Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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What is Pissplay & Dirty?

Piss play is seen as using the urine fluids in sexual play. This can form from just wanting to use the taboo of it as a unclean fluid as sexual enhancer (forbidden fun), to use it in a humiliating way and/or as a form of submission in bdsm play: To take everything a Dom/Master gives one as something precious. Both also apply to dirty play, in which the bodily excretions coming from one’s behind are used.

Tested Products

Puppy Tail Holster

Sizes: S-M / L-XL Lockable: No Material: Leather Belts, O-Cockring, Neoprene tail holster, Silicone Tail ring S-ML-XL 26-36 in /66-91 cm36-46 in /91-117 cm Leather Pup tail plug harness...

Rex Dildo

Data Sizes: S - M - L - XL Material: Platinum-cure Silicone Firmness: Firm, Medium, Soft (Shaft/Knot Combo available) Colours: Many, Custom with shaft/knot combo available Additional Extras:...


Cam Boys

Kink Art Sneak Peek


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