November: For many that gray and depressing time of the year. Gone are the days of autumn bonfires, wearing shorts, or light jackets. And the holidays are still several weeks off. A sort of purgatory if you must.

But not for the shiny rubber enthusiasts that flock to Boystown in Chicago for the annual Mr. International Rubber weekend. The Center of Halsted again served as main venue for the weekend. And what a weekend it was…

Friday | Day One

The market kicks off at Noon and features a kink mart, kink educational classes, and a play space. One of my favorite things about MIR is that it is really what you make it. If you want it to be more social, the vendor mart that is setup all around the outskirts of the gym is a better option for you.

But if you want to dive right into some play then the play space in the middle is the spot for you. A vac rac, bondage table, suspension bondage setup, a cage, plenty of rope, and other fun toys can keep you occupied for hours in this area.

And after spending most of the early afternoon socializing and catching up with friends, some play time is needed! The play area is full of pups and gimps and as you get closer the faint smell of poppers gets a little stronger. After looking at all the available options, it was clear that the best option was to make Slugger fly!

The play area is stocked with plenty of volunteers who are experts with the equipment, and in no time at all I was up in the air for everybody to tease. And they sure made use of that offer. After about an hour or so of teasing with car buffers/vibrators, some cbt, and people putting ice in my codpiece (so cold shivers🙁 ) , it was time to get down again, to regain the feeling in my knees, and let some others have fun on the suspension equipment.

As the Friday afternoon progressed many of the attendees shifted from the market and play area to several private parties. After spending some time at a couple of these get-togethers, it was time for the last big event on Friday, the Men’s Strict Rubber Dress Code Party at the nearby Leather Rose Association.

This is the official MIR play party. My group arrived around midnight and the venue was already packed with hot muscle clad rubbermen using a variety of bonage equipment, slings, and fuck benches. There is plenty of play going on, but still also plenty of availability on the equipment. The hot rubbery and sweaty play goes late into the night as I take a couple turns on the sling and the bondage table. But it was a long day and after a late night 4am snack at Taco Bell its off to bed to get ready for day 2!

Saturday | Day 2

Saturday gets off to a slow start. Recovery from the late Friday night is very much needed. MIR is not a sprint, but a marathon. Saturday gets off to a similar beginning as Friday: more market time, more play. However: Saturday is the day of the pup mosh, in all of its butt sniffing glory! A huge pack of pups takes over the play space and the sound of howling, barking, and squeaking toys can be heard throughout the Center. As a new pup, moshing would be one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

This year offers a new and exciting twist to the weekend as a new venue has been added for the Saturday portion of the contest: The Museum of Contemporary Art, right in the middle of Downtown Chicago. Its galleries and theater get abuzz full capacity with those eager to see who would be representing the rubber community as MIR 22 during the weekend. The museum offers plenty of space to move around the various exhibits with a drink in your hand, and to bump into old friends and perhaps make a few new ones. The MIR staff did an excellent job of pulling all of this together. Especially for this being a brand new twist.

After the 2 hour cocktail hour, the theatre is packed and ready for the excitement of the contest. And it does not disappoint: The choreography and program are astounding, and very engaging to the audience. This year featured a record number of international competitors, who all represented their communities with great pride and enthusiasm. The new Mr. International Rubber announced is Guillaume Dupuis, Mr. Rubber Montreal. A huge congratulations to him and all the other competitors.

After the competition, the party moves over to the local gay bar, Cell Block, right across the street from the venue. When we arrive, immediately after the competition, the bar is still fairly empty. But sometimes, you are the one who has to start the party, and after firing off some texts and making some calls, the bar roars back to life with rubbermen everywhere. After closing down the bar and some late night 4am Taco Bell (again), I’m wiped and it’s time for bed.

Sunday | Day 3

Sunday always has this laid back and chill vibe. Recovery mode for the highlights late night prior. It’s back to the market for some budget destroying purchases and searching one last time through the gear swap. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule I have to head back home Sunday afternoon, so it’s time to start saying my goodbyes. Always by far the worst part of the weekend.  Its unfortunate I can’t stay long enough for Gear Tunes and slushees at SideTrack. A favorite for many of the attendees here.

Another tremendous weekend over now, and as I see Chicago in my rear view mirror event drop hits me hard. The close knit community and social of the aspect of MIR make this a must attend and will always have me keep coming back.

I want to thank all the staff and volunteers who work to put this event on every year.


I hope to see you at MIR 23!


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