I want to top but I have a small dick

QuestionsI want to top but I have a small dick
AvatarAntoine asked 7 Monaten ago

Hi. I am 21 years old boy from Paris and I’m really interested to top guys and I think I have also a dominant side. To dominate a boy is the wanking fantasy I most have. But I am afraid to do it because I have a small dick (13cm) and if I surf on profiles, I see that most bottoms are looking for XL. Do you have any advice? Does the penis pump help?

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1 Answers
Elis AtaxxxElis Ataxxx Staff answered 6 Monaten ago

Hey there! Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the small department, I’m a small boy myself, relatively speaking in the porn industry especially, and I make up for this by knowing what makes people tick. What turns them on is top of the priority list for you especially if you are topping. Dig into your dominant side and make the time you have with your partner more of an adventure than a regular hook up. You want them to come crawling back for more, and just having a large member alone is definitely not going to cut it. I’d suggest also going for someone more submissive than yourself to avoid any confusion as to who the dominant male is. It’s all about the confidence you project as a top as well, the term “big dick energy” refers to those who exhibit traditionally alpha male characteristics which is more often associated with those males who are better fuckers than the rest. Exude as much big dick energy whilst having a small dick as possible and you are sure to succeed.