Sk8erboy is a well known German porn and party label for skater boys and lovers of them. It is a mix between good party with good DJs, darkrooms, sniffing areas and a meet and greet with the actors of the SK8ERBOY movies. I think we should ask Alex, one of the organising guys, a little bit more about the next event in February. Probably you remember him from our interview about skater boys, sneax, sox and feet.

MasterMarc: Hi Alex. Hope you have had a good start this year. Have you been licking a lot of feet at the new years party?

Alex: Hi MasterMarc. I wish you a great Sk8erboy year 2018. Every year a Big Bang of our friends meet in my house to celebrate a hot start in the New Year. This year we had some bondage action in the living-room and our personal toilet boy chained in the bath room. You know he wants not only to hand over the towel. And for me it was really nice to sniff all time the socks smell of so many guys.

MasterMarc: It sounds like you’ve had an amazing start into the new year. Believe me, our party was also great and kinky. 🙂 If we talk about good parties, sexy boys and nice action than we have really to look forward to your first Sk8erboy party of the year. It will be on February, 3 in Cologne. What can people expect from this party?

Alex: The Sk8erboy party’s are always the biggest sportswear and fetish events in Cologne. Over 200 hot sportswear guys celebrate their Fetish. The guys expect a great party night with famous club sounds, a big dance floor and our legendary sniff area. If you search me I will be there 😉 ! We are really proud to welcome every party new guys and our big Sk8erboy family. The guys are from all over Europa. It’s a big meet and sniff. For the kinky guys who wants to have a fuck, our cruising area and the big dark room are perfect. If you need to piss, someone will always lay in the bathtub or the piss channel. You can meet there also our famous Sk8erboy models. You can always have a sniff of mister bottom „Tommy“.

MasterMarc: I normally don’t sniff. I think that is more Mr. Bottoms job. Ok, not everyone is a master so there will be enough noses ready for Tommy’s sox and tongues for his sneakers. What kind of guys are normally visiting your parties and is there a strict dresscode?

Alex: Most guys are between 18 and 35 years young. But if you look hot and fit to our dress code you can be older too. As one of the well known sportswear parties we expect that our guests are wearing hot skater gear,  “proll” gear or other sports gear. Show us your hottest sneakers, your nice socks (they haven’t to be washed before), cool caps and other hot accessorises. As we are into smells you wouldn’t have any problems at the door, if you arrive in hot worker gear or if you combine your sportswear with rubber. No goes are only naked guys, full leather, glitter & glamour, shemales, boots, army, no-name sneakers or businesswear. And please don’t use perfume before the party as we want to have YOUR smell at OUR party.

MasterMarc: When does it start and how much is the entrance fee?

Alex: We start at 22.00 and we can just recommend to arrive before midnight, so that you haven’t to wait a long time in front of the door. Btw. the first hundred guests get a welcome shot for free. Our models will welcome you and I’m sure, you’ll feel comfortable and horny as soon as you step into our party location.

All information about the event in our Fetish Agenda. Visit the website of the organiser.

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