On 24 September at Boltz Club in Birmingham, pups and handlers from across the United Kingdom came together to elect Pup Piglet as the second Mr Puppy UK, the title holder to advocate for and represent the community.

Currently held by the first Mr Puppy UK, Zentai Spot, the title holder promotes and advances the interests of pups and handlers nationwide, as well as represents the Pups & Handlers community at national and international events. He’s been on national television – three times! – as well as given interviews for numerous kink and fetish magazines, and appeared at several key events in the UK and Europe, such as Leatherpride Belgium, Fetish Week London, and London Pride.

Mr Puppy UK has since its inception been elected by a panel of titled kinksters from amongst the Leather, Rubber, and Pups communities. This year’s contest was adjudicated by Mylo Pup from principal sponsors The Kinksters, Mr LeatherWest David, Mr Hoist Rubber Rob, Mr Leather UK and Mr Leather Europe Joe, and Mr Puppy UK Spot. They represent regions across the country as well as the various fetish communities, and their support helps bring together like-minded brothers from amongst the different communities and also show that the incoming Mr Puppy UK – like all pups – belongs to a united brotherhood.

For the second annual contest, held as a part of the country’s largest pup event, the Pup Social, seven pups put forth a paw to offer themselves for the title, encouraged by a dozen handlers and trainers and over a hundred supporters. Pup Wolfy and Pup Nox rode the contest through to the Dog Catcher round, which recognised ExcellentDane with a prize for the pup handler of the evening. Pup Scamp and Pup Dash rode the contest through to the Performance round, offering special performances of a doggy dance and puppy bondage, and which recognised Pup Dash with a prize for congeniality and the audience vote. Finally, riding the contest all the way to the finish were Pup Buster, placing second runner-up and awarded a bronze medal; ElectroPup, placing runner-up and awarded a silver medal; and Pup Piglet, placing in the lead and awarded a gold medal, the title regalia in leather and rubber, and the Mr Puppy UK title for the 2017 calendar year.

The team behind the contest are thrilled to welcome the country’s newest title holder, and can’t wait to see what adventures Pup Piglet will undertake with his new title!

Pete “Pup Brock” (Organiser, Mr Puppy UK)

mrpuppyuk-161010-002The Interview with Pup Piglet

MasterMarc: Hi Piglet. First of all congratulations! You have been elected as Mr Puppy UK 2017. What does it mean to you, to be the titleholder and can you tell us a little about your experience at the contest?

Pup Piglet: Thank you very much! I went into this contest with very mixed emotions. Half of me was very excited. I love to perform and entertain outside the pup scene so this was a chance to integrate that with my pup life. Then the other half was a nervous wreck leading up to the competition due to the publicity the title Mr Puppy UK endows on the recipient and what that would mean for my personal life. I talked to a few friends in the community who helped me fully understand and appreciate what I was getting myself into and I thank them for that because once I was there, in gear and I was “Pup Piglet”, all my concernabout melted away and I just enjoyed myself from start to finish.I have a lot to live up to, the current Mr Puppy UK really pulled puppy play into the mainstream public eye for the better I think. My goal next year will be, among other things, to unify the different elements of pup play and to show that there is not one set mould for who can do it.

MasterMarc: You describe yourself as Pup/Pig hybrid. You’ve to expain us what you are.

Pup Piglet: From the pet play side of things, I think I embody characteristics of both the canine and swine variety.

Pup-wise I’m all about being playful, giving and receiving affection, and being a tiny bit cheeky. On the pig side I love getting dirty and getting hot and sweaty in a scene. I love to woof and oink equally.

I also have an obsession with micro-pigs, they are so cute!


MasterMarc: Hehe and how dirty can you be? Btw. are you also into SM? Or are you more a vanilla pup/pig hybrid? Tell us, what are you into.

Pup Piglet: I’m a pretty kinky puppy pig. Even with vanilla hook-ups I usually manage to sneak a little bit of additional flavour. Discovering the vast landscape of BDSM and Kink in general has been an adventure for me the past 5 years: rubber, piss, master/slave, bondage, electro, exhibitionism, saline infusion, spanking, mud and of course pup play, the list goes on and I’m always eager to try something

new. I’ve only been a fister, never fistee and that is something I’m keen for my boyfriend to change next year.

Besides that I’m a complete and utter nipple slut. Many a man has made me a quivering, moaning wreck just playing with my chest buttons.

MasterMarc: Oink … it really sounds as you’ve lived and you’re living your kinky and piggy sides. 🙂 Btw. how does it come that you’ve discovered the puppy fetish and what have been your first steps into the pet play world?

Pup Piglet: I used to live locally to a master who would, among other things, incorporate pup play into our sessions as I love to be dehumanised and degraded. I loved the feeling of control that my handler had over me but also the freedom to express myself and defy him in a way a slave or sub can never do without punishment, with a puppy it’s expected… within reason. I also loved the affection that is usually reserved to the end of a bdsm session as a reward or to bring me out of the headspace. Eventually it became that I would be a pup the entirety of our sessions, enjoying each others company. Discovering and embracing this side of myself had a profound affect on my confidence and ability to switch off and chill.

Through fetish club nights in London I discovered the existence of a whole pup community as well as different species of pets: cat, pony, rabbits, etc. It’s been an eye opener for sure and I feel proud to be a member of this community.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what the pet scene has in common? What are the joining values? I am asking because there aren’t any standards in the fetish world and everyone has an own definition of his kinks and his own approach to live his fetish.

Pup Piglet: Pet Play places huge importance on community and acceptance. My phone’s contact list is full of pup hooded faces from the friends I’ve made through events and social media. These pups (and cats, foxes, ponies, etc) come in all shapes and sizes, ages, gender, sexual orientation, social & sexual, vanilla and kinky.

One of the most common questions I get is from guys who are curious about Pup Play is how to get into it and what gear they need. The answer to that is that you don’t need anything to participate. The pups you see with great gear and hoods with amazing designs have built up their look and their pup’s personality over the course of a long time. To the newbies I say go to a pup event, there are local events at clubs and bars everywhere and see where it takes you. You might just observe the first time or you could find yourself on all fours in the play area or on the end of leash. If you enjoy yourself, there are dozens of fetish shops that cater to the pup community to which you can start a collection of gear to pup around in.

MasterMarc: What is your role in the puppy world as Mr Puppy UK now?  At the beginning of our talk you’ve told us, that one of your goals is to unify the pet world. Can you tell us, what exactly do you mean and if you have any concrete projects to reach that goal?

Pup Piglet: My reign doesn’t begin till January 1st 2017 but my main responsibilities will be essentially an ambassador for the pup community and work with the rest of the Mr Puppy UK team to promote different causes in and surrounding the pup community. Nothing concrete yet but in our first meeting I addressed that I would like to tackle HIV stigma and barriers the Trans community face within the Kink scene.

MasterMarc: Uhh, that are great plans and it will be a lot of work. How do you think can your community help you to reach your goals?

Pup Piglet: I think by realising that being part of the the pup community makes you part of a subsection of the LGBT+ community that is growing fast. Just looking at the growth in the past 2 years since the first Mr Puppy UK competition, it’s important for a members to know that we have the potential to do good… as well as have fun.

I will be travelling up and down the country and internationally next year so I’ll get to meet pups from all walks of life to find out what is important to them, encourage them to attend events and lend support… but also have fun while doing so.

MasterMarc: Fun is important! Thank you Piglet to have found time to talk to us. We wish you all the best for your year as Mr Puppy UK 2017.



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