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Tin | 1989 | 187 cm | 73 kg | Smolensk (RU)

I began without any pup gear. I just put a belt on my neck instead of a collar and obeyed commands.

Tin’s Twitter and Telegram

In your mind, what’s your dog race?

Hm… I never thought about it before. When asked what breed I am, I always answered, ‘A human pup.’ Of course my eyes aren’t blue but I like Huskies very much. So I would like to be an energetic Husky because I like active games when I’m a pup. Okay, from now on I will name myself Husky Tin ahahahah

How did you start out as a pup?

Long ago when I was eighteen y/o I came across some photoes of pup play and realized that I want to be a pup too. At that time one could buy dog masks only on foreign sites. For me it was too expensive. So I began without any pup gear. I just put a belt on my neck instead of a collar and obeyed commands. Also i dreamed of being treated as a pup for a couple of days, so that I wouldn’t be permitted to speak or do anything like a human. Only the last year I was given a mask on my birthday. I was so happy to wear it. I became a real pup.

What is pup play for you? And how do you live it out?

Pup play is the main fetish and roleplay game for me. I would like to make it my lifestyle, but it is impossible in my country. I can’t walk down the street as a pup. I enjoy taking photos and videos and post them on the Internet. I’ve got a telegram channel and twitter account where I try to please my subscribers with my new content as often as possible. This is my pup play. I live with a guy for a long time now too and he is my Master.

Whats important to you when pupping?

When I play as a pup I have no special preferences. For me it’s just important to be a pup. Even spending all the day at home wearing my mask and doing ususal things is great. I have no friends in the theme of pup play in my city, but I would like to attend some thematic event and make new friends.

What makes you wag your tail?

When I hear, ‘Good puppy!’ or “good boy” , it makes me wag my tail *wags* When people like my photoes and videos and when they give me something tasty it makes me wag my tail too *wags* And well, of course, if someone tells me to wag I will do it as well. *wags* I am a very obedient pup and love executing commands.

What would be your ideal day as a pup?

My perfect pup day is when I don’t need to put off my mask and plug out my tail, when I can just be myself, a puppy, without any ebarassment. when I can play PC games, have sex, walk and do it all without taking off my pup mask. And also it would be great to go to work like that. But I am afraid my colleagues will not understand me.

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