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Nano | 1993 | 170 cm | 67 kg | Buenos Aires AR

The look, feeling, smell & tightness makes a sublime experience.

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How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

Kink was always a tremendously important part of me. It all started with winter jackets and gloves that I ‘borrowed’ from my dad (I guess I was 5 years old at that time). Once i was 7, and the new millennium showed up, my interest in jackets and gloves got complemented with movies and tv series involving characters with full coverage (Batman, Power Rangers, El Zorro), haha. Not because of the story or adventures, but the depersonalisation and anonymity of the characters.

As the years went by, during my teenage years, the interest moved towards police gear (S10 gas masks, gloves, military boots, balaclavas) & Motocross videos. Those were my first ever wanks haha! When i hit 17, fetish porn involving fisting with long latex gloves and dudes smoking in leather was a major discovery. It didn’t took me long enough to start watching videos with guys wearing latex and full enclosure in Xtube and other sites. I fell, instantaneously, in love with rubber. The material itself, the anonymity, the shine… Well, you guys know what i’m talking about.

In 2017 i had two breakthroughs in my life when I bought my first rubber suit. The same year, thanks to a boy i really like, i discovered Lycra (zentais). However, i’m always up to discover new materials.

Whats especially important for you there?

First: Confidence, patience and will to have a great gear time. Second: Full enclosure, no doubt about it! A good pair of gloves is mandatory. Then we can add more gear such as masks, boots… And let the imagination do the rest!

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

I think rubber is a major turn on. Once i’m fully geared, i can be pretty open to a lot of things that normally wouldn’t do without the gear (be tied is a good example). I also have this good old fetish with Jackets, i really enjoy winter because it’s possible to use them and see lots of people on the street with them, haha. I’m also into smell, specially used boots or Adidas skate sneakers. As i said before, i’m more open to these fetishes when i’m geared.

What kind of guys do you like?

I already have a guy that i like, haha. But if i have to choose, i like them around my age, especially the ones that can be in control of certain situations nice and easy. Regarding height, a bit taller is better!

What was your hottest experience until now?

A couple of days ago i was using a rubber muzzle for the first time. I used a neoprene one a while ago but the differences are remarkable. The look, feeling, smell & tightness makes a sublime experience. These muzzles allows you to get into that desirable sub headspace much easier. Then I lubed myself from head to toe and slide into my rubber suit. Once the gear was set, we were two rubber guys playing with each other.

At some point, we moved next to a big mirror in order to observe ourselves while playing… It’s my personal recommendation to the gearheads out there to play with a mirror nearby. At the end, my top cuffed me, tightened the muzzle and fingered while masturbating… It didn’t take me long enough to release.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

A vacbed being sucked by my own breathe, connected to a S10 gas mask. Having small pauses to smell poppers or used sneakers smells… I also like to try being suspended with ropes in full rubber (shibari is one of the things i want to learn!). Piss is one of those things i would like to drink, while in rubber of course haha.

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