Papa Topps | 1990 | 178 cm | Buffalo NY (USA)

chastity keeps my arousal constant and keeps me in a kink mindset so that i can be a good top 24/7 for our 24/7 kink lifestyle.



MasterMarc: Hi Papa-Topps. You’re one of the romantic kinky guys. Your girlfriend is far away at the moment and you have decided to be in chastity during the time she isn’t here. For how long are you in chastity now?

Papa-Topps: This current stretch of time is 92 days locked in chastity, so ive got about 64 days left. I enjoy being in chastity, so its fun for the both of us, and adds another layer to our lifestyle kink relationship. She continues to behave and follow what shes told and i stay locked.

MasterMarc: Probably some of our readers are confused as you say, that she is following your rules. Yes, YOU are the top. That is not really common that a top is locked. Can you tell us how that come?

Papa-Topps: Well, just like not every relationship is the same, not every top is the same. I enjoy being in chastity. It keeps my arousal constant and keeps me in a kink mindset so that i can be a good top 24/7 for our 24/7 kink lifestyle. I enjoy frustration so having her do things that make me sexually frustrated fuels me further to continue our fun, whatever kinky activity we partake in. Dont get me wrong i enjoy being free from my chastity cage but being in it is just as enjoyable.

MasterMarc: Are you the first time locked for such a long time?

Papa-Topps: Is this the first time locked for so long? this will be the longest time so far but ive gone for month stretches beforehand. I still have the keys but they are out of sight out of mind. Of course I still have the urge to wank from time to time and sometimes it is difficult to resist. I have the occasional ruined orgasm(cumming in my cage) through anal stimulation or diaper wearing and rubbing. the cage does not come off unless my skin is in need of a breathing period which is rare but i prefer safety first. usually though i do not cum with the cage on, its far to small and good at preventing my erections so im just kept pent up and frustrated(a feeling i quite approve of)

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about the feelings you’ve had in the beginning, then after a week or two and now? Has your “relationship” with the chastity belt changed during the last 12 weeks?

Papa-Topps: Well im kind of experienced so my feelings don’t really change, after 2 weeks I’m usually very turned on all the time. It dulls a bit but im still eager and my cage is throbbing for release at least half of every day. Again it would be different if i didnt enjoy being locked up but i do so i see it as fun regardless. It keeps me in a kink mood ALL of the time.

MasterMarc: Just to make it clear, you don’t have a closed relationship in which you are just having sex with your partner?

Papa-Topps: No our relationship is very open. We both enjoy providing kink content to others, both for fun and for money. haha

MasterMarc: Than it is even more exeptional that you’re a top in chastity. Have you had sex with others in the last 92 days? 

Papa-Topps: No sex with anyone in the last 92 days, just my own toys or watching my submissive do as i tell her via webcam.

MasterMarc: Good boy! 🙂 We can not talk about chastity without talking about chastity devices. Which one are you wearing now and why this model? 

Papa-Topps: I couldnt tell you what the brand or name is, but its only about one inch long so my erection(normally about 7in) is completely halted from expanding. Ive had larger devices that allow more growth but ive managed to have ruined orgasms far to easily so the smaller cage helps greatly. Metal i find works far better than plastics, although i am a fan of the Holy Trainer device which ive used in the past

MasterMarc: As top do you like to use and fuck caged guys?

Papa-Topps: I havent personally done this, but it would be fun because id know what buttons to push haha. So not on my bucket list or anything, but itd be fun if they didnt want to be locked but were anyways. I enjoy humiliation, so as long as it was for them id have a smile.

MasterMarc: Do you think it is humiliating to wear a chastity belt?

Papa-Topps: To a degree yes, if its not something the person wants then most definitely. I want it so its lesser but still yes to a point if that makes sense

I plan on putting a chastity belt on my sub and she doesnt want it, which makes me want it on her even more haha. And because its humiliating she will do as shes told because like me humiliation is what we like.

MasterMarc: If we talk about stereotypes isn’t the dick and the sexual power of it what defines a real man?

Papa-Topps: im sure thats how some people see it but id say that it is not the case. Tone and how you talk to someone is the power i deal with. And the respect people have for what is trying to be represented within the relationship.

MasterMarc: Great answer. You have told us about the humiliation of a chastity device. It seems that we should really talk again soon about your other kink: DIAPERS. Would you be up for that?

Papa-Topps: Of course, diapers were my first fetish, and most definitely my biggest still to this day

MasterMarc: There are still two months to go before your sub will be back in your arms. After the first cuddeling I am sure you will be happy to take the chastity device off. Tell us, what has she to be ready for ?

Papa-Topps: Oh shes ready for anything, I’ll most certainly make her legs quiver with all the things i say to her and my pent up sexual drive. will make her melt and beg. It’ll be magic like our lives always are.

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