A report written by LukeRubberPig.

After agreeing to be a slave, i was told to take six weeks from work and any other engagements. I was then given a date, time and location to meet my new master. I took the six weeks off and cancelled everything else and made my way nervously to the location. I was left waiting for over 30 minutes before i was approached by a man wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase. He was in his early forties, shaven head and handsome features. He hold me to follow him and we headed into the tube station. I was following behind him as we descended the escalators down to the platform. We boarded the busy train and were squeezed against each other as the doors closed. Nothing was said on the train journey and i was feeling nervous and excited. After a few stops he got off and i proceeded to follow him straight out of the station and down the busy London road and into a quiet urban park. The hustle of the street got quieter as we got deeper into the park, i was feeling scared then he grabbed my arms behind my back and put his hand over my mouth. He started to handcuff my hands behind my back and then he removed his hand from my mouth and quickly shoved in a ball gag. It all happened within seconds and didn’t have time to think about what was happening. I was then blindfolded and guided with him pushing me from behind for a few minutes, my heart was pounding and i didn’t know where he was taking me. We finally arrived as i heard the outside noise diminish as a door slammed shut. I was then led down some stairs and past more slamming doors, by this time i was scared and apprehensive.

He then took my blindfold off and released my hands, drool from my mouth was dripping from the gag. I still couldn’t see as the room was very dark and my eyes couldn’t adjust. I could however feel my clothes being taken off exposing my naked body, he stripped me down and confiscated all my clothes and possessions. I stood naked and cold, still unable to see and confused. I started to feel him lift my leg and putting my foot into a cold rubber suit, he spaced the toes to fit into mine then pulled the suit up my leg. He did the same with the other leg then pulled the cold suit over my body guiding my arms in and helping my fingers into place. The slimy ball gag was taken out of my mouth before the suit went over my shoulders and my head was squeezed into an attached hood with holes for my eyes and mouth. He adjusted to fit and then zipped the suit up the front which finally enclosed me in rubber. The tight cold rubber quickly heated up and i began to feel more comfortable. The suit hugged every part of my body like a second skin, it felt soft and slippery as he shined me up. He knocked the back of my legs and i fell to my knees. i was left for what seems ages but was probably only a few minutes. I didn’t know what was going to happen or when. I heard him in the room again but still couldn’t see anything, i could hear he was in rubber too as i heard the distinctive snap of moving rubber. I then felt him push his rubber covered warm slippy crotch against my face, i could feel his aroused cock underneath. His cock eventually made its way out and slid straight into my mouth. He thrusted my face, i could feel him getting harder as i sucked and massaged him with my tongue.

He stopped and pulled out; i then felt a jet of warm liquid pour over me. I quickly realised it was piss and held my tongue out. The hot piss trickled over my rubber body covering me from head to toe, the piss jet pulsated to a stop leaving me covered in cooling piss. I then felt a collar being put around my neck, and heard him clip a chain leash to it. I was then pulled up back onto my feet as he tied the leash to a hook on the ceiling. Suddenly a dim red light came on revealing the room. The room was a very small two meter by two meter room with the walls, and floor covered in black tiles. I could see him standing in front of me; he was wearing rubber chaps, and an open rubber waist coat showing his hard pecs and nipples. His arms crossed and his legs slightly apart looking at me.

‘I now own you for the next six weeks boy, you will be discharged in only six weeks and not sooner’ He said in his manly husky voice.

‘You are now known as boy 207, you will address me as sir at all times’

‘Yes sir’ i said with an understanding tone.

‘You will remain in your suit at all times and participate in anything i want you to do, do you understand?’

‘Yes sir’ i quivered

‘Do you understand?’ He shouted

‘Yes Sir!’ I stated, with a louder voice.

He then pushed on one of the walls to open a hidden door, he untied my leash from the hook then pulled me through the door to a bigger room, the ceiling was low and dimly lit. The floor was tiled and the walls were padded with rubber panels. In the middle was a black padded bench with hand and ankle cuffs attached. The walls hung various sex toys and equipment all ranging in different eye watering sizes. I was being pulled towards the bench where i was bent over and my hands and ankles were handcuffed in place. I felt the zip over my ass slowly being pulled down exposing my smooth twitching hole. He continued with sliding a finger into my hole which made me moan out loud. He pushed in another finger and probed me for a few minutes. He pulled out then proceeded to slide in his tongue. I could feel his bristly stubble against my ass and his lashing tongue inside me. His warm wet tongue felt good against the inside of my ass, i could feel my cock getting harder against the bench. My hole relaxed and loosened up over his lapping tongue, he then stopped and suddenly surprised me by sliding in his solid throbbing cock. He pushed his way in, making me moan louder as i felt every inch of his cock slide in. My hole resistant at first eventually gave in and let him in deeper until i felt his balls at the entrance. He thrusted in again eventually building up a good rhythm as he banged away at my ass. I could hear him behind me panting and our rubbers slapping. His cock was making me moan, my hard cock was rubbing against me and the bench. I could feel myself getting warmer and sweaty under the suit, i began to pant louder which spurned him on further he soon pounded harder as i felt his cock throbbing, he ten let out a deep grunting moan as his orgasm took over his body. I could feel his cock pulsating with the jets of cum he was injecting into me. He came to a stop and slowly released himself from my ass, i felt the cool air touch my sweat covered ass, my lose used hole exposed i felt him insert a thick butt plug pushing it past my rectum until it rested snug in my hole closing it up and locking in his fresh load.

