Pup Luca

1993 | 170 cm | 68 kg

Chicago (US)

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

For about 5 years now. I was able to fully explore my fetish side once I moved away from home after college and was finally living on my own. Friends that I had met over apps like Recon and even Twitter, I was able to meet up with in person and even make a few trips to go and see them. Having the freedom away from living at home and the rather conservative household that I grew up in finally provided me the room to fully embrace and explore my kinks.

Whats especially important for you there?

My kink life is an extension of me and who I am. For years, I tried to convince myself that I did not need it in my life and could be happy just being in a “vanilla” relationship. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My kinks are an inherent part of my make up, and I am so grateful to have an amazing friend group and community around me who allow me to embrace and explore it.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

My main fetish is rubber. I knew I was into rubber long before I knew what sexuality was and before I knew I was gay. From a young age trying to tie myself up in shiny plastic garbage bags to the day when I finally ordered my first rubber catsuit – I knew I had a special attraction to it. The transformative side of rubber for me is what I’ve always been drawn to, being turned into something or someone else than your typical everyday self is sheer perfection for me. Plastic, PVC and rainwear is also a huge turn-on for me as well.

Outside of rubber I am into piss play (general love of being pissed on and drinking),diapers, chastity, skate shoes/hi-tops, motocross gear and mummification.

What kind of guys do you like?

For me, I do tend to go for a guy who has a slimmer/athletic build and around my age, but that’s just part of it. A guy who has a kind and loving spirit is super important to me. Someone who has passion in their life, for their family, friends and what they do is a huge turn-on for me.

A perfect guy for me is someone that can gear up and be a kinky pervert with in one moment and the next, going out to do something romantic or a fun date with. Call me old fashioned or a romantic at heart but a guy who can do both is the ultimate dream.

What was your hottest experience until now?

Being stored and plugged in a catsuit and rubber sleep sack during a night. I am really into extended sessions with full gear and I visited a friend for a weekend and was made to wear rubber for almost all of the 48 hours that I was there. Locked away in my chastity and only played with when he felt like it was extremely hot and horny.

One of my biggest turn-ons is being turned into a rubber object/drone. For most of the afternoon I was layered in my catsuit, his heavy 1.2 MM Drysuit, hood and mitts locked on and an electro plug inserted as well. Leaking from my chastity and only hearing muffled moans from the ball gag that he put in my mouth I felt like the perfect rubber object being used for his amusement and pleasure.

Another really hot scene was at a house of some friends shortly after I moved to Chicago. They have some incredible gear and had me put my catsuit on and proceeded to lock some thick mitts and an S10 on me. Mentioning that I had always wanted to try a Segufix they only naturally wanted to give me a warm welcome and strap me in tight to theirs. Tied down, fully rubbered and blindfolded, I did my best to wiggle or move with no use. I was then teased and edged with a wand, but did not have permission to cum at the time so had to leave a horny mess after I was let free.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I still have a lot that I would like to try, and am sure in good time that I will have the opportunity to. I have always had a fantasy to do some play outdoors in full rubber with some friends. To be fair, I am relatively inexperienced when it comes to more intense bondage (interestingly enough I have never actually been tied up lol) so would love to experience more, especially in gear.

As I mentioned earlier, I really have a thing for watersports and I’ve always had a fantasy where I would be turned into a rubber urinal for some friends or a party – completely gimped up and used for anyone in sight.

Something I want to continue to work up to is extended periods locked in full rubber with no escape. An ultimate fantasy would be one where I am kept in full rubber for 24 or 48 hours, tucked away in a sleep sack and ultimately used and milked as a perfect rubber object. In due time and more training, I’m sure we’ll get there 🙂

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