets go to the pups for the first one. The community has evolved A LOT recently. There are more and more pups each year, and the social media that connects them enables them to show off/ exhibit the kinky part of their life. Naturally, they wish to have and show their own individuality. They show that with a colour, a special piece of gear and many other ways. Mine for example is the colour red (no, not because of fisting, though I like it xD). And of course, since that is my colour, I want to have everything matching that: Matching handcuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs, and… haha no, I still only want the collar I got from my owner 😉 but you understand the train of thought I was going for right?

Some times, the collar is more a sign that they may have a gear fetish, want it because a dog normally has one, or they have a submissive side in them. So you can’t really go for that only. But as the pup play fetish has developed more over the recent years, there has become quite a wide spread thing that does show if you do: The dog tag.

Many use it to show others their name, since they more like to bark than talk when they have their hood on 😉 but often when you turn it around, you can see, as with a real dog, the “If found, return to XXX” or “Property of XXX” lines. That, while very subtle, can be a mark of ownership. And not only pups use it.

Many people who wear locked chains also do have them. They have become more popular over the last years as slaves, subs and co wish to wear their collar or sign all the time, and since leather and solid steel collars can be, well, quite the giveaway of your kinky life, something that has become a widespread solution is the locked chain. Ok, to be fair, some also just like to wear the heavy ones to show off 😉

And there are other options for inconspicuous items to show you’re owned. Some people have lockable bracelets instead of collars, and some I know even have perma bracelets, which, once put on, cannot be removed. Permanently. Quite the sign, isn’t it?

Another thing that’s very well known is of course chastity. While often just seen as a sign of submission, its also a sign of becoming his. And while some now will say, “Yes, but that not always is to your owner, and you may also do it just for yourself.” …. Yes, you are right. But I’ve also seen people using tags and sometimes even engravings on the locks with the “Property of XXX” engravings. And therefore I wanted to include it here.

Picture: wikimedia commons

Some people who always had the little prisoner side in them also have gotten themselves an electronic foot shackle, like the ones the government uses. They show your geographic location and can give an alarm to the observer if you leave your designated area, and are easily wearable under normal clothing and waterproof, so no problem under the shower.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

A similar, though not so confiding thing as the shackle is the chip.Yes, I’m talking about chipping. The same thing you get for your pet so it can be identified if it runs away.

And if you look at it, it actually is quite practical. An electronic piece that shows one is owned, is not detectable unless you use an rfid reader, but always there. Actually makes sense if you think about it like that, doesn’t it?

There is also another electronic sign thats popular in the community. Well half electronic at least, the part the slave gets isn’t. Because what they get is more of a tattoo. I’m talking about codes. There are some online webpages which allow you to sign into their network and get your very own bar-/ QR-code exclusively used for you or your slave. If you scan them with your smartphone, they will link you to their your profile on their website.

Of course now that I’m talking about tattoos, I also have to mention the normal slave ones. There are so many different variations of tattoos that show their ownership to someone, with written out words, with encrypted messages, with logos, a brand…

Oh yes, I can’t forget about that. There are also some slaves who had themselves a branded. Yup, that thing they do with cattle. We actually had an interview with someone who did do that on here. And while it may is not something for everybody, you have to admit, the ones that do it deserve some real respect.

Ok, I’m at the end here. But there are much more things out there that could be added to that list. After all, humans are a creative bunch. Why don’t you tell us your ideas if you had some?

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