1987 | 161 cm | 63 kg

Victoria (AUS)

Hello readers, I’m here with a bunny that seems not only bouncy and pouncable because of nature, but also material and sexiness 😉 Say Rubberbun, how did you first stumble upon your kinks. What was your initial reaction? And what pulled you towards them?

Hi! I think my first hints of my kinks came from discovering Power Rangers as a kid. Thinking back, it was the transformation sequences that led to an attraction to full coverage suits.

Later on in life, I figured out what was making me tick, leading to me exploring and finding latex garments online. It was the reflective material being so foreign in everyday life that attracted me visually and so I acquired my first latex catsuit in 2009. Once I put it on, I was hooked! It made me feel damn sexy.

the feeling of tightness hugging every part of my body was amazing.

What changed since then for you? How immersed have you become in them, and have you discovered some new things for yourself as well? 

Latex gear and the ritual of dressing up has been the constant in my kink life and it’s evolved over time. I’ve become more open with my definition of what is sexy for me and it’s lead to lots of experimentation in how I change my appearance to fully express my inner desires. 

So some days I’m in a mood to be a rubber drone, locked in my rubber prison and the only external contact is through the breathing filter attached on my S10 gas mask.

Other days it might be a feminine rubber ponygirl with glistening heavy breasts, a slim waistline to accentuate the curves and a steel chastity cage to keep me horny.

Haha Yeah, you obviously do kinda your own thing, and not just only absolute “traditional” rubbersuiting. What led you to try out stuff like that, and derail from the “standard”? 

I was inspired by others who had found their own particular signature look and identity within the fetish space and was determined to try to find my own. The different types of gear came from experimenting and trying out different kinks and looks until I found something that was for me, eye catching and exciting to look at.

What I appreciate most is seeing that someone has gone through the effort to dress up either for themselves or for their audience, and I think others appreciate it too. You can see that as time has gone by, more and more people are experimenting with their latex wardrobe whether it be colours, intricate patterns and/or different forms like inflatable latex pieces and I love the creativity and freedom of rubber!

So why a bunny? What lets you relate to it? 😉 

That comes from my furry and costuming side! When I was deciding to build my first fursuit (animal costume), I ended up choosing a bunny because it was my first pet and it’s stuck till now. 

When I first got into furry I kept my kink side and furry side separate, but over time the bunny stopped being it’s own character and became more a representation of me. That’s why you’ll see on my twitter photoshoots of my bunny fursuit in latex now. 

For you it really seems to be the transformative aspect of rubber that fascinates you. And you’ve seem to have tried out quite a variety of transformations if one scrolls through your twitter. How does your state of mind/headspace change when you turn into something, what does it go through, and is it different depending on the thing you turn into?

As you can probably tell, I enjoy the slow dressup. The point that triggers the new headspace is when I am fully dressed, looking into the mirror and applying a layer of silicone polish going from the bottom to top. It allows me to saviour the outfit in detail. After the transformation, I find that my physical mannerisms change to match my mental state, an example of this is when I am dressed in a masculine way, I straighten up my stance, broaden my shoulders. 

Conversely when dressed as feminine, I accentuate the curves with poses and try to have good posture when walking in heels.

What was the most special/hottest thing for yourself that you turn/turned into? What do you think makes/made it that special in your mind for you?

I’ve been steadily increasing my silicone breast size over the years as a rubberdoll and one of the hottest realisations was putting on my doll suit with the largest silicone breast size to date (6kg/pair), looking down and having difficulty seeing past my boobs!

It drove home how much I had transformed into my idea of rubberdoll. The boobs have always been the focal point of my transformation fantasies and being able to touch and grope them added to the realism.

As you went through quite a few special experiences and transformations, do you still have some you dream/fantasize about and didn’t have the chance to try out? Or has it become more special scenarios with the ones you’ve got?

These days I’m happy just being able to take the rubberdoll outside of the bedroom to fetish clubs to enjoy the company and just be seen.

Though if I was to dream a bit bigger, I’d love to meet another heavy rubber doll in person and put on an affectionate show in the public kink space 🙂

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