Tip Width: 0.92 inches

Mid-Ridge Width: 1.15 inches

Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52 inches

Head Width:
1 inch

The Progasm Jr. has an upright body with a large, angled head for intense prostate stimulation. Its smaller size relative to the Progasm Classic allows for dime-style perineum and Kundalini tabs for more focused pressure. The Kundalini tab provides complementary sensations up the back.


Suitable for beginners to intermediate prostate players, the Progasm Junior’s glossy, elegant onyx like finish makes this an object of artistic beauty rather than just another sex toy (which it most certainly is not!) You’ll be wanting to display it as an object of sculptural art rather than keep it hidden away in a bedside drawer!

Soon enough however you won’t be able to resist finding a more personal hiding place to experience its full mind blowing orgasmic potential!

More fulfilling than the trident yet still agile enough to dance on your prostate it’s the perfect model to get you riding those waves of ecstasy with minimum effort. 

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