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Label: Fetish Force  
Actors: Seamus O’Reilly, Rocco Steele  

Buff super daddy, Rocco Steele is passed out on a tattered mattress when sexy ginger pig boy Seamus O’Reilly sneaks up and binds Rocco’s hands with duct tape and writes ‘cock sucker’ on Rocco’s forehead. Giant Rocco wakes up enraged and takes off after Seamus, pinning him to the ground. Seamus thinks what he’s just done is hilarious and keeps laughing in Rocco’s face so Rocco must teach him a lesson. After ripping Seamus’ clothes off of his smooth body, Rocco bends him over the bed, holds him down and stuffs his used sweaty jock in Seamus’ mouth. Grabbing Seamus by his cock and balls, Rocco spanks his bubble butt. Rocco strokes Seamus’ cock, edging him before finally letting him cum all over his hand.

Click here > Watch the TRAILER & MORE PICS for free 


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