Being a puppy from the area of Fareham, Emrys found out about pup play from grindr, and found it to be a perfect match for him. He attends and engages in various social events, went through good and bad relationships and talks to us about his kinky journey here.

Pup Emrys

2000 | 190 cm | 85 kg

Hello readers, today I’m talking to Emrys, a cute doggo from England. So Emrys, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get pulled into the world of fetish? And what was it that attracted you?

Hello! I’m emrys, I’m an energetic puppy from Hampshire, UK. Currently I’m a 20 year old who’s employed as a service engineer, covering the entirety of the south of the UK, up to Oxford. I love gaming and DIY. Currently I’m obsessed with a game called satisfactory, which is a factory building game and one of my DIY projects Include reservating a cast iron bench.

Unfortunately the way I got into the world of fetish isn’t as glamouros as people might make out. I was in my first year of college (yes, I was 17, naughty emrys) and I had a massive crush on the guy I sat next to and unfortunately he wasn’t gay… So one day he suggested Grindr.

I gave it a shot and it was an interesting experience. After browsing loads of profiles over the next few weeks, I came across a pup based in Portsmouth, we got chatting and we eventually met up for a night.

He let me experiment with some of his gear and I absolutely loved it!

After this he introduced me to a online group chat for pups and I instantly fell in love, everyone was so supportive and welcoming.

It was at this point that the owner of the group started speaking to me and he eventually invited me over to his place, and let me spend the night with him as a pup… Wearing the pup hood and harness just felt so right, almost like I was complete. The moment I put a pup hood on, I instantly relax and any stresses or worries that I have fade away. Letting a dominant handler just lead you, not having to worry about anything… Just be a pup, it was blissful.

Shortly after this however, I learned the darker side of fetish. Two abusive relationships where one guy kicked me to the curb the moment things weren’t going the way he wanted and another guy who wanted to own every single aspect of my life. I learned you can’t trust everyone instantly, and there are people out there who will try and abuse you.

After that short episode, I carried on through the puppy community meeting loads of wonderful pups, attending amazing events (shout out to collared and paws!). And eventually in 2019 organising a pup group for Pride In London! My pup persona grew and grew, now I even make puppy sounds in my sleep!

In October of 2019, I attended Manchester Pup Weekend with a few friends andI experienced my first drag show (which was awesome!) and this is where I met my current alpha, Max The Tribid and Puppy brother, Lupo.

Max and Lupo supported me whenever I needed help and always enforce positive reinforcement, I don’t know where I’d be without them.

And that brings me to today… Surviving the pandemic… Unfortunately I haven’t been able to properly pup out since march 2020 🙁 and I’m desperately needing a puppy pile. However for the future, I don’t have anything planned, I’ll just go with the flow, with the exception of the hopefully return of K9 Pride Walk for Pride In London 2021!

We all wish to have such piles currently believe me XD. So you got an alpha and a brother. How does your dynamic with them work? Do you play together, do you have strict rules… How do you guys go about things?

Haha, well our dynamic is quite unique and we haven’t had much time to explore it as shortly after we became official, the lockdown happened.

Max is the alpha of course, we’ve only ever played twice, where as Lupo doesn’t play at all, but rather enjoys being alphas foot/sneaker pup. We’re not strict so to say, but there’s room for that to change hopefully.

I see. And really, two abusive relationships right after another? Ouf. That’s harsh. Though at least I guess now you know what to look out for such characters? Do you have any tips/signs for others what they should watch out for to prevent such experiences?

Don’t walk straight into a Dom/Sub relationship instantly.

Get to know the Dom, how they operate and how safely they play.

It’s always important to remember that subs can stop / veto anything by withdrawing consent, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for it.

Just because you’re a sub, it doesn’t mean you can be pushed around how ever the Dom likes… Although some people prefer it this way (myself included). But to get to that stage, you need to create a bond and build trust upon it.

Very true. It’s something that should come from trust, and not from an instance of horniness 😉

Alright, those two relationships definitely weren’t able to break your love to pup play it seems. You already mentioned some reasons why but can you go into a bit more detail, why do you love it so much?

It’s hard to explain why exactly I love it really, it’s a way of life for me now. Theres my normal day to day family life. Then on the weekends, I get to be a kinky, slutty pup!

I guess a massive part of it derives of my submissive side of me… I just love being at the beck and call of a dominant leather man who decides what I do, when I do it, what position I’m in.

I mean, sounds kinda nice ;P Since you’re kinda leaning into it, what kind of things do you like to play with such a leatherman though? I mean pup play sure, but for you that now seems to be almost more a play mindset, rather than a practice right? So what are you into there? And don’t tell me you don’t have favorites ;P I’m into pretty much everything and I still got them 😉

What am I into? Haha well that’s a long list… I think it would be best to start with a typical session. I have a boss that I sometimes play with, were not official Dom/sub, more of a occasional fun kind of thing. Our typical session would be him in full leather and me naked with a jock on.

I’d sit at his feet and spend anywhere between 20-50 minutes giving him blowjobs as he smoked a cigar. After he cums in my mouth, he’d then focus on me. Either getting me to lick his boots, slapping/punching me and choking me out cold (we limit it to 2 a session).

Occasionally, maybe once every three months. I’d buy him cigars as a tribute… I really do love our sessions, he has gotten me into a few kinks that I thought I’d never try, such as boot licking, finsubbing, cigars, breath play, humiliation (he calls me only by fag, I fucking love it) 🤤

Then there’s my FWB who I’ve known from the very start, Joe… I’ve known him since the beginning and he’s been my fwb ever since. We explore kinks together and he’s really open minded about practically every kink!

In terms of my favorite kink though… That’s a hard one… of course i’m into bondage, submission, slave, power exchange etc… Breath play is one of my favorites for sure, if i wear a gas mask and let a friend hold me down and cover the inlet valve, it can get me quite exciting… i only let my boss choke me out though, of course due to trust and experience etc. A few kinks i want to get into however, include fisting, watersports, extended chasity, extreme impact play and so on. However due to the pandemic, i’ve not been able to stretch my hole to take a fist or meet up with anyone who is into water sports. Of course, like many other kinksters, im into a few taboo kinks that i wont disclose here, to save your readers 😂

One intense session I had, was at Collared London, it included me restrained to a cross with my back facing outwards into the basement, where everyone was watching and I had a friend flog me for about 20 minutes or so, ever slowly increasing in the intensity… It’s hard to explain, but towards the end of the session, i could barely feel the pain anymore and just the intense phycological connection i had with my friend who was flogging me. I ended up crying uncontrollably… but I was sad, or in pain…

Ok last question. You say you don’t have any plans, but whats something that’s been on your mind to do once this pandemic is over? Got to have at least a little post-corona bucket list, even if its little things, or not? 😉

Hahaha. Catch up with friends, sex… like as much as possible, i might just get in a sling in a sauna and spend the day there, finally act upon some session ideas that me and a few friends would like to try and just try to get back to normal life i guess 😛

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