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Dear Followers,

It’s been a while now since we updated your readers with a family update. This has been due to the fact that whilst quite a lot has been going on, relatively it may not have been of interest to your readers.

The house is VERY quiet at the moment. As all of my boys are away. Joshy is currently in Spain. Max is having a great time in Greece and Pete, the eldest is enjoying a mini break in Wales with his chums.

I thought I’d tell you more about Pete. Everyone seems to know and ask about Joshy and Max yet Pete was my first ‘son’. Pete first came to me when he was 18. He contacted me via Recon and said he’d always wanted a ‘daddy’ and try family roleplay. After talking for a while, we decided to meet up. I had to go and pick him up (my first ride out as Dad’s taxi you could say) from a superstore carpark.

As he approached the car I was immediately struck by how pretty he was. Very tall, all skinny arms and legs. he was 6ft 3 even then (He’s now almost 6ft 5). He was very very nervous and the drive to mine was a quiet journey. However, this is because he is a naturally very quiet, shy young man. He’s very funny and witty but not that chatty.

4 years later and he’s still just as quiet when he’s at home with me.

I am able to do things with Pete that I can’t with my other boys. Not in a sexual way, but as in going down the pub. He’s a bit of a petrol head and loves cars (my other two couldn’t care less) and I like his chilled company and laid back demeanor.

I always look forward to him coming home and miss him more than my other boys when he’s away Uni. When we first met, Pete was a total bottom boy. He’s now a total top, in as far as he still lets daddy fuck him. Which I did for his birthday.

Joshy in particular really loves his big bro Pete and it’s great to see them together.

I’m looking forward to Pete coming back from his mini break. We are going away together for a few days, just the two of us. Go fishing, hiking and just relax and chill out.

I am also looking forward to the coming weekend as we have a new ‘son’ joining the Family. A brand new lad, 19, tall and skinny just like Pete. But more of that in my next update for you.



Facefucked Pete


Pete gets punched


Pete fucks Joshy


Pete and Domtopdad


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  1. Thanks for sharing, DomTopDad! I am Jarvi, a newcomer to this world of bdsm 🙂 and i have to thank you for sharing your histories: to people like me (shy starters) is very educative to know the Top`s perspective of this type of relationship. Thank you 🙂 !


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