I felt him pull on the zip, enclosing my plugged ass then he left the room. I was left helpless still cuffed and unknowing. I could feel the plug in my hole and his load in my ass. I began to rest as i laid waiting. After what felt like hours i heard him return. My heart pounded as he approached me, i could hear every foot step getting closer. I then felt another stream of hot piss wash over me i laid helplessly as he walked around me pissing over my rubber body. After his piss he started to remove the cuffs, he pulled me up from the bench then pulled me with the leash through a door into a long corridor. i was pulled down into another room, similar in size to the last room but with a sling in the middle. One side of the room was bared like a prison, i could make out individual cells as i got closer. I then noticed i wasn’t alone, one of the cells had a full rubber boy laying on the floor. He sat up as we walked past, and i court a glimpse into his eyes. I was placed into my own cell before he unleashed me and left closing the bared door behind him leaving me locked away. He left the room and could hear the doors slamming behind him. The cell was small, the floor was padded, and pitch black. I felt around my cell and found a bucket, a pillow, and tap with a hose.

‘So you’re the new boy?’ shouted a voice from the next cell. I didn’t know if i was allowed to speak so i stayed silent

‘how long you here for?’ He asked

‘six weeks’ i replied nervously

‘im two weeks into my six weeks’ he said proudly

‘see that tap? that’s your source of water. The hose is to clean yourself and douche. The buckets for waste and to piss in’

‘Im boy 206 by the way’ he said confidently.

I realised that this is where i would be living when i’m not serving. It was comfortable, with enough space to lay down so i was happy enough. i felt nervous as i didn’t know what to expect. I also felt degraded as i wasn’t the only one, i now had competition and knew we were always going to be compared. The hours went by where nothing had happened, i had no sense of time or even if it was daylight outside. Boy 206 went quiet and presumed he was asleep so decided to do the same.

I woke to the pitch black silence of my cell, still nothing had happened. I decided to have a quick wash, the water was freezing. I poured the water over me to wash off the stale piss and sweat from before. I also removed the plug from my ass and gave myself a douche before inserting the plug back in. After a bit a dim light came on the shock of being able to see hurt my eyes. I could hear the doors opening and i knew something was about to happen.

Sir quickly came in dressed in the same rubber gear as before, his keys jangling as he approached us. He unlocked boy 206, then dragged him out and mounted him onto the sling in the room. He tied his legs and hands and blindfolded him. Sir then came over to my cell and unlocked it. He reached in and grabbed me by my collar. he pulled me out of my cell and dragged me over into the other room with the bench. He pushed my onto the bench again and tied my hands and ankles to the bench. He unzipped my ass and removed the plug leaving my ass exposed. He then blindfolded me and left the room. I really didn’t know what was going on or why me and boy 206 were in separate rooms. Shortly after i heard laughter of a few deep voiced men as they approached the room. The door swung open and i heard their footsteps walk towards me. I felt numerous hands touching me and gliding their fingers over me. One already shoved his fingers in my exposed hole.

‘Mmm nice, this boys very nice’ i heard one of the guys say.

They let go and all moved into the next room where boy 206 was held. I heard them murmuring and the sling chains rattling. I laid their unknowing who these men were or what they looked like. I felt nervous but very turn on. Suddenly without warning i cock was shoved in my mouth. I sucked it as it pounded away at my face. Then felt a cock on my ass entrance, without hesitance he pushed his way in. I was being fucked from both ends, i could hear fucking in the next room too, i didn’t know how many guys were their. The guy in my ass pulled out and walked away, but wasn’t before long until another cock slid into me. The guys spent a few hours swapping between me an boy 206 in the next room, using us both. The men were laughing and having fun, i could smell beer and had some poured over me. Eventually the guys started shooting their loads, i could hear boy 206 being pounded hard with loud grunts and moans. The guy in my ass suddenly erupted inside me, i couldn’t see where they were cumming but i could hear them orgasm. The room started to quieten as they left and went back upstairs. i was once again left alone tied up. i could feel the cum from my ass just oozing out, and the heat of the room cool. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, it turned me on that i was just a toy to those men and they didn’t care who i was.

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