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Play with pain as a sexual element. Doesn’t mean the involved person has to be maso-/sadistic. Can be done for punishment/absolution games, where one feels need/want to be punished for “bad” behaviour. Goal is the absolution and often felt afterglow/sting sensation of pain. Latter is also an element in other pain games, though some enjoy the pain itself as well.

Tested Products

Whip “The Snake”

Typical Bdsm whip with moderate length for indoor play. Data Size: One Size Material: Leather Colour: Red & Black Length: 47 inches / 4 feet / 120 cm Statements This is...

Kooboo Cane

Data Size: One Size Material: Kooboo (rattan) Colour: Wooden Total Length: ~80-90 cm /~31.5 - 35.5 in Elasticity: High bounce Your old teachers cane, made for giving out pain, punishments...


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