Should I meet the master?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsShould I meet the master?
AvatarSlave Mike asked 8 Monaten ago

Hi, I am 18 years from Holland and I feel that I want to become a slave but I don-t have experiences zet. I am chatting with a master online and now he wants to meet me for a Weekend in Belgium. He will wait with his car at the train station. I should join him, sit behind and in the moment i am in his car to take off mz cloths, put on some cuffs and he will blindfold me. He told me, that he has a weekend house outside the village. I really love this idea but at the same time i feel insecure. He seems to be a nice guy and I really want to do my first experiences. Should I visit him?

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1 Answers
SherlockSherlock Staff answered 6 Monaten ago

Hey there,
Ok, I don’t have much information to go on here, but just from my point of view: That seems a bit much to do for you, especially for a first meeting as a beginner. Hell, even I would have problems doing that for a first meeting, if I didn’t explicitly told him I would love to try out an abduction fantasy like that, which I assume you didn’t (else you probably wouldn’t write here). I would tell him that, and if he does not want to change the arrangement, provide you an verifyable address, I wouldn’t go there. Because even if you want your first experiences quickly, it’s never worth to rush into them blind of the risk. And there will still be a lot of chances for you to try them out 😉