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Pain & Punishment ?

Play with pain as a sexual element. Doesn’t mean the involved person has to be maso-/sadistic. Can be done for punishment/absolution games, where one feels need/want to be punished for “bad” behaviour. Goal is the absolution and often felt afterglow/sting sensation of pain. Latter is also an element in other pain games, though some enjoy the pain itself as well.

Tested Products

Kooboo Cane

Data Size: One Size Material: Kooboo (rattan) Colour: Wooden Total Length: ~80-90 cm /~31.5 - 35.5 in Elasticity: High bounce Your old teachers cane, made for giving out pain, punishments...

Leather Flogger

Standard flogger meant for pain play. Data Size: One Size Material: Leather Colour: Black Length Grip: ~15 cm / 6 in Length Straps: 40-45 cm / 15,75 - 17,7...

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Cam Boys

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Kink Academy

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