Tip Width: 1.15 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 1.25 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52 inches

Insertable Length:
4 inches

Head Width:
1.25 inches

The Progasm Classic is our original Progasm prostate stimulator. Made from medical-grade plastic, the Progasm Classic, despite it’s girth, has all the hallmark features of an Aneros stimulator: it is easy-to use and insert, and has a patented hands-free, anatomical design which allows the device to move for the amazing sensations.


Big brother to the Progasm junior, this model is one of the larger in the Aneros range, ideal for those more experienced and looking for something a little more fulfilling.

I found it remained in place better than some of the smaller models that have a tenancy to wander off centre, although harder to achieve some of the more subtle sensations the smaller models provide as it needed more anal contractions to achieve results.

Despite its larger size, the glossy smoothness of it’s surface makes it just as easy to insert, and like the Junior and Trident models it’s firmness ensures it applies just the right amount of pressure to really hit the spot! 

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