Hello dear readers, today I’m talking to Flowy, a sweet-coloured rubberpup. How’re you doing Flowy? Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you all like and are you into?

Hi! I’m Flowy. I guess I’m mostly known as a dancing rubber pup on Twitter 😄And that sums up what I’m mainly into as well: rubber and being a pup. Other than that, I just like kink gear and style a lot, the aesthetic of it. As for play: fun in rubber, pup training/role play, BDSM, love nipple play (very sensitive).

XD That reputation must be quite interesting to have. How did you get into contact with fetish? What was it that triggered your interest there, and drew you towards it?

Like many rubberists, I started with lycra fetish, from sports gear to morph suits—those Adidas equipment full suits that swimmers used to wear became an obsession early on (I mean, they just look so good on a guy’s body 😛). And it felt amazing wearing them, too.

But if I really trace it back, even before the “proper” fetish, I remember being really into Japanese TV superheroes like the sentai or power rangers, ultraman, and other cyborg types (basically anything with a guy wearing a tight-fitting suit, sometimes with cumbersome armor, where it’s probably—actually, most definitely—very hot inside and he’s sweating).

I don’t know why I’m into that so much. But definitely my first sexual awakening as a kid was while watching them by myself 😅 Not to mention the behind the scene photos and videos where you can see the suit actors with the helmets off 🥵

Hehe I’ve heard some similar stories, and I always wonder: Doesn’t that mean that a gear fetish is often also a little bit adjacent to a cosplay fetish? And is that so in your case?

Haha funny you ask. I’ve “cosplayed” once as a red ranger. I wasn’t and am not really a cosplayer. The guy who made the suit just needed someone to wear it for a competition, so I volunteered (for obvious reasons). I was super horny the whole time, to be honest. And it was hard to keep the bulge, you know, appropriate looking 😂

Another aspect of that experience that connects with being Flowy and maybe with BDSM, too, is that I have to admit I loved the attention when no one could see my face but I could see them. People would be staring at me from head to toe, including my bulge. And, sometimes, I guess because they could only see my expression-less helmet, people literally treated me a bit like an object or a mindless drone/model in a costume, especially some of the parents who were basically directing me as they took photos of their kids. There was a performative aspect to it, but also the loss of control.

xD You know many of my friends would now be saying: Maybe you should’ve worn a chastity cage then ;P

It sounds like a hot experience though. And definitely gives some of the same vibes as latex fantasies often have. But I assume rubber is still more intense for you, or not?

I should’ve! But that was such a long time ago. Back then, I didn’t even know what a chastity cage was 😄 These days definitely rubber is at the top of my list. Physically I guess it’s even more form-fitting, like a second skin, which feels terrific. You sweat easily in it, too, which I find hot (pun intended 🙂). Then there’s the the smell, the sound it makes.And visually rubber in general gives such a sexy vibe.

I think what it is is that rubber feels more fully kinky to me, as in, there’s a community, at least that I know, and venues for interacting with like-minded people, both online and off, plus shops that specialize in rubber and stuff. And I can feel more sexual and myself in it. I know that there are cosplay fetish communities, too, but to me that cosplay (or more like costume modeling) experience felt more like I was clandestinely being sexual, unlike, say, gearing up in rubber and going to a fetish event.

Hehe year, it’s definitely more pure in it’s intentions. The rubber I mean 😉 And through rubber and events I assume you also landed at pup and role play?

Yeah, even though I wish there could be more events! Due to covid, Flowy came about and has really been mostly an online pupsona at this point, except for a couple of parties and social gatherings. I still have never been to a mosh! The first time I saw someone mention it on Twitter, I even had to ask what it meant.

I’d long been into rubber before I developed my pup side. I think it was through xtube rubber porn (oh those were the days) that I was first exposed to pup play and even the idea of a human rubber dog. One time during a rubber scene I also tried on a rubber pup hood. I found all of it incredibly hot, of course, but never really acted on it until I got my own pup hood in 2019.

Also, interesting to note that back then the rubber dog/pup porn was all quite intense (which definitely turned me on). What I’ve noticed is that nowadays pup play provides a venue for a more playful spirit and even cuteness in kink to come to the fore, too. I definitely like the community and the playfulness 🙂

Makes it more inviting, doesn’t it 🙂 although sometimes I miss seeing and finding people into the more intense side of it personally. You not?

And I really hope that will change soon for you (and all of us). The moshes are a great fun experience and way to find more friends in the scene.

So today, does Flowy still got some areas where you think “Hmm, I kinda’d like to try that?”. Or are you quite content with your kink repertoire, so to say?

I love the more intense play as a spectator and, depending on my mood, as a participant, although with kink scenes to me these days it’s weird in that sometimes the look, the anticipation, or even just hanging out together and making out in gear is more than enough for me? 😅 Maybe it comes with being older. When I was younger and really eager for kink experiences, I was definitely more active in looking and also a bit more adventurous—more trusting to strangers or people I just met, too, because I so wanted the experience (Not that anything bad happened. Luckily I’ve met and played with some really great people).

Nowadays I think it can also be nice to get together with kinksters you’ve become friends with, have some drinks, hang out, try new things, new toys, new ways of tying a guy up 😈 and take it from there, casually.

As for what I’d like to try, well, if someone were to give me an ultraman or teenage mutant ninja suit to try on (preferably a worn, musky one hehe), I wouldn’t say no, you know 😉 But actually since I’m a relatively new pup, I feel like I haven’t even fully done pup play? For example, a training session with a handler. Another fantasy is being in full gear and taken out on walks or a kind of public training scene.

You know, public training scenes are kinda extreme for many 😉 sure it’s not just the perception of whats what level for you that shifted?

Haha possible. I’ve become jaded. Maybe not public public, but in a kink event context, or with other kinksters around. There’s also an exhibitionistic side to it that I find appealing that I haven’t really explored.

I’m not into humiliation scenes, public or private—now that strikes me as a bit extreme!—but if I’ve already geared up as rubber pup, being treated like one is hot, and then being looked at as other than my human self makes it even hotter, intensifies the experience, almost like confirming my rubber pup-ness.

It would require, I think, getting even deeper into pup headspace than in private play in order to lose the inhibition. But once that threshold is crossed, I think it’s going to be super hot. So that’s kind of the fantasy 🙂

Super hot for sure 😉 I think that’s a good place to end on. Hopefully you get to live that out soon. Got my fingers crossed that it’s at least possible 😊🤞And it was a real pleasure Flowy

Thank you! And thanks also for what you’re doing for the community with your interviews 🙂

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