Schwarzer Panther

1981 | 185 cm | 87 kg

Berlin (GER)

Good morning dear readers, I’m currently with a kinkster who, going by his name, usually keeps to the shadows. But he graciously has accepted to come out for s bit for a talk 😉 Schwarzer Panther, tell our readers a bit about yourself. How did you came to want to try out more than just vanilla stuff?

Oh, that was a long while ago already, back when I was 15 I started to develop a like for bodylining clothing. And that was still before I knew I was gay. The internet of course helped to fill this need, at least with pictures. But I still couldn’t really put everything together for me back then, to realize that it was a fetish for me. The pics just fascinated me.

During the next years I started to develop more my homosexuality than my fetish, though I also I began to quickly develop a knack for bondage games with it. But only with my move out of my parents house my fetish journey really started to take off. During this time I also met my partner, which I still am together with even today.

Afterwards, one thing quickly led to another. First the blindfold always moved around, so a mask had to be bought. Then, one day, I surprised him with my first rubber full suit. That was at first still a little too much for him. But we quickly decided that an open relationship was the best solution for us. I started to meet with other kinksters and made my first deeper experiences with rubber, bondage, E-stim etc. At this point I was too deep into the rabbit hole to come out again 😉

With time my boyfriend too started to get more interested in what I did with others and we tried out a lot of it together. He’s not fixated on rubber like me, but still discovered kinky sex for himself.

Since then our rubber and other toys inventory steadily increased.

A few years ago we afforded ourselves the luxury of an own playroom, what naturally makes the living out of our desires a lot easier.

Hehe yeah an own playroom lets you be a lot more spontaneous. You say you’re fixated on rubber. What fascinates you so much about it?

Well, yeah, as my nickname already lets one assume I like especially black rubber (Schwarzer panther = black panther). It just has the deepest shine and takes a lot of the individuality of one’s body. A little colour still is ok for me though. I like it when the rubber is as thight and smooth to the skin as possible. The moment when you put it on, when it’s still cold and you get goose skin, which is quickly replaced with the nice comfy feel of the warm second skin.

It just feels good and right to have that material on your skin,. Even the smell plays a big role. I just love that light sweet smell and to enter the shop of my favorite rubber tailor. As a sub I especially like the masks, be it gas masks or various rubber masks, they just complete the look, and erase a big part of the individuality, and make the sub blind.

When I’m a top though, I don’t find the wearing of a mask that important. Contrary to many others, the putting on of the material does not change my personality that much. I just like it a lot. Sometimes I just wanna wear it underneath my clothing to the cinema or for shopping. Even a calm afternoon in rubber, without sex, has its appeal to me.

How important would you say has this material become to you? Has it become a must when playing with others?

When somebody asks me what he should wear for a date, my answer is clear: “The more the better!”. I like it most when me and my counterpart don’t have any visible skin or personal traits at all anymore. So yes, rubber is very important for me during sex. I myself acutally always wear rubber during sex, sometimes more, sometimes less. So, during dates outside my relationship rubber is a must for me, yes.

When I sometimes, rarely, have the need for fetish-free sex, then I get that from my boyfriend. I still have a small weakness for smaller, slim twinks with a little muscle, thats pretty much my only exception where I will forego my rule for rubber, at least as far as clothing goes. The masks still comes on then of course 😉

Let’s go into your play in a little more detail. When you play, what do you often notice you combine or end up doing? Or do you constantly try to vary and do new things?

That really depends and differs. With my boyfriend I often end up with fisting and ass play. That’s just his thing, bondage, E-stim and so forth and not so much his world. When I got dates, I am mostly the active part and there I often vary very much and always try new things or combine them.

There I also like to inspire myself from others or try to make own ideas reality. Of course it also interests me to see how my counterpart will then react to it. A little bit of it naturally is also the try to best yourself. Especially when you play with the same people again you want to have a little bit of evolution and development with each other.

For that I often like to set on toys that are made for these tasks. I am just not creative enough for rope. There, I just find tension belts, cuffs, harnesses and furniture so much more practical.

What would you say does it give you to live out your fetishes? Do you feel happier or more content when you’re able to do it?

A good session for me is definitely an absolute balancing compensation to the daily routine. It’s a sort of small vacation from reality. During a session I can mostly shut off from everything around me and just concentrate on this one thing.

My mood in the following days is mostly a lot better. Other way around the conctrary sadly also is the case, and after a really great event you just don’t want to go back to the daily grind, and fall into a mood hole.

When I can just put on my rubber, I just enjoy the feeling of the material on my skin and can relax myself with it.

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