Pup Scooter

2000 | 179 cm | 60 kg

Seattle (USA)

Hey there readers, I got a sweet seattle pup to talk to today. Scooter, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? What brought you first into the pup community? How did you find out about it, and what allured you?

Hi there! I’m Scooter, he/him pronouns. I’m 19 years old, and a Taurus sun, Libra moon, Leo rising. I like to describe myself—as my Tinder bio will show—as an old man in a young persons body. I like birdwatching, tea, and going to bed early, but also Star Wars, D&D, rock climbing, video games, and linguistics. I like linguistics so much, in fact, I’m getting a degree in it. I also try to be active with local community organizing, and just getting to know fellow queer people in general. Those two things are part of what drew me to pup play.

What brought you first into the community? How did you find out about it, and what allured you?

My first experiences were at Seattle Pride, a few years ago. I remember seeing guys in pup hoods and other gear and being curious about it, but not pursuing it. Fast forward a while, chatting on Grindr (of course), I learn it has a name: pup play. I did some exploring online, though I was hesitant to get invested—at the time, it was definitely outside my comfort zone. However, as I tested the waters more, I found a very kind and supportive community. When I had my first real pup play experience, I didn’t even have any gear, but it was exciting beyond comparison. I invested in a hood and tail soon after.

So, where does community organizing come in? Well, let’s just say that things in this world kind of suck. As much as I try to do my part to move toward something better, I feel the weight always. Pup play, I found, gave me a space away from the pressures of the world and my obligations. I could become a different version of myself that was more playful, more carefree, and who could forget about the world for a moment.

Plus, the gear is hot.

What, in your mind, do you think makes the kink and it’s community special and inviting to newcomers? And what do you want to provide for others when organising stuff?

Largely, I think this community prioritizes fun and joy very highly, potentially more (maybe) than pleasure, even. It really makes for a unique experience, and you can just feel warmth emanating from pups you meet. Plus, I think that taking on these pup identities really allows us to shrug off a lot of our baggage and really try to be the best version of ourselves. Let’s be real, actual puppies are always cute, but people don’t want to spend much time with mean ones.

I haven’t had the chance to yet, as a still fairly new pup, but I look forward to curating spaces that really bring out the best in each other and carry that welcoming spirit. Though my organizing experience has been largely political, that experience provides a lot of knowledge for me in how I consider moving through and creating pup spaces in my future. I want to do my part share and build spaces that are warm, where pups new and veteran can be comfortable together, and where everyone feels like they can go to just have a good time. I don’t doubt spaces like that exist already, either, and I look forward to getting to experience them for myself and continuing to learn.

That all sounds quite lofty. Really, I just want to be able to be a part of spaces where people can enjoy themselves to their fullest while still being respectful and welcoming, and I hope I can help make those spaces too.

Do you have any other kinky things that you have started to eye and want to try at some point since discovering “the dark side”?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I’ve definitely seen some kinks that, while I understand the appeal, I am not interested in personally. As far as ones I’m interested in, there are a few. Some kinks I’d previously been only curious about are now much more at the forefront for me. I’ve become much more of a piss pig, though I don’t share that on my Twitter much. I really enjoy a lot of the musk and bondage content I see, and the bottom part of me drools every time I see an ass gaping or getting bred. I also hadn’t quite realized just how appealing toys like BD’s Rex are—definitely looking to get one like it in the future.

You’re still a fairly new pup. How much did you already get immersed into the pup lifestyle, and what’s your perspective on it?

Honestly, not much. I have high hopes for my experiences with the community, but there aren’t all that many so far. I got my hood and tail last fall, but school and nerves kept me from going to any pup socials or moshes. I was looking forward to putting myself out there this summer, especially at Pride, but that’s definitely not happening now. As a substitute, I just started showing off and meeting pups on Twitter. It’s not quite a substitute for real socializing, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I’ve gained a lot of perspective for how large and varied the pup community really is. I’ve made some friends, and definitely found people I’d like to link up with when all this is over. I’ve really learned how welcoming, kind, and fun pup play and the pup community can be.

Well I hope that you can soon meet up with others, and thank you for your time 😉

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