Rubberpup Pepper

1985 | 186 cm | 78 kg

Mol (BE)

Pepper’s Instagram

Hello readers, we got a hot n’ spicy pup here today. Pepper, how are you? Can you tell us a little about yourself? What are you all into?

Wruff!! Hey people! This pup is doing awesome and all is well! I’m a 33 year old boy from Belgium that likes to work on cars and visit themeparks in his free time.

But beside that i also have a kinky side. A lot of time you can find me in rubber. I become very submissive. Or i turn into pup Pepper or i become a rubber gimp. It depends on the kind of mood i am. I also like some nice sneakers and socks! The dirtier they look and smell the better.

For the rest i’m open to almost everything (not into the ussual things as scat, scars, blood,….). I like to try as much as possible! If you don’t try it, you can’t know if you like it or not. I don’t wanna get old and feel sorry that there are things i have never tried. But my main fetish stays rubber!

Why do you like them? What’s the attraction of rubber and pet play, and what does sox and sneaker sniffing do with you?

Why i love rubber so much? I don’t know what, but it does something with my brain. Once i’m in rubber i’m totally relaxed. The feeling, smell, look… i like it all. I can wear it just to have it on me. But usually it makes me horny and i want to play.

When i put on my puphood i become Pepper! Pepper is a very playful pup. He likes to give and get cuddles. But also show him who’s the boss. He like’s to get treated very strict an kept close with his handler.

I like to be Pepper very much. First of all because i really like the look of pup gear. It’s a big turn on for me. The harness, collar, tail,…. it has something. But i also like the playful part in it. Just fooling around with other pups. Just be who you are. Turn off your own mind and be a silly puppy that does what he wants, or just has to listen to what his handler commands him.

When i’m in a really submissive mood, i turn into a complete rubber gimp. Then i need to be completely covered in rubber from head to toe. I like to be tied up and give control to my master. I’m in his control and he can use me or do with me whatever he wants. I really can enjoy these moments with my master. I also love it when i have to wear a gasmask and get feed some poppers.

The sneakers and socks is a fetish that i discovered not so long ago. I always loved the look of it but before i never sniffed or licked them. But once i start doing it i start to become addicted on it. I also make me very submissive when a master force me to clean his shoes or smell his socks.

How do you go about playing? What is stuff you look out for when playing and in people, and what are you attracted to?

I only play with people who i trust and know. So i don’t just play with everybody. To get to know each other first is very important for me. They also can’t be much older than me and i prefer a good hygiene. Also very important are good agreements/consent. NO is NO!! I don’t do things i really don’t want to, and I like my session as it comes.

I’m not actually prepared. I just do what people desire from me. I’m really not difficult. I’m a sub and i have to do what my master desires from me! What i like in my sessions is that i get into the control of others. Could be as pup or gimp. But someone always has to be above me.

How did you actually discover your fetishes? Were you always a kinkster? 😉

As long as i can remember i’m addicted to rubber. As a child i loved to smell and play with latex examination gloves. I smuggled them to my bedroom to play with them. I always thought i was weird as a kid an was shamed myself. Until we got internet and i started to get to know some more people with the same fetish.

From then on i started to discover more and more. I was about 22 when i got my first latex catsuit. I fell so in love with it and i just kept buying more rubber gear. But it’s just only 3 years ago i really came out for it. Because of a failed surgery i almost died. After that it’s like a switch turned on inside me. Before you know it’s all over. I want to be who i really am. So now i wear rubber as much as possible. Sometimes in public, at work (under clothes) and at home when possible.

Now i also start to go to fetishparties and play with people i trust. These are things that i would never do before that surgery. But now i want to enjoy my fetish as much as possible

What is some of the favorite stuff you like to do during sessions? Tell us a little how one would go at your place?

The stuff i most like is to snuggle in rubber. Feel someone’s elses tight shiny rubber body. Just a simple thing as holding each other can be very fun. But also being very submissive an be in control of my master. I like everything but it really has to be in rubber if possible. So if someone would visit me….. Rubber 🙂

Do you have a fantasy you’d absolutely love to experience once? Or actually, by chance recently did?

I once tried a vacbed and i really fell in love with it. I really would one for myself to have fun in with others. Also I am very curious about vaccubes. I think it’s a total different experience from a vacbed. So if i have the chance to try it again, i would definitely do it! And if it could be possible i want to be a rubberpup for a long time once. I’m just very curious about how it would be. I’ve been a rubbergimp for a few days but i never was a pup for a few days.


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