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AvatarGino Molinari asked 2 Monaten ago

I have role played as a white sub slave for a experienced black master in Chicago.  He his 33 and has an amazing body, deep voice and knows how to me a master.  I\’m 23, tall, thin, straight acting and twinkish and a total submissive.  Truth is, I absolutely love being his sub slave.  We have both enjoyed the interracial aspect of our relationship.  He has introduced several of his black S&M friends to our dungeon.  However,  we only play on weekends and some week nights as our schedules allow.  We would like to make our master/salve relationship a real one.  He is on the fence about it and thinks there are legal issues.  Who can we discretely discuss this with in the legal or bondage world.  We are both consenting adults and both want to move our experience to the next level.  Any thoughts on how we can navigate our lives into a reality situation?

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