Sasha Luff

1999 | 170 cm | 60 kg
Moscow (RU)

I would like to have an owner who would keep me in a cage while he doesn’t need me, feed me like his pet and use me for his needs and pleasure .

Today I’ve a real cute Russian twink with me. A kinkster, submissive, exhibitionist and piss lover. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Hi Sasha. Let us start with your love for piss. When have you realised that piss is something with a sexual attraction for you and how does it come?

Hello dear , thank you for shoutout and for your interest .Lets start with my personal understanding about all kinky things and their connection with reality . It has a deep connection between master and slave.Between my man and me. Obviously everything starts with a interest and new feelings to try something new. Piss is very important for me as there are many situations when my master and man might be not comfortable walking to the toilet, in cinema or when he sits down watching his important game and needs to pee and here comes his slave,me ,who will please him and proves his loyalty by taking his piss. I show a master I trust him with my health and I love all parts of him…Also for me its a great opportunity beside sex to get a lovely dick while he takes his needs as piss. 

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed such urnial services provided by boys often. It is something really hot. What is in your eyes the sexual aspect of piss play?

As i am emotional person, for me this is a unsaid trust between each other and love that is transmitted thorough water sports. I like also much warm piss in my face and mouth and the after taste of it . The processes in the body after piss play is the best feeling ever .

How important is the humiliation when others piss on you or when you drink it?

It’s my sexual dream that i exposed and transformed into reality. The sexual world is huge of pleasure, kinks that turns you on, fantasies that will bring you joy and many more emotions and sadly there are boys and girls who are afraid to step into this world. I like to be humiliated and exposed and i like to film videos and i like to be watched and when people love me the way i am. This brings me and my sexual world a true happiness

You have mentioned exposure. That seems to be also a real kink of you. Can you explain us what kind of feelings you get by knowing that many people can see you in such sexual and/or humiliating situations?

It turns me on knowing i have many fans who love my body and love me in the position that u show them off on twitter and my private porn blog . I like art and sex and i like to combine them together. I feel so blessed every-time i find out to have more fans. Its a big motivation for me to create more and more .

You expose yourself on twitter and you have also a onlyfans site but do you like also to be exposed in real life?

Yes, i think yes. I would be very afraid to do it but it would turn me on so much. The fear, shininess, men around me who watch and want to take me right now .I often visit Amsterdam and i am still afraid to visit any gay kink bars, but i would wish someone besides me would take me there and fuck me in front of everyone. Thats my dream right now.

You’re a boy who really loves dominant men. Do you want to be dominanted just in sex or do you want a master who is your boss in all aspects of life?

Thats a hard question for me .. why? I think a big part of gays and masters and slaves have history in their past that could change them anyhow and turn into the people that they are now. I have character, I’m not so simple in real life and out of bedroom. I would love to try myself as slave 24\7. That turns me on a lot, I don’t know why,maybe because I like to take care and I am very loyal just like a dog. I would like to have an owner that would keep me in cage locked while he doesn’t need me, feed me like his pet, and use me for his needs and pleasure.

We have been talking that you would love to get exposed by your master. What if your master decides, that you have to serve a friend of your master who is visiting you?

I would like it because I like when I am being used and when someone insanely wants me and fucks me.

What are you sexually into?

I am sexually into sucking, I find this deal very attractive and sexy. I am also into foot fetish cause its mostly connected to laying down as puppy and lick and suck feet and other parts of the body. I am into being raped and dominated in sex, so I have no way to escape from a man. A man. I am into little chubby and hairy men. Usually much older than me

Ui, you seem to be an interesting guy. Now you’re really to tell us some of your hottest sexual experiences.

Hah..I have many hot sexual experiences but I will share with you about a crazy and hot one..It was about one year ago,i have argued with my ex boyfriend and I took plane to Bali to my friends..I had long flight with 2 stops. I truly remember only how I fly to Dubai from instanbul cause I was on Xanax and I drunk some beers in airports …It was night, I was somewhere in the middle of the plane and I guess I looked upset. A man next to me started to talk to me and ask questions and I was so annoyed to answer him, but suddenly we got some turbulence in the plane and I got scared and took his warm hand. He was handsome, quite young for me ,black eyed with long lashes man. He was dressed in a nice suit..But he was smelly, arabic perfume mixed with sweat turned me on …I like smells, especially the true sweat of a real hairy man…He started to watch me and smile and I was so shy but I continued to keep his hand in my hand…Inshallah! It was night and we were on big Boeing and lights were off. You know muslim laws are very strict but those restrictions were just adding some more oil to the fire and my dick blood pressure 😀

He showed me that he liked that and he wants even more and he wants my care and he wanted to be touched …I had a blanket on me and I shared it with him to be able to own his body for a moment…Slowly and attentive I started to touch his body and going down to pants and I had to be really crazy to do it in arabic airlines in the plane full of muslims..

I went down and I started to feel his dick through the pants ..I looked into his eyes and I saw joy and pleasure and I understood that my mission is to make this man very happy…after 20 minutes of teasing his dick through the pants..he decided to open the zip and to let me feel his dick..I loved it .It was a true happiness to be such honored to masturbate him…his sweaty pretty face was so cute and full of love and joy that I wanted to kiss him and after a serious conversation we decided to go to the toilet and to make sure no one sees us together.I went first and I was waiting for him in the room. I was so afraid that we might get caught and get in big troubles but It was too late to change thedecision. He entered the toilet and started to kiss me. He was taller and bigger than me, sweaty and smelly, he was adorable and he was kissing me hungry with some crazy arabic pleasure…we were kissing around 20 minutes and suddenly he pulled my hair and commanded me to sit on the toilet and to open his zip again…so I did…I saw that dick in front of me and I started to kiss it, to lick it. It was very sweet and wanted dick. I started to suck it and I even could swallow it in my throat, it was heaven for me and him…he did it very fast..I think that was cause I teased and tortured him around one hour..he came in my throat and mouth and I proudly swallowed his cum ..the taste was bit salty but I liked my dinner …we have never spoken again .I didn’t left him my number and didn’t try to find out who is he..maybe he might reads this article and contacts me haha …I would be so happy to meet this man again!

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