Hello dear Readers,

We often mention in our articles how important it is to give beginners and players access to ways and knowledge on how they can live BDSM in fun and safe, consensual and positive ways. That’s why we recently put in some effort to update our youngsters section.

Not only will most of the essential beginner articles be available in various new languages now, but we’ve also added a new fetipedia library, which will be updated and enlarged regularly with new entries to make knowledge available for you, should you ever be in need.

Furthermore we additionally have now gathered various content from our pages that might be fun or helpful in your kinky exploration, from videos to tutorials to quizzes etc. So you have everything in one place.

Last, but most important, we are proud to present you our new questions section. Here you will be able to ask our team all about your fetish and kink related troubles, interests and concerns, and get an honest and hopefully helpful answer. This section will be managed by our two new young hosts:

Section Host

Elis Ataxxx

2000 | 165 cm | 62 kg

Florida (US)

My name is Elis. I am an artist, writer, and sexual deviant. I like to explore the souls of people and know what makes I, along with others, tick. I do fetish porn because normie porn sucks, and I cross dress and play music because I semi-don’t give a fuck. I want to be received by the world and adored by the masses, so you sure as hell better pay attention to me! I eat pussy, I suck dick, if it’s right, I’m fucking with it tonight. I need to party, I need to be heard, I need to be loved, you name it. I’m full of emotion and politically active, and I seek to strengthen my education. Martial arts, education, physical health, self expression, these are things that mean the world to me, that and goofing around and getting spanked and smacked around of course!

Section Host

Pup Sherlock

2000 | 180 cm | 80 kg

Aachen (GER)

Meet Sherlock. He’s a sweet and intellectual puppy from germany who, when he’s not running around in the woods with his friends or crawling and playing around on all fours at home or with bf, studies engineering and likes to play the piano, bass and to dance. His fetish interests stretch widely from latex to bondage, bdsm, leather, sensory deprivation, gas masks, poppers and much more. Oh and pup play, obviously!

These two, together with all the knowledge of the sadOsam team and every professional resources we will be able to muster, will be answering your questions and try to help you in whatever it is you need help or advise with.

Of course, if you think you have the knowlegde to answer one of the questions you see at the board yourself, by all means please write them. Everyone’s experience can help others. The answer-seeking kinkster will be undoubtedly thankful. And others who look for the same thing too.

So give them a warm welcome guys, and don’t be shy to ask them something 😉 They’re already excited for them.

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