I want a hard master

QuestionsI want a hard master
AvatarAlex asked 7 Monaten ago

I have had sex for the first time with 15 years. It was with a girl. Now I am 17 and I think that I’m gay. If I watch online porn movies I have to say, that I want to become a slave. I like the idea of being abused. What is the best way to find a hard master?

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1 Answers
Elis AtaxxxElis Ataxxx Staff answered 6 Monaten ago

Okay so I’m going to be real with you, people will think that you are batshit for asking this question, but I understand it 100% of the way and must warn you that taking a role of utter submission to someone can take a huge toll on your mental and physical health. I endured a serious case of abuse and mental torture from a girl I decided to take a similar roll with while I was in high school , and I still have bad flashbacks to the things I endured. Know your limits and know how to follow your gut, if things seem like they are wrong , they may be.