Once upon a time … everyone of us was a newbie in the fetish world. In our new series “My Fist Steps” we want to show that this second outing seemed a big and hard step which in the retrospect was less hard as we thought mostly. We want to encourage newbies to live their kinks and to see the satisfaction it brings instead of the problems.

sadOsam: Hi Seth (20). Before we talk about your first steps into the fetish world we want to know a little bit more about you: Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you’re into?

Seth:  Hello!!  My name is Seth!  I’m a 20 year old twotter living in the beautiful Northern California area. I live close enough that I just take a train up to SF whenever I want. Especially when it’s kinky days.

Currently I’m into CBT, bondage, impact play, humiliation, Daddy/boy, exhibitionism and many others I can’t think about right now!!!  But I definitely find out that there’s more every day!

sadOsam: When have you felt that you’re into kinky stuff and how have you felt as you have realized, that you’re sexuality is a little different from the standard?

Seth: I honestly can’t remember. But I think I knew I was different when I was jacking off and accidentally hit myself in the nuts. I then came so hard. I literally got off on pain. It was also when I was reading fanfiction, I was more interested in the tied up blindfolded girls and boys then anything else. I felt weird that I liked pain. While everyone else just thought a light spanking is hot. I’m over here wanting to not sit down. It was weird at first but I’ve grown to love it!

sadOsam: How have you explored your kinky desires and when have you started to contact other people to live it? How have you encouraged yourself to start to live it with others? Do you remember how it went back then? Was that a big step for you and have you had any problems with it?

Seth: I first explored my kinky side with tying up cute twinks to my bed. Them helpless to me really helped my exploration of the kinky side. I really started to get into it about 4 months ago, during Folsom Street Fair!  There I met the amazing kink family led by my Daddy, CastroKink.

I’ve encouraged myself by always saying, no matter what happens, you gotta smile afterwards. I’ve seen a lot, and done more than the average person, but I’ve come to realize it’s okay to be different!

It went well!  I fit in with the family well enough to where they all wanted to see me again. My only problem was the exhibitionist side of me, since I’m still in my early stages of life, I had a few people get angry at what I do.

sadOsam: Often there are differences between kinky fantasies and the real lived kinks. Have you had such kind of sensations? Are the real lived kinks better, worse or just different? Can you explain it to us?

Seth: one of my fantasies is being tied up and just teased for hours, when you are one of CastroKinks boys, it’s going to happen, and then some. I have learned that porn lies to you, a lot of kink, (and sex for that matter) is a lot of trial and error with a lot of laughing.

Real lived kinks are better. There is something about the connection between the Dom and sub that your wildest fantasies can’t even comprehend. The love and care goes into every strike which makes it that much more special.

sadOsam: Can you tell us about positive experiences with your “second” coming out?

Seth: The love and support from everyone I met through kink helped me so much. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, just like coming out as bi in 8th grade, I felt like it’s okay to be different. And it really is!  It’s okay to like being tied up, clips on your balls while you’re blindfolded, and enjoy it!

Another positive experience is finding how many people actually are in the same boat as me, Whisper, Migi, and Boy Nerd all have had their struggles and continue to win. They are some of the strongest boys I have ever met. It takes a lot to do the things we do and still have a normal life.

sadOsam: Have you had any negative experiences? How has it come and can you give advices to other newbies to prevent them?

Seth: my only negative experience is my mom finding out about my blog, I’m an exhibitionist and love being video taped and taken pictures of. She just said to me how disappointed she is that I do porn. But now we’ve come to an understanding that I won’t tell her about what I do, and we won’t argue!

My advice to newbies is that you have to be careful. Finding a good person that won’t take advantage of you is very challenging. Trust your instincts. If you get a bad feeling. Get out.

sadOsam: How has your life changed since your living your kinks? How do you live your fetish life nowadays?

Seth: my life is really good now!  I have a way to let out emotions in a safe nice environment. I’m still dealing with my family coming to terms with it but know that they honestly love me even though I do things that they don’t like. Today, even when I work, I have at least my collar on. Sometimes I flag either teal, (CBT) hunter green, (Daddy/boy) light grey, (bondage) or black, (heavy SM).  I also wear a good amount of pins, my two favorites say “bisexual” and “versatile” so everyone knows what I am.

I take trips up to SF to see CastroKink a lot, especially to see him and the other boys, who I all love very much!

sadOsam: Do you have other advices for kinky newbies?

Seth: 3 rules I live by with kink: be safe, be consensual, be careful. Being safe in kink is very important, if it seems sketchy. Don’t do it always. Have consent or give consent. Even the rape scenes have prior consent to it.

Being careful is finally one of the ones you must follow. If you think you are going to hit someone hard, reel back the throttle. Many times I’ve hit too hard, when I thought it was weak to me.

sadOsam: Thank you. It was great to talk to you and to participate at your experiences.

Seth: Thank you for your time!  I had a lot of fun and it was weird thinking back to when I didn’t do what I do now.

If you want to know more about Seth please follow his Twitter account.

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