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1988 | 160 cm | 55 kg

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Hello readers, we’re back in the lower parts of the map once again to talk to an aussie pup. And this one is tasty, both in looks and name. Tee-Bone, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you find out you were kinky?

Heya , My name is Tee-bone. I’m a Aussie latex puppy I’m 30 years old and a qualified chef in both pastry and a la carte and I’ve been a puppy for 15 years! So I first found out I was kinky when I was around 14yo. I was doing a project school and Yahoo searched “pup mask” and suddenly stumbled upon a puppy hood: The leather kind. I was so intrigued and had to know more! And being a kid and artistic as I am, I made my own out of paper mache and it all went downhill from there.

With 14? Wow thats early. Did you notice it had become something people define as fetish? If so, how did you deal with it?

At that point in time i hadn’t really thought of it as a “fetish”per say. I knew it had a sexual aspect to it but i was more a ” I JUST WANNA BE A DOG”. kinda thing. It wasn’t till around 18 that it truly became a fetish for me. That’s when i noticed it was defined as fetish gear. And I’m a pretty open puppy, i don’t really have shame, i’ve done prides in full latex and other is just my hood and a pastie (like a sticker to cover my junk)and nothing more. So dealing with it has never been a issue.

But there are People who see it just as Fetish gear and that does frustrate me sometimes, especially as I’m being of two worlds both puppy and Furry…. Furries tend to not like the hoods because its is stigmatised as that “fetish gear”, but really it’s just like a fursuit. We wear it for a escape, to become something we aren’t, but wish to be. Be it a giant anthropomorphic purple kangaroo or a bright shining latex dog. it’s still that a freeing Escape!

True 🙂 What is that escape for you? And what does it do for you? (Helps to Deal with normality, refresh your brain etc?)

The escape is getting in my gear and becoming a dog. Its enabling me to just let go of everything , have no cares (because we all know dogs don’t have much hassles). It lets me just relax, let go of all the stress and anxiety of my mortal coil haha and just BE.

Do the people around you know how you just ARE 😉 ?

Being of the “no shame” variety, yes, people around me are very aware im a PUP. I bark, whine and growl even when i’m not in pup gear, so it was pretty apparent to the people around me. I’m not just a pup when i’m in gear i am also one out of it. It’s not so much a kink for me these days more than a lifestyle around 90% of the time, so in saying that my parents, family and friends are aware of it, it’s not just something i do behind closed doors. I mean more that I’ve had my mother zip up my latex catsuit before heading to a mardi gras event, and had full pup gear on around my family when headed to events. So yes, they know i’m about it! Do they fully understand it? Probably not, but they accept it and giggle and joke, and all in good faith.

That is heartwarming. You’ve already mentioned your latex several times now. Did that grow out of the pup play? Or how did you find that for yourself? 🙂

Well yes and no. I’ve always had a appreciation for latex and been into the feel and texture of it. But i’d never experienced the full extent till i had the opportunity to try on latex gear. And i was instantly in love. I love the compression and the sleek feel, the shine and glint and the “accentuating” quality of it. Strangely i despise latex condoms, they dull the senses for my glands. It needs to be very sheer for it to be “enjoyable”.

Its understandable, after all its a different sensation there. Speaking of that, How does it work for your mindset? Does Latex pup Tee-Bone has a different one than minimal gear Tee-Bone?

I mean, it’s pretty much the same mindset. But being in full latex i feel more in the headspace, cause there is less skin showing, so i’ll generally not use words or anything when i’m in the full headspace. But also the environment plays a role. If i’m in full gear walking around a event, i’ll chat and stuff, but if someone comes up and pets me and calls me a “good boy”, i’ll generally regress and became a dog fairly quickly, and then come back out. When in minimal gear it’s more just chilled and relaxed, just being a semi dog, growls and barks of appreciation etc. . So more gear generally makes the mindset easier for me to achieve.

So the dog is inside you no matter what, it just shows easier 😉 I see. Thanks for talking to us, Tee-Bone, and I wish you lots of fun pupping out and many tasty “bones” 😉

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