A report written by LukeRubberPig.


Chapter 5

Daily life as a slave was completely normal to me now. I wasn’t thinking about the outside world and forgot it existed. I was really appreciating being a slave and me and my master sparked a connection. We really trusted each other and i had proven myself to him. He would come down and give me a kiss before he left the house, he would sometimes play music so i wouldn’t get bored, and occasionally he would bring me chocolate and other treats. I felt i was appreciated and i was doing a good job. This all changed however when he come home with a new toy to play with. I heard him return home and come down the stairs to the dungeon, I waited eagerly wondering what treats he’d bought me. The door opened and my master emerged from the darkness in his shining rubber suit, his boots were polished to a high sheen and his suit framing his best assets showing his masculine form. I was ready for him and really turned on by how he looked. My ass twitched at the thought and my cock began to stiffen. in his hand was a chain leash i didn’t notice it at first but as he walked into the room i noticed he was pulling in a new slave. The slave was gimped head to toe in full rubber. His suit was glossy and fresh. His eyes were covered by his hood and his mouth was sealed behind a zip. His slender body encased in black rubber and none of his flesh showing. The leash was attached to a collar around the boys neck and he was being pulled in, a gestured tug from my master to follow behind. The timid boy walked in and was lead to the sling directly in front of my cell. My master helped the boy into place and shackled him in as the boy laid on his back. My master walked around the room slowly selecting things hung up on the walls. He grabbed a collar and walked over to me. He reached through the bars and fastened the collar around my neck. he then with a cable tie fastened the collar to a bar of my cell locking me into position to watch. He returned to the boy and looked at me as he released his hard throbbing cock. It sprung out from his rubber suit and it glistened in the dim light. I felt that my whole world had crumbled. I felt like i wasn’t good enough anymore and rejected. I realised in that moment that i had feelings for my master. It was the Stockholm syndrome situation, and i realised i was being played to feel exactly how i did.

I watched as my master inserted his cock in his new boy for the first time. The boy let out a muffled groan from under his sealed mouth. My master ploughed into him vigorously, the rattling chains and the slapping of rubber echoed the room. My master all the while was staring at me. He was looking deep into me and stating his control and dominance. I felt as though i was being cheated on, a wave of emotion came over me and tear dripped from my eyes. Iv never felt this for nobody and i was shocked that my master had achieved this with me. I watched as the boy struggled to move, being destroyed by the beast until my master let out a huge roar exploding into the new boy cunt and he collapsed on top of the boy in exhaustion. Both panting for breath, the couple slowly recovered and the boy was removed from the sling and placed into the free cell next to mine. The boy was read his rights just like me on my first day and locked in. My master leaned in to my cell and released the collar from my neck before hawking a gob full spit right into my rubbered face.

He opened my cell and pushed me onto my knees. his cock was still out from his fuck and glistening with lube and anal juices. He was hardening up as he forced his cock into my mouth. I could taste the boys ass on his cock as he thrusted into my face. His dripping wet balls were slapping my chin and leaving a slimy trail. he got his rhythm going as he fucked my face. my head resting on the wall of the cell and his forced thrusts pinning me back. He let out a stuttered groan and i felt his cock spasm. He pushed deep to the back of my throat and let out a flood of piss. I thought it was cum at first as i couldn’t taste it, i was trying frantically to catch my breath though my nose. The liquid was endless and flowed out as apposed to a cum shot, his piss was being directly forced down my throat and filling me up. I relaxed my reflex and allowed him to flow into me like a gas pump into a car. Once he finished he pulled out and gave me a slap across my face. The slap was so hard it made my ears ring. My Master then handcuffed my wrist to my ankles as i sat on the floor.

He brought into my cell a small tv and started messing with it setting it up. He removed my hood and placed in eat headphones into my ears before putting the hood back on locking them into my ears. He inserted a large plug into my ass and zipped my suit back up. The light was switched off in my cell and the door was locked. The tv came on showing just a bright white screen, I wondered what he wanted to show me and why i was tied up. My master left the room and returned upstairs. The tv stayed white for awhile before it suddenly changed to porn. i jumped as the loud sound burst through the headphones, My cock hardened and released itself from my tight rubbers. Id not seen porn in so long it was such a big stimulant. I tried to touch myself but i couldnt even get close. I could slowly feel the frustration setting in as i scrambled to rub my cock. My cock was throbbing and leaking pre cum, i grinded my ass against the large plug in my butt hoping to make myself cum anally but with no luck. The porn scene finished and the tv faded to black, i gasped in relief before a new scene opened up, it was my master fucking another boy and showing various angles and positions. I recognised his voice and his grunts as i listened on. It was complete torture as i watched hours worth of porn and my masters home videos. My cock was hard and my body ached with frustration, i began to feel drunk and dizzy my mind was mushed and could no longer hear my own thoughts. I fell into a deep horny zombie like state as i sat there unable to move and humiliated. i slowly realised that my master must of taken drugs and i was absorbing them through his piss he made me drink, the next minute i was coming around and noticed i was being fucked as i was hung up in the playroom. My cock was being sucked so i looked down an saw a gimp sucking me, locked in so he was unable to break away, i tried to turn back and see who was fucking me but couldn’t turn. My prostate was deliberately being worked by the tops cock and i could feel my orgasm building. I wondered what had happened to me and how i got here, the confusion drifted away as i felt i was getting close to cumming. The top and the boy were perfectly timed in rhythm, groans were coming from both of them as i noticed the boy was being slowly jacked of by a cock massager controlled by the top. As i drew closer i could feel my body stiffen and spasm before i could feel the intense orgasm progress. The top and the boy started moaning too as they seemed to be reaching an orgasm that they were holding out for me. I shouted out as i began to shoot deep into the boys mouth, the massager around his cock got faster as he too then erupted a load. The top behind me realising we were cumming, let his own jets of awaiting cum burst out onto my worked prostate. The orgasm lasted for what seemed like ages as we all came together.


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