Picture by Pup Se7en

Pup Kiba & Pup Bobby |  24  & 23 years  | Austria

Being In a relationship with another puppy is great. Kiba and I know exactly what the other one needs and can be completely open about it.

sadOsam: Hello dear readers, today we got two sweet young pups from austria here to talk with: Kiba and Bobby. You both are relatively new in the kink scene, arent you? How did that go with you? How did you dive into it and found out what you liked/found hot?

Bobby: Well, my first time sniffing around the scene was back when I was 16. A friend took me to a fetish party. Afterwards I’ve been there for a few times, but the real “dive” for me only just came around 2 years ago. My partner back then liked puppy play and I found out through him I did too. And after that relationship ended I started getting some gear for myself. And after meeting Kiba I also started exploring the gay fetish world with him together. 


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Kiba: Hello Se7en 🙂 For me, when my sexual development really started I started to tie myself up and realizing the effect it had on me. I also quite quickly started to buy professional hand- and feetcuffs and additional chains, I think that was with 17-18 years.
Later as I started to study I met my first boyfriend at a party, who, after he asked if everything was alright with me, I confessed that he needed to tie me up to get really horny. He was very open to that idea and did it. The relationship only lasted two months though, as we just had too many differences. 

After some time, in which I again and again thought about how to find somebody who fits to me and read a lot about fetish, I decided to go to a fetish party. I hesitated for a long time because I heard some “nasty” comments about them. But, on one of these parties, I’ve eventually met my first handler. I have seen about puppy play on “Watts the Safeword” on YouTube and wanted to try it, as it is very good as an “entry fetish” to get into others an in the scene. You’re protected through your hood, can retreat but also be totally playful if you like. My handler and me were both completely unexperienced and just started to try and discover. After some time with him it became too exhausting with him, and I more wanted someone who was more dominant and gave me direction. Pretty much at the end of that relationship Bobby and I came together and in time now I also found a real Master. 

sadOsam: That sound that as soon as that switch was turned it was done. Now I got two separate questions for you guys. Bobby what was it like for you to get into  a relationship like that? And what are you all discovering for yourself?

Bobby: Being in a relationship with another puppy is great. You can try all sorts of stuff with each other and discover new things together. I think it makes a lot of things easier, as we both have our kinks. Being with a vanilla man would be too complicated over time. Kiba and I know exactly what the other one needs and are completely open about it to each other. 

As for discovering it is especially nice that we both like to switch when we play with each other. Once I am dom, once he is dom. It is a great advantage that we completely trust each other. That lets me try out things I would never be able to go with with somebody I don’t know well. Longtime bondage for example. Spanking at fetish parties, making tricks at parties and events and such things. I can just be sub with him. Actually only with him to be honest, because else I am only Top/Dom.

Of course, sometimes it is a little bit complicated as he has a Master, and it can be difficult to share. But we made clear rules in that regard that we have to follow if he or I meet with other subs or doms, which makes it easier. And some things you just don’t want or can try with your partner.

sadOsam: And Kiba: How was it for you to meet with your Master the first time?

Kiba: I’ve met my Master over Romeo for the first time and we wrote a lot with each other beforehand, over my likes and so on, but he also did give me orders I had to follow. Bobby and me of course talked about it before, how that works for the two of us, that I should give him notice what my Master and I do etc. . After, after some time, I was to meet him, I was of course very nervous and excited. He told me to get myself ready according to his wishes before that evening. My body had to be shaved completely for example. I was so nervous that day that I slipped with the razor on that day ^^’ Ouch!

Since I haven’t met my Master before, Bobby and I had agreed that I would give him the address where I’d be, that I would write him when I go in and some minutes later everything would be ok.

My Master then welcomed and offered me a place on his couch. He surely has noticed how nervous I was. As everything seemed alright I then messaged Bobby the “A-OK”. My Master and me then talked for a while how I imagined the further development, what he can do with me and what not. Afterwards we continued chatting for a bit, to disperse my nervousness.  Then he asked me if I was ready and I said yes. I had to take my clothes of  and show him the toys I was ordered to take with me. After he inspected them he chose a few and packed the rest of it away again. Then I had to kneel and he began to tie me up until I only had around 3 cm way with head, arms and legs. He showed me different ways of play and we made 3 other bondage postures, then I sadly had to go home. My head was still spinning from all that when I sent Bobby a message that I was alright and on the way again. It had a big impression on me, and gave me a high for a long time xD Since then I got more orders from my Master and we continued getting to know each other. My Master still didn’t have time for another meet with me yet, but they will be more frequent in the near future 🙂 

sadOsam: You seem to have good trust in each other, that is nice 😉 Do you, Bobby, with your mostly dominant being, not have a wish to find a Master/Owner? And if so, where is your focus at the moment?

Pup Bobby: No, I’m not searching for a Master or Owner right now. I enjoy being a stray and at the moment I don’t need anything more than Kiba at my side. What would interest me to try would be to how it was to have a sub. My focus lies more on finding my ground in the scene. Find out what I like and dislike, getting to know the people in the scene etc. I may look for slaves or subs on the side, but I give myself a lot of time for those things.

sadOsam: Naturally, after all it has to fit and you feel ready then 🙂 Ok we heard a lot about you as persons and your plans for your future etc. But what are your fantasies? 😉 What makes you go “Oh I absolutely would love to try that once?”.

Pup Bobby: I think you should try out things to be sure if you like them. I really would like to try electro, and how it is to fist somebody actively. How it is to be roped in suspension, and to sound somebody. In short, I would love to try out everything besides my taboos. Stress position bondage and longtime bondage also would be something I’d like more experience with, as a dom as well as s sub. 

Pup Kiba: The things I would like to try out are a bondage sleep sack / straightjacket. Well, everything that has to do with bondage honestly, as this is my biggest, most important kink. What I would really like to try out would be a longtme session over several days, where I completely submit to my Master and forget about the normal life. That doesn’t only have to do with bondage then, but also with serving, to endure and enjoy the time I’m not needed. It would be an interesting challenge.

If it’s about more realistic things, I would love to learn more kinds to play from my Master that I can give to Bobby. I know that Bobby likes a lot of things, but I only have a good feeling with them if I know how they feel and what I have to do. Maybe Bobby and I also find  other pups, who would like to form a pack with us. I want to keep standing besides bobby and introduce him to my Master, so that they also can get to know each other and earn my Collar from my Master, but only if Bobby gives permission and his ok for that.

sadOsam: Sounds pretty hot all in all 😉 I hope you get to try a few of those things and wish you good luck with your plans. Thanks for taking time to talk with us.


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