1995 | 171 cm | 64 kg
Hong Kong

If a slave camp or rubber factory needs a slave, I would like to give It a try.

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

I have been living kink for around 6 years now already ! But my kinky side actually has been living inside me since I was a child. Still remember my older brother liked magic a lot, and he always let me watch and triy those tricks together. And his idol is David Copperfield, escaping from every type of bondage was the most important part of the show for him. Although I’m not a big fan of magic, but when I saw David Copperfield locked in the box, or put into a straight jacket or a coffer, his struggle always made me want to be the in his position! I think this is the main reason why I know I am a slave, and why I love to watch video from SeriousMaleBondage! And so, when I was 18 years old and I had my first part-time job to earn money, I started to gather some gear to make my dreams come true !

Whats especially important for you in kink?

The most important thing in my kinky life is making more friends from different groups, and having an open mind when facing different things. Sexuality is always a forbidden topic in asian groups, but my kinky heart never stopped to find friends who love fetish on different websites. When I met my first master, he brought me to find out some secret gardens hidden in our community, and over different chatrooms I discovered many kinky hearts in the city. Since I have my kinky Facebook account, that also brings me some kinky friends from other countries, and it makes me know I’m not alone in this world.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Rubber of course! The shine from rubber makes me into another character, just like a rebirth to be a superhero! As there are so many things we need to care about in our daily life, putting on rubber makes me forget it at that moment. And rubber will call out my kinky side into reality, to give me bravery for facing the things happening in my city. Getting back the real me and recharging for my life, that is most important for me!

You say that rubber makes you feel like a superhero and lets you forget the daily life. How different are you acting in rubber? What does it with your personality?

Actually, I am a Buddhist and so afraid to let people know my kinky life. So, when I put on my rubber, it changed my personality to be more outgoing and more slutty, starting to please guys and to let them play me as well. Especially if I wear rubber outside and put on the mask, I would like to show more body parts which are covered by rubber. It makes me feel great, to have a better body shape than before.

Can you explain why you think that rubber is giving you more self-confidence?

For example, I did wear rubber in the Hong Kong pride parade. At that time, I was able to talk and facing others in the public. I think the reason is rubber feels kind of like a protector for myself and gives me another character, I can act like other people in that wonderful moment. And to cover the face is the most important thing for me, others never should know that it’s “me” to do the thing that the masked person did.

What kind of guys do you like?

Any dominant that has an attitude to let your slave kneel down, and turn them to be a real slave, that is what I most admire. I hope to one day have a real master to manage my life, train me to be a good masculine rubber slave, and make my dreams come true.

That sounds like you love not only the dominance in sex but also in life. Can you tell us why you think it would be great to have a Master managing your life?

I think that I didn’t have a better life is because I can’t manage myself, cannot have a timetable. If I had a master who can manage me, I think it would be great. Otherwise, I was lost, like my brother who I mentioned in the first question in 2008. I think I need some more love and care from a guy who’s older than me.

And what would you offer to your Master in return?

Maybe to be his servant, to take care of his daily life, like cooking, tidying up his house and the dungeon, and make him happy in any way, like torture on me. Take all training from him. I think I’m not really an obedient type of guy, that’s why I would like to have a master can manage me in a stronger way, to remove my thorns on my heart. I found this out in my working life, I’m easy to get jealous and envy. But I would very much like to be more smooth in the future.

What was your hottest experience until now?

I remember I once met a rubber friend for some fun, and he didn’t tell me there was an unknown guy in a rubber bitchsuit on his hot darkroom floor for a few hours already. The slave was blindfolded and gagged, his sweat and fluids made the air smell full of sex. And I asked my rubber friend to let me exchange positions with the slave. I went into the sweaty rubber bitchsuit, to be a horny pup and licked their sweat. It made me feel and be the lowest slave in the world. After I licked them clean, I was layered in a rubber suit and motorcycles gear, got locked up then kissed with the slave I met. The heat made night time even more beautiful, I will never forget that night.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

If there are any slave camps or rubber factories that need a slave, I would like to give it a try. I’d love to try to be a 24/7 rubber slave, as a doll, a puppy, a toy or furniture in your home, fulfill master wants like it’s my own wishes. Or even keep to be the cheapest slave in the world, living in sweat and darkness, serving different masters and slaves, to let them be happy. It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

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