A talk with Master Walter’s boi about pain and his need of being tortured.

MasterMarc: Hello Boi. Some weeks ago I’ve talked with your master about pain. Now I am really curious what your point of view is. Master Walter has told me, that you really love and need pain. Can you tell me, when and how have you realized, that pain can be something positive for you?


Walter’s boi: Yes, Sir, i really love and need pain and abuse. Since childhood i have realised that pictures, videos and thoughts of men being abused and hurt had a positive sexual result on me. In late childhood i started bondage on myself to some degree, especially to my genitals. I also started using objects on myself provoking pain and sexual excitment. I have never known otherwise and that’s the reason of my existence.


MasterMarc: Can you explain us, why feeling pain is something positive for you? What does it give to you and what is giving you the excitement?


Walter’s boi: I can’t really explain this. It just is that way. Since early age i have been attracted and excited by bondage and pain. I guess i am a true innate submissive and masochistic.

Being abused and hurt hard gives me satisfaction. I like to be considered as just a paintoy a Master can mess around with without considering  about my feelings and wishes.

The fact of not having control over myself and to be in total surrender of my sadistic Masters excites me a lot.


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MasterMarc: Can you distinguish different qualities of pain? Which pain is positive and which negative? Are there kind of pain you love more than others and can you tell us why?


Walter’s boi: Yes, there are certainly distinguishes between pains. Some can be quite exciting and exhilirating, some can be real hard and unbearable.

As a slave I must say that positive pain is the kind of pain which gives a reaction that the Master would like: struggling, gasping, breathing heavily, forcing into painorgasm, begging to stop. Each Master wants His own level and kind of pain provoked on His painslave.

As for myself and my feelings, positive pain is the kind of pain i long for several times a day, which excites me, which asks a lot of my slavebody, which seeks the limits of my being. Negative pain would be pain which either causes too much damage or which exceeds my limits and becomes unbearable. That would be punishments that i try to avoid as much as possible.

There are certainly kinds of pains that i like more than others. Often it depends on the place too. i am a nipple fan. Almost any kind of pain to my slavetitties makes me excited. i am a dick fan too. Almost any kind of pain to my slavecock makes me excited, external and internal. i am a butt fan too. Almost any kind of pain to my buttocks excites me too. i am not that much a balls fan. Even after daily training my balls stay very sensitive and i don’t like ball pain too much, especially the heavy lasting dull pain in the balls when kicked. I can’t bear too much of that sadly, but Master is working on that.


MasterMarc: How important is positive pain for you? 


Walter’s boi: Positive pain is a major part of my life as slave. It is what keeps me going. What i need. What i crave for. To which i got addicted strongly.


MasterMarc: What is the importance of negative pain in slave training?


Walter’s boi: Negative pain is a part of my life too. It isn’t about me. It is the Masters’ will. If They want to inflict negative pain for Their enjoyment then i have to take it like a worthy slave. I want to please my Masters no matter how.



MasterMarc: Can you tell us about your most painful positive and negative experiences?


Walter’s boi: The hardest positive pain and excitment i had was when Master had put me into an Orgasmathon at the Club. I was tied up real good to a bench and edged and played with painfully during 48 hours  continuously day and night, without food. Only water and piss to drink. Master had told me it would last 48 hours, but i had no idea of time at all. It seemed like it was five days to me. i was continuously edged, abused and painfully played with by different Masters who stayed over for the occasion and worked on shifts on my totally exhausted body. I was forced into one painorgasm after the other without mercy. I thought i was going to loose my mind in lust and pain. During the Orgasmathon i got forced into 32 orgasms. The first ones were great but as it took longer to reach a painorgasm and as the painorgasm became seedless, very frustrating and painfull it become very hard to deal with. Master was very proud of His sexual painanimal after this ordeal. I was happy and satisfied as a little helpless baby to have satisfied my Masters and felt like a totally wasted lump of meat afterwards.

My most negative painfull experience was when Master had send me to a Femdom punishment facility for one week. I hadn’t done anything wrong really, but Master felt it would be a usefull add-on to my training as painslave. This facility was known as one of the most extreme and severe. There were at least ten Mistresses present each day to take care of the slaves. It was extreme every minute of the day. The nights were short and harsh too. No sexual pleasure was allowed at all. Only extreme hard physical labour, service of the Mistresses and punishment sessions. It was very hard and i was so relieved and happy when the week was over. I told Master how horrible it was for me and how glad and happy i was that i was Master’s slave again from then on. Master said it was a good experience for me since i got to re-appreciate again what a great Master He is and what luck i have to have found Him. Master told me  He had had an enjoyable relaxing week with His friends, lovers and even some other slaves when He had sent me to this punishment camp and He that He had had a great time. I was happy for Him. He promised me He would do that again from time to time. And He kept promise. I have been sent three times to this punishment camp for one week since then.


MasterMarc: Is there a difference in quality and emotionality between a punisment by your master and other masters?


Walter’s boi: Although the unknown factor can be very hard to deal with, it is very exciting at the same time.

for a first encounter with totally new Masters, my Master is always there to check on the Master’s skills and experience and my condition. Master doesn’t like to take any chances with His slaveboy. Once Master is confident that the new Master is experienced and reliable enough He mostly leaves the room to let the new Master do His thing to me as He wishes.


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MasterMarc: How important is the humiliation, the knowlege of being just a pain pig for the other masters? Is that a turn on for you?


Walter’s boi: The humiliation and knowledge of just being a pain pig for the pleasure and perverted urges of Others is the base of being myself as slaveboy, Sir. Yes, Sir, that turns me on always. Already from a young age the helplessness and suffering of submissive men and slaves have always turned me on. I am a masochist in the deepest of myself.


MasterMarc: As what do you see yourself?


Walter’s boi: I see myself as a being, an object that has been created only to look attractive and seducive to stimulate and excite the perverted thoughts and acts, Dominant feelings and the worst and most extreme sadistic urgesin Men. To be nearly toy to be abused, humiliated and hurt hard for the pleasure of my Superiors.


MasterMarc: Is there any pain session in your mind you want to explore in the future or experiences you would like to live again?


Walter’s boi: My future is not mine to fill in. Master has total control over that.

I hope i will be allowed to serve Master still for a very long time, but if He should want to get rid of me or if he should pass away or else, i hope to arrive in a community of severe extreme Dominant sadists who take advantage fully of my helplessness and my being nothing worth and who will continue giving me the hard extreme humiliating perverted yet satisfying life i deserve.

Experiences i would like to live again are the experiences which Master allows me to do to fullfill my training as slave. Being send to other unknown Masters to other bigger towns abroad for several days serving as Their painslavetoy visiting several gay BDSM Clubs and being subjected to the hard treatments of so many other Masters. In this i have immense respect for my Master to look further than His own world. He allows me to become a better slave by allowing to get trained and serve other Masters with other wishes, fetishes and needs. Only to become a better slaveboy to my Master Himself.

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