1994 | 180 cm | 65 kg
Dublin (IR)

Hey everyone,

I’m Pup Casper. I’ve been involved in the kink scene for over a year now; I’m enjoying every minute of this adventure and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I’ve always loved to write, so naturally I want to document as many of my experiences as possible. I hope you enjoy reading about them.

The music throbbed and my mind and heart raced as leathermen, rubbermen and puppies: the characters of my unspoken fantasies filled up the space around me. This was my first kink event, only a couple of weeks prior to this my only experience of pup play was reading about it and seeing pictures and videos of it online. I never imagined that this world was a reality in the city I live in.

I remember standing there nervous and excited, yet reluctant to venture into the pup play area as I had no pup gear. It took some encouragement from another new pup but I eventually joined the others on the mat. Slowly but surely giving into my primal side and shedding my fears of looking stupid. These weren’t wild dogs, these were puppies: friendly and welcoming. So, in the suspension of my fear I played and grew.

Leather was my gateway into fetish. For some their idol was Tom of Finland, mine was Freddie Mercury. I bought my first Queen album when I was 10, from there I became fanatical; buying most of their albums, reading biographies and watching and re-watching their videos. I was enthralled by Freddie’s raw, uninhibited, leather clad expression of his sexuality.

I started wearing leather when I was 14. Ill fitting second hand jackets and drain pipe leather pants I bought while on a family holiday. Leather became my armour, it was sexy, dangerous and imbued me with a new confidence. I’ve worn it in some form or other ever since then.

Before I discovered the kink scene where I live I was completely dissatisfied with the mainstream LGBTQ scene, not the community itself but the bars. They have become homogenized and sometimes unaccommodating of certain types of individualism. This is why dedicated kink events and munches are so important to me; I believe that we should be unapologetic about being unconventional. The more spaces we have to express ourselves in the better. Unfortunately these spaces are being lost. I have yet to visit a dedicated leather bar, it’s been one of my dreams for over a decade. I see the hard work that is put into running monthly local events, battling against the waves and sometimes succumbing to them.

I’ve marched in two pride parades as a pup. The response from the general public has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s an important action to take in my opinion; to be subversive rather than subservient and stand by as kinksters get pushed further underground with no visibility and fewer and fewer spaces to express ourselves in.

That first night completely challenged my previous conception of what the kink scene is: pup play in particular has given me an outlet, a community and an amazing boyfriend. It’s not all belly rubs and leashes, sometimes it’s family.


